🐯 22+ Lush Jungle Fonts for Wild Designs

🐯 22+ Lush Jungle Fonts for Wild Designs

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Enter the lush depths and discover the best jungle fonts, where the wonders of nature come to life!

We’ve carefully selected the top jungle fonts, so you can give your designs a touch of the wild beauty of the jungle.

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These fonts will give your projects life by evoking a world overflowing with adventure and natural allure with their organic shapes, rough textures, and tropical accents.

These typefaces are deliberately created to capture the lushness, brightness, and adventurous spirit of the jungle! These can also be referred to as tropical or wild fonts.

They frequently incorporate natural and exotic features like foliage, vines, animals, and tribal themes into their letterforms, giving the typography a more magical and exciting feel.

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🐯 Top 10 Best Jungle Fonts

  1. Jungle Adventure
  2. Tropical Jungle
  3. Jumazon
  4. Wilder
  5. Baby Wildy
  6. Jungle Bird
  7. Jungle Cruise
  8. Jungle Font
  9. Tropical Jungle
  10. Deep Jungle

For the complete list, scroll on!

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22+ Lush Jungle Fonts for Wild Designs

1. Jungle Adventurer

An adventurer Jungle Font

Jungle Adventurer is a fun and vivacious gaming typeface that blends aspects of jungle adventure and comical style.

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Its basic concept is to have fun and freely explore the untamed and enigmatic life of the jungle.

The background of Jungle Adventurer consists of three dimensional leafy patterns, representing thick green foliage.

These elements create an immersive jungle atmosphere, evoking a sense of one in a lifetime outdoor experience.

The combination of the bold orange letters and the leafy background adds an attention-grabbing visual appeal to the font, making it suitable for a spectrum of jungle-related designs.

While this typeface is especially designed for gaming projects, we liked how its cartoonish style and bold letters make it ideal for titles, logo designs, posters, and youtube thumbnails as well.

As for the other side of the picture, although Jungle Adventurer certainly offer a unique and engaging natural aesthetic, it may not be the optimal choice for projects outside the gaming and entertainment realm, such as formal invitations, academic papers, or medical documents.

2. Tropical Jungle

A funwild Jungle Font

Tropical Jungle is a joyful, chaotic font that draws inspiration from the jungle’s animal life.

This typeface will motivate you to venture out and discover new places, because it was inspired by the tropical rainforests of South America, Africa, and Asia.

We liked how the joyful essence of life on earth, or at least the aspects we are most familiar with, is captured in this bright, quirky font Tropical Jungle, which hints tigers stalking their prey through the jungle, butterflies darting from bloom to flower, and monkeys swinging through the air.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that it is going to be a playful font that makes you want to smile and hop around while inspiring new jungle creations.

With over 500 glyphs, this impressive typeface will be a joy to use!

Tropical Jungle possesses good legibility and so is easy to read in any application, so you don’t have to worry about your documents cluttering up.

We were further impressed by the numerous linguistic features it offers: OTF, TTF & WOFF file formats, PUA ENCODED, 511 Glyphs, swashes & ligatures, 3 stylistic alternates, and multilingual support of 76 languages.

3. Jumazon

Awesomeboard Jungle Font

Jumazon is an attractive font that immerses you in the untamed depths of the jungle.

Just as the jungle teems with diversity and life, Jumazon brings forth a typographic adventure that embodies the spirit of the wilderness.

This typeface seamlessly combines the lushness of the jungle with the artistry of typography, offering an enthralling visual experience.

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We liked how, with its thick yet intricate letterforms and organic leaf imagery, Jumazon transports the viewers to the heart of nature’s untouched beauty.

This font exudes an aura of adventure and exploration, making it an ideal choice for design projects that aim to evoke curiosity and recreation.

Furthermore, Jumazon’s versatility allows it to be used in various jungle-themed design applications.

Whether you’re creating branding materials for an eco-tourism campaign, designing posters for a rainforest conservation event, or crafting invitations for a party, Jumazon is the perfect font to capture the intriguing aura of the jungle.

While Jumazon excels in capturing the essence of the jungle, it may not be the ideal choice for creations that require a strong emphasis on other, more refined, and professional themes.

