Jacob Cass Named #8 Top Young Blogger Under 21

Jacob Cass Named #8 Top Young Blogger Under 21

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Ranked #8 Top Young Blogger Under 21

I was recently ranked #8 in the top young bloggers under 21 over at [email protected] I think I am far from retiring but sure it was a pleasure to be ranked there.

6 thoughts on “Jacob Cass Named #8 Top Young Blogger Under 21”

  1. Hi Jacob,

    Congratulations making it on the list! I was already a subscriber on this blog for a while, but didn’t know you were under the age of 21 ;).

    I’m 19 myself and listed #2 on the list :).

    Keep on bloggin,,,

    Marcos last blog post..Being #2 top blogger under 21

  2. Thanks Marco and congratulations. I really don’t know how he ranked the sites because everyone’s technorati and alexa numbers are muddled up in the ranking and some sites hardly have any subscribers at all and they are up quite high. I really don’t think it is a ranking in order more of just a list of 30.

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