Join Me In The 100 Push Up Challenge

Join Me In The 100 Push Up Challenge

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100 Pushups

A little off topic from design, but today the Carrot Creative team and myself officially started the 100 Push Ups Challenge and I thought I’d share the challenge on here to see if anyone else would like to join in.

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The 100 Push Up Challenge is basically a 6 week program that builds up to one ultimate goal: to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. The program is tiered to your current fitness level which means it is suitable for all… no excuses!

First you start with your initial test (how many push ups you can do without stopping) to figure out where to start in the program and then the next day you start on your program. My initial test placed me into rank 3 which was somewhat embarrassing considering I used to play European Handball for Australia a few years ago but none the less, I’m hoping to get back onto the right track.

If you are going to join @carrotcreative and myself in the challenge, leave a comment below with your rank level, as well as your reward if you succeed. I’m going to reward myself with a gym membership if I succeed.

Be sure to check out the 100 Push Ups website for more information and if you’re an iPhone owner check out the 100 Push Ups iPhone app.

For those that need some inspiration, check out these inspirational quotes collected from my fellow Twitterers.

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41 thoughts on “Join Me In The 100 Push Up Challenge”

  1. Oh snap. Push ups… not quite my thing. Half way down and the ol’ chest gets in the way!

    Think I may give it a casual try anyway. Brilliant idea!

  2. hey i like your idea man gonna share your thoughts at my facebook. many would participate in this =)

  3. I looked it up last night after reading it off of your tweets. I’ll be starting it this weekend!!! Good luck!

  4. Jacob,

    Your chest should only be about 4 in. from the ground when you lower your body. Not all the way to the ground as the website suggests.

    This is from US military standards (unless they’ve changed things since I’ve been in)

    Good idea, though. I’m gonna hop on this train since I haven’t done push-ups since I got of the Army back in ’03.

  5. It’s funny I started this three weeks ago 😀 and after week 2 you’ll start seeing the results

  6. Awesome, I need this! I just made rank 4; reward if I succeed? Treat myself to a nice vacation; somewhere hot, where I can show off my 100 pushup pectorals.

  7. I am rake 4 right now. I need to get into rank 5 for my Taekwondo belt test in two weeks. Sounds like this will help!

    I will reward myself with a road trip if I finish this (but that’s just mainly to get a week off work before I go crazy!).

  8. Great idea Jacob, way to get the design world off of their chairs and away from their screens.

    I’m a rank 4, a nice vacation would be nice afterwards!!

  9. Been rank 4 for years. I can already bench 120kg for 6 so 100 push ups shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, well I hope!.

  10. I’m pumped for this. But geez i only make it into rank 2. That’s just pitiful!

    Hmm reward, I will cash in some annual leave and take a trip somewhere where i can relax, dine on some fine food and check out some sites.

  11. Going along with you buddy, Great idea – Rank 4. My reward – a three day adventure vacation…

  12. Only rank 2! I really need this challenge I guess… For my reward (and challenge) I will not drink another Coca Cola until I reach 100 push ups. It is my addiction >=) oy vey, this is going to be hard!

  13. Great! I need this! After 3 years of working from my couch I need something to motivate me! I will reward myself with a camping vacation and some cold beer!

  14. Hey, this is great. But I’m at at a Level 6 right now, almost at a Level 7.

    Right now, I’m trying to get into doing one handed push-ups and three finger push-ups. 🙂

  15. This will be a good starting point for my plan to exercise more over summer!

    If I succeed, I shall buy myself a desktop once I spot a good deal.

    Initial test: Rank 4 almost 5. Darn.. a few years back I could be rank 5 no problem…

  16. Ohhh, I thought I’d do better but I only got in 27 push-ups. That puts me at Rank 3 I suppose.

    I already put the logo, the weeks (3-6) and a makeshift progress checking chart together in Photoshop to check my progress! The pocket guide is just way too small.

    Here we go!

  17. Great to see so many people get involved! I’ve just passed day two, feeling the burn but also very anxious to get to the next day! Enjoying it a lot!

    That gave me a smile, hope it works out for you!

    Benching and doing 100 consecutive push ups are quite different tasks I would assume, do let us know how you go.

    Thanks for letting us know re correct form push ups!

    Good luck all!

  18. I’m in!! I am in level 3 and my reward is a keyboard for my display screen.


  19. I’m so up for the challenge. Got into rank-4, this is really a great idea, although the good thing is that I already exercise daily and now I can add this to my Monday, Wednesday and Thursday schedules.

  20. Starting from rank 3! 🙂 This is going to be fun.. 😀 And it’s nice to know that other designers are in this as well. 😉

  21. Thanks for mentioning this, it’s a brilliant idea! Not the sort of thing you see every day on a design blog :). I’ve already printed it all out and just completed week one.

    I play sport competitively, but have always been a bit weak. Perhaps I’ll be able to show my crazy fitness friend that you don’t need buckets of supplements to stay in good shape!

  22. I’m quite a weakling so I only ranked 1 AND I’m doing knee push ups instead. I just started my first week today and I’m really looking forward to my progress. By the time I’m done with this program, I should be able to move up to real push ups! LOL

    I’m also doing the 200 sit up program.

  23. Such a great idea! Not only is it a great reason to take a break and get myself out of my chair and away from my computer, but I am getting married next year and this is a great way to get my arms looking how I want them in my dress. 🙂 (I am also going to do the sit up and squat challenge)

  24. Wow, this looks very interesting. I will definitely be doing this. 😀 I actually did some push-ups a couple days ago and I am surprisingly around rank 4!

    I’m super-excited to start doing this. No reward for me, though – the satisfaction of being able to do a hundred push ups and the having the additional muscle will be good enough. 🙂

  25. Amateur Handball Player from Switzerland, Rank 3 is joining you too =)
    Some Pushups between reading your Blog is not a hard work.

  26. awesome! I managed level 3… don’t know though if I can really match the equivalent for Week 1 Day 1… but this is great… exactly what I need right now. I’ll reward myself a new wacom stylus if I make it through all the weeks

  27. Hi Greg,
    I was meaning to update this post, thanks for reminding me. I actually got up to week 5 then I got sick for a week, and went back to start on week 4. After the week break it was quite difficult to get back into it and then what happened with my work, I had other priorities that took my full attention. Shame to say I failed but I will definitely come back to conquer the challenge… very soon. How did you go?

  28. Went up to week 3 and miserably failed. I’d blame a business trip on a different timezone and that killed any motivation for anything before 7.30.

    Just like when I tried to quit smoking. Took me a few tries but eventually you can get there !

  29. I am happy to report that I made it! I started in week 3 and it took me the rest and probably a couple more weeks with some set backs, but I completed the challenge. My wife and I have moved on to the 200 sit up challenge now, but I haven’t been keeping up with it as often as I am supposed to. Guess I’ll just have to continue until I get there.

  30. This is a very interesting challenge. But it’s also a very healthy challenge. I will try. It’s seem a big challenge to me.

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