For those instances, you may check out Treads.

4. Wilder

A sexy Jungle Font

Wilder is a delicate font that takes you on a thrilling journey through rough jungle landscapes and rugged terrains.

With its bold and adventurous character, this typeface encapsulates the spirit of exploration and the untethered beauty of the wilderness.

We liked how Wilder’s sleek, angular letterforms evoke the raw power and resilience of nature itself.

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Its sharp edges and uneven strokes mirror the jagged peaks and rocky cliffs found in remote jungles.

Wilder is the perfect choice for design projects that seek to capture the spirit of outdoor adventures, such as camping gear branding, hiking trail signage, or travel magazine layouts.

Besides, we loved Wilder’s ability to effortlessly adapt to various designs while maintaining its wild allure.

Whether you’re crafting logos for apparel brands, designing daring posters for sports events, or creating social media graphics for nature enthusiasts, this typeface provides the perfect balance between assertiveness and legibility.

Although Wilder excels in capturing the ruggedness and thrill of the wilderness, it may not be the optimal choice for projects that demand a more subdued or formal aesthetic.

In those cases, we recommend you give Wonderful Wilderness a chance.

5. Baby Wildy

A handbrush Jungle Font

Baby Wildy is an adorable handwritten font that captures the innocent wonder of childhood in a wild yet friendly jungle.

With its charming letterforms and whimsical curves, this typeface brings a delightful touch to your designs, making it perfect for projects that celebrate the joy and adventure of childhood.

We liked how Baby Wildy’s soft and rounded letterforms evoke a sense of warmth and friendliness, reminiscent of the cuddly creatures that roam in the wilderness.

This font is best suited for designing nursery decorations, children’s book covers, baby shower invitations, or branding for kids’ products.

Besides, we appreciate how Baby Wildy infuses your designs with a sense of imagination and light-heartedness, as opposed to the typical fierce connotations associated with jungle fonts.

So, from crafting whimsical birthday cards to logos for a kids’ clothing line, Baby Wildy adds a captivating flair that appeals to the inner child in all of us.

However, we did not like that this font lacks multilingual support, thus limiting its users by not accommodating the non-English speaking customer base.

6. Jungle Bird

A color Jungle Font

Jungle Bird is a jolly typeface that draws inspiration from the colorful and diverse avian species found in the jungle. We like how, with its playful design, this font captures vibrancy and adds liveliness to any project.

Jungle Bird is our top choice for a variety of artistic creations, especially those with a tropical theme.

This typeface can be used for campaigns for wildlife conservation, travel and tourism promotions, books for children, and educational materials.

We loved how the exotic beauty and vigor of the jungle-dwelling tropical theme is captured by Jungle Bird.

It effectively offers a sense of adventure and exoticism to a variety of creative endeavors, giving users an engaging and aesthetically compelling experience.
Furthermore, this typeface includes 18 free vector tropical leaf designs with every purchase, which serves as a cherry on the top.

But it is worthy to remember that projects that aim for a more sophisticated tone might not be a good fit for this font style.

Consider using a font like jungle mask, which exudes elegance and subtlety and is a great option for tasks that need a refined aesthetic.

7. Jungle Cruise

A quirky Jungle Font

Inspired by lush tropical foliage, Jungle Cruise features curving letters with leafy accents, perfect for nature-inspired designs.

It contains dynamic, dancing letters that reflect the rhythm of the jungle, making it ideal for party invites or music-related creations.

Jungle Cruise is a pleasant and zany typeface that perfectly injects a dose of freshness into your art. We liked how its characters convey a sense of exploration and wild journey while encapsulating a lush, earthy, and lively aesthetic.

Moving on, we loved how the rich greenery and overgrown vegetation found in tropical rainforests served as the inspiration for Jungle Cruise.

Every letter seems to resemble vines and branches dancing across the page.

The curved shapes have a fun, energetic vibe to them as they pay homage to the undulating movements of the jungle.

This display font blends seamlessly into any setting.

It looks very light, simple to read, and ultimately quite flexible. Include this lovely typeface in your innovative ideas with confidence.

