All about Jacob Cass (me) – Things you didn’t know

All about Jacob Cass (me) – Things you didn’t know

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JacobAfter my post ‘30 Fonts that all designers must know‘ making the front page of Digg I received many new subscribers so I thought it would be a good time to let people know a bit more about me (Jacob Cass) – things that aren’t on my about page.

Just to recap for those of you who don’t know, I am a 20 year old from Sydney, Australia who loves everything to do with design! I am currently studying Visual Communication (majoring in graphic design) at Newcastle University here in Australia and to pay the bills I freelance as a logo and graphic designer.

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Now I will tell you some things that you wouldn’t have found on my about page or my personal photography post.

Passions & Friends

Obviously design is my passion however I do have a life outside of this life 🙂 I love travelling, going to the beach, music, rugby, clubbing and generally just hanging around with friends. Mid year I will be travelling to 14 countries over Western Europe which I can’t wait for!

I would have to say spending time with friends is something that I pay particular attention to. I have four main different groups of friends that I hang around with, that being school friends, university friends, sport friends and the friends that don’t fit into those groups so varying my life between these four groups of friends does keep me busy.

You can befriend me on Facebook and join the Just Creative Design group.

Below you can see my best mates (I am in the middle with the white and purple shirt on).

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My iTunes library consists of over 50gb of music so I can say I do have a varied taste in music. But out of that 50gb of music about 20gb is dance music. I mainly listen to electro house dance music. If you want to hear a sample and watch an awesome video clip check out this video.

Some of my favourite artists are Jack Johnson, Muscles, The Presets and most artists that get onto Ministry of Sound compilations. Lets put it this way… I like most music.


I actually live in two places in my life due to my parents being separated (when I was 10 but they are still both great friends). I live in Newcastle as well as in Sydney varying my life between these two place (about 2 hours drive apart).

My life at the moment consists of balancing time between Newcastle and Sydney, keeping in touch with friends, university and working as a designer.


I wouldn’t really call it work as I love it so much but to pay the bills I freelance as a graphic designer as you would have picked up. If you haven’t already, you could check out my portfolio.

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Below you can see where I work most of the time. Sorry about the poor quality of photos, they were just quick snapshots taken a short while back.
My Computer

My Room


Something that not many people would have would be a father who is a magician. My fathers stage name is Phil “Trust Me” Cass and he is a comedy magician – you can check out a video of his work here. I actually did his graphics for his promo material which you can see to the right. Click to view it at a larger size.

My mother is an wedding and event planner who has her own business by the name of Lenore K. If you ever need an event planned anywhere you know the lady! She operates in Newcastle and Sydney.

I am very proud of my parents.

Random Facts

Birthday: 27th December 1987 – What to get a designer for their birthday?
Piercings: Used to have an eyebrow ring but none now.
Tattoos: None, not a fan.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Favourite Colours: Black and White
I love icecream – everything about it.
I love anything sweet.
Favourite food: roast lamb.
I don’t watch TV very often (maybe 2 hours a week).
I watch rugby league and support the Broncos.
I have won 4 Australia wide design competitions promoting the awareness of the dangers of alcohol.

Is there anything else you want to know? Please ask!

26 thoughts on “All about Jacob Cass (me) – Things you didn’t know”

  1. Well it is me, just a bit posed 😛 That shot was for our studio photography class – lighting does wonders 🙂 I don’t know what I would classify as a good pic? Last time I checked I had about 20,000 pictures from the past 5 years – no joke! I always have my cam with me, but it is just a happy snaps one not a SLR.

    Yeah that post did wonders for the blog. Every day I am getting about 300 page views from Google searches just to that one page and I received a lot of link backs to that page so Digg helped quite a bit 🙂

    Design style? I don’t have a favourite, I try not to follow trends but I did go through the grunge stage myself but that is while I was learning (well I still am). What about you?

  2. I was wondering why you said you were from Sydney and went to Newcastle uni… either you were catching the train up there for classes (I live in Hornsby and go to UNSW, I wouldn’t mind cutting down travel time), or were at the Ourimbah campus or driving, which would be a lot of petrol… or splitting your living places (makes more sense).