We especially recommend Jungle Cruise for quotes, shirt designs, websites, branding, child-friendly designs, blogs, logos, and invitations- for it offers excellent legibility with an all-caps style.

8. Jungle Font

A Jungle Font

Jungle Font is a quirky typeface characterized by an animal motif, inspired by the fascinating and varied wildlife.

The use of animal designs inside each letter of this font adds a distinctive and eye-catching aspect to your designs.

We liked how each letter of Jungle Font is painstakingly designed to mimic a particular creature or employ details that evoke their patterns, displaying the unique textures and markings present in various animals found in the jungle- including tigers, elephants, giraffes, snakes among others.

Jungle Font allows designers to create captivating wildlife-themed designs.

It is particularly well-suited for projects related to safari, jungle-themed events, and nature-oriented branding.

This font adds an edgy touch to uplift your designs, capturing the imagination of both children and adults alike.

We appreciate that Jungle Font is compatible with well-known design tools since it supports a number of file formats, including TTF, OTF, and WOFF.

You may easily include the font into your preferred workflow making it beginner friendly.

Last but not least, it is convenient to install and offers free updates as well, which is quite impressive.

9. Tropical Jungle

A kids Jungle Font

Tropical Jungle is a fun, full of life font that is primarily created for a young audience.

This font captures the essence of an exuberant jungle through its whimsical letters and vibrant colours.

We love how Tropical Jungle’s moving characters and illustrations with a contrasting woodland background creates a playful and interesting environment for children.

We liked how, with its animated forest background theme, Tropical Jungle brings the exciting magic and adventure of the jungle to life.

This font is perfect for various kid-oriented designs, including storybooks, posters, party invitations, educational magazines, and more.

Besides, Tropical Jungle is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it accessible to designers of all backgrounds.

While Tropical Jungle offers numerous creative possibilities, keep in mind that it has a few limitations as well.

Animated backgrounds can increase the file size significantly, which may pose a concern if the design needs to be shared digitally, or if it affects the website loading time.

Therefore, it is crucial to optimize the file size to maintain a balance between visual appeal and functionality.

10. Deep Jungle

A deep Jungle Font

Deep Jungle is a typeface designed to capture the essence of a picturesque jungle background with a cartoonish, hand-painted look.

This font brings a friendly and innocent vibe to any design project, particularly those aimed at youngsters or seeking a lighthearted aesthetic.

The enchanted realm of forests constitutes the key theme of Deep Jungle.

We liked how it features thick, hand-drawn strokes that mimic the appearance of markers we all loved to have in our childhood.

Deep Jungle is bright and lively, with varying shades of green to create depth and dimension.

It can be used in children’s books, posters, greeting cards, game interfaces, or any other project that requires a whimsical touch.

A plus point of this font that stood out to us is the fact that all its functions can be utilized to the fullest through Opentype compatible softwares including Adobe Indesign, IIustrator, and Corel Draw.

Also, we liked that Deep Jungle is available in a range of file formats including OTF, TTF, and WOFF.

Our only complaint with this font is that it lacks valuable typographic features like ligatures and swashes, which can contribute greatly to enhancement of the designs.

11. Jungle

the Jungle Font

Jungle is an unconventional decorative typeface which invites you to explore the dark and scary side of the jungle.

It is a font with striking, energetic letters that adds a sense of thrill to any entertainment project.

We liked how its jungle-inspired elements, like leaves and vines, give it a dynamic and adventurous vibe, making it perfect for games, movies, posters, and social media posts.

This font is a cartoonish typeface. Jungle combines the element of discovery and a touch of wildness to bring an energetic vibe to your jungle-related artforms.

We love how transforms titles, logos, as well as bold illustrations and headlines. Jungle constitutes remarkable versatility and adaptability.

We loved that offers numbers, punctuation, swashes, and web fonts to transform your designs to reach new heights effortlessly.

Multilingual support further expands its customer base, making it usable for projects with an international reach. Lastly, it is user-friendly with no requirement for any additional software.

Nevertheless, Jungle may not be appropriate for classic designs where a more standard font would be preferable.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the unusual alphabet formations.

12. Jungle Friends

A cute and playful Jungle Font

Jungle Friends is a whimsical font that enchants everyone who sees it with its effortless charm.

Characteristic of a world where the wild meets the cute and the fury of the jungle, tempered by a dash of sweetness, Jungle Friends is your best friend to add a splash of charm to your projects while embracing the spirit of the jungle.

We love how it adds an appealing dose of adorability to any project with its rounded letterforms, soft curves, and adorable touches.

Every figure looks like a cute creature peering out from the dense foliage, ready to captivate the viewers. We liked how this font’s versatility knows no bounds, as it seamlessly adapts to various design contexts.

From children’s books and nursery décor to greeting cards and invitations, Jungle Friends adds a touch of whimsical enchantment that appeals to the young and the young at heart.

Furthermore, this vibrant typeface is highly adaptable and works well in a variety of settings to enhance user experience.

It will help your original thoughts stand out to the audience.

Jungle Friends boasts availability in both TTF (TrueType) and OTF (OpenType) file formats, promising superior typographic experience.

13. Woodpecker

A woodpecker Jungle Font

With the help of the typeface Woodpecker, you can give your creations the earthy appeal of rough-hewn wood planks.

It is designed primarily for outdoor, animal adventure, survival mode games, jungle and park adventure posters, as well as numerous other projects that draw inspiration from nature.

We liked how Woodpecker constitutes large and robust letters, with nuances and textures that reflect the grain and knots of actual wood.

To give your designs a realistic feel, we love how every element is skillfully made to appear to have been chiselled into the surface of the wood.

This font is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

It can be used in outdoor adventure posters to create a rugged and organic atmosphere, or in wildlife documentaries to emphasize the raw and uncontrolled nature of the jungle.

On the contrary, it is important to note that Woodpecker has some shortcomings.

The font has limited options in terms of character variations, ligatures, and alternate glyphs compared to the more versatile fonts on our list.

So, it would be a good idea to evaluate your options and design targets before making a decision.

14. Jungle View

A kids Jungle Font

Jungle View is a timeless typeface characterized by big, quirky, and bold letters, accompanied by a leafy border in the background.

Designed to appeal to a broad audience, this font elegantly captures the bright aesthetics of the jungle.

We liked the way Jungle View subtly demands attention with its sharp, angular letterforms.

Exaggerated dimensions, bold strokes, and organic shapes give this typeface an active feel.

Younger audiences will find the letterforms’ irregularity particularly attractive due to its distinctive and quirky touch.

To enhance the jungle theme, Jungle View is magnificantly complented by its leafy background. It further induces depth and texture to the font, grabbing and holding the audience’s attention for good.

We definitely recommend this typeface for kids’ books, games, stationary, school supplies, poster, holiday invitations, and youtube thumbnails.

It is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign to ensure ease of use.

It would be unfair to not mention the exceptional legibility offered by Jungle View.

Due to the large size and all capital letters of this font, it is suitable for use in both headlines and extended body text without any compromise on the clarity of your message.

15. Frakture

The wild Jungle Font

The strong and alluring Frakture mixes elements of urban design with the charm of alpine settings of the jungle.

With its sleek, striking letters, muted theme, and gorgeous mountain backdrop, this typeface is created to generate an impression of suburban aesthetics while maintaining the theme of jungle.

We like how the sharp, angular lines give Frakture a contemporary and edgy appearance.

This typeface is your best friend for powerful headlines, posters, and branding materials; the letters’ aggressiveness exudes a sense of wild force.

We love how the dull color palette strategically enhances the overall aesthetic, developing a sense of depth and intensity.

This makes Frakture particularly optimal for projects that aim to convey a sense of urban grit, such as fashion branding, album covers, and latest art installations.

The magnificent scenery and well-balanced letterforms of Frakture combine to produce a visually captivating contrast that draws the eye and offers a singular visual experience.

It can be utilised to portray a diverse range of jungle semantics, including exploration, mystery, and the blending of urban and nature components.

16. Wilderness

A wilderness Jungle Font

Wilderness is an elegant font that portrays the rich environment of the jungle, invoking a sense of freshness and the mysteries of nature.

With its stylish gold letterforms and organic curves, this typeface evokes the thick foliage, exotic wildlife, and hidden wonders of the jungle, making