    Ha, and I think I recognise where that photo of you and your friends was taken. It’s so weird that you’re so near by.

    Eh hem, anyways…
    Enjoy planning and going on that trip!

    kristarella’s last blog post..Photo Noir with GIMP

  3. Thanks Jeremy.

    Acting, hahaa no wayyy. Drama and acting and anything to do with music or that field were my most hated subjects at school. I can remember being given the first choice of any part I would like and I chose to be a non speaking extra. But thanks 😛

    Yeah, I have been saving over the past year to go on this trip… I am going camping the whole way so that’ll save a bit of dough. I will be doing it with a bunch of 30 other people via a program called Contiki. Each country will probably be 2 days and it will be by bus and backpack. I will be stopping in Hong Kong for 3 days on the way back too, so pretty excited.

    Made me become a designer? It started when I started putting up photos on the web from my 1 mega pixel camera back when there was no facebook or myspace. Then it turned into doing invites for parties and then websites. When I was about 15 I knew I was going to become a designer. 🙂 What made you get into design?

  4. Hehe heey Mr Cass. Nice to know you 😉

    I know you have been in Sweden (which where I come from, Stockholm). I wondering what did you do in Sweden. Something to do with your studying or just an vacation, visit friends?

    And what did you think of Sweden :)?

  5. Hi Johan, the ever so common name over there 😛

    Yeah I loved Sweden, was the best year (so far) of my life over there. I met a lovely Swedish blonde on the 3rd day I was there who ended up being my girlfriend for the rest of the year. She is actually in Australia now for the year but we are only friends now due to travel distances.

    I loved Sweden, everything about it – except the weather. I mean the summer was brilliant however I could never live in Sweden due to its Winter.

    I went to Sweden on student exchange. I studied at ‘gymnasium’ (high school) and also worked. I also travelled around Europe throughout the year. I also made it to Stockholm but didn’t get a good chance to look around, only for a day. You going to come to Australia any time soon?

  6. Hehe yeah the weather here is not great except the summer. But at least we can go and skiing at the winter :p

    Nice to hear you had a good time here.

    I have some Aussie friends since the old Kazaa days (when it was legal here in Sweden), we still hang out in IRC channels. They have been bugging me to come and visit Australia for a time now. Australia are #1 on my travel plans 🙂 But as I study Interaction Design at the Uni travel plans must wait until I am finish.

    I read above you like club music etc. I just saw that Sensation gonna visit Australia sometime this year. You cant miss it. Its an experience for life. Just a tip 😉

  7. Yes that is true, but there is Skiing here in Australia too if you didn’t know… many do not know that. And its quite good too… nothing compared to Canada or the Alps.

    Ah, I guess your a fan of the Swedish ‘piratebay’ too if your into IRC and Kazaa 😛

    Woah that sensation looks pretty massive. Our scene here is nothing as massive as the Dutch or Germans – they absolutely love it! Here it is more of a sub-sub culture.

    Anyway thanks for the tips 🙂

  8. Hey Jacob,

    Cool post. The picture of your mates is pretty funny, I had no idea that Australia had reversed the clocks and gone back to the 1980’s!!??

    Was there an 80’s theme party or something about to happen?!

    I know the 80’s fashion sense has come back slightly into mainstream clothing, but that pic is crazy! 🙂

    Enjoyed the post

    Brian Yerkes’s last blog post..All Designers Must Have This

  9. This was fun! It’s always great to learn a little more about my favorite bloggers 🙂 For some reason the picture at the top of this article looks very different to me than others I’ve seen of you. Would you say that’s a good pic? The first time I saw your photo, it reminded me of Heath Ledger.

    Made the front page of Digg finally, eh? Congrats!

    I’m sure there’s tons more to learn about you. Let’s see… what is your favorite design style? (minimal, grunge, trendy, etc)

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Is There a New Trend in Logo Design?

  10. Capricorn FTW!

    Nice to get to know a little more about you, Jacob. Keep up the fine work.

    Jeremy Davis’s last blog post..Perception vs Reality – A Starbucks Case Study

  11. I always enjoy learning more about the people that I find interesting, so thanks for another round of introduction to who-is-jacob-cass. Have you ever tried acting? You definitely have looks for that 😉
    Nice to see that you’re keeping up with your social life outside the Web.
    Traveling to 14 countries in WE – wow, I’m a bit envy you for that – traveling is my all time passion. I just wish I had enough money for that. Would you be traveling there alone, with friends? How long would you spend in Europe visiting those countries? I guess you’d be traveling by train in Europe?

    I’m not sure if you wrote about how did you get to be interested in design, what made you to decide to become a designer?

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..Social Media As A New Way Of Doing Business

  12. Brian,
    Well Kristarella was pretty much right, it is the fashion here but it was kind of planned as well, as when that picture was taken we were all going to an all day festival which is kinda a given fact that you wear bright or ‘out there’ clothes. The fasion here is more like a metrosexual 80s theme atm. Interesting to say the least.

    I am awaiting your blog redesign 😛 a mix of grunge and minimalism 😛

    There is lots to ponder!

    Kelly, See what I wrote to Brian about the clothing. I never have really followed star signs but I will take what you said graciously 🙂 Thanks. I just read your truck post as well, too bad for them.

  13. My favorite type of design is definitely minimalism; I gravitate towards simple, elegant designs. I admire the complicated, grungy style if it is done well, but it’s something I just can’t seem to execute on my own!

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Printing Large Format? Read This First.

  14. Hi Jacob, same age huh? But I’m a bit older 😛 lol~ Anyway, best of luck in your career in this life. Ponder about the beauty of this world and you’ll find something magnificent. 😉 Cheers~

  15. Jacob,

    If Brian hadn’t already asked about the photo I was going to. Having lived through it once, I was a bit scared. Moreso to hear it’s not a theme thing…

    Capricorns rock. (I’m a bit biased… 10 Jan.) It explains the elegant precision of your work!

    Congrats on the front page of Digg. You are a man on the right track!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Was That You Throwing Your Money Out the Window Today?

  16. hai jacob

    my name is rajeni from srilanka. i seem your website is very nice and creativity ideas i all so studied in india now i have a new advertising company with 6 staff i whould like to do some more design in future my own brother had a printing press in here. he is printer for HSBC-srilanka, Tobbaco ceylon, KFC,Dialog tele communication, etc. we like to start a big company in your palace. if you like to do something contect my email address then i will speak with my brother i we will do some thing i will sent my personal details if you sent replay

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  17. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am a 3rd year graphic design student at a college in Canada and I came across your website when I was just browsing the web. After reading a few pages I thought to myself “wow, I would love to be doing what he’s doing”.
    Currently I am designing a website for the police service here in my city and am looking into creating my own portfolio website and possibly doing some freelancing myself while still in school.
    As I step into the freelance business, I was wondering if you would have any starter tips for me.

  18. You must had a very nice trip! I am really glad to see your photos including your desktop.

    Min Thus last blog post..ActionScript 3 Tutorials

  19. Hey there! I browsed through your site and then the About sections and the Portfolio and wow, you’re something. I’m adding you to my rss list and keeping an eye on you. Have fun on your trips! 😀

    By the way, we share the same birthday, and not just the day, the whole nine yards.

    Ralucas last blog post..Discovering the world

  20. Damn Jacob, you’re pretty hot. LOL.

    I know I’m such a professional graphic designer.

    Feel free to delete!

  21. Hi Jacob,
    This is Amit from India I am also a graphic designer working in e-learning firm.
    I really like your work especially Corporate and logo design.
    Your design is so simple and elegant. 😉
    And I am quite surprised that you have started free-lancing at the age of 16. J
    Actually one of my friends forwarded me your link.
    And I saw pictures of your trip they are really nice.
    You are going great keep up J
    When ever you will get time come down to India.
    Keep in touch bye 🙂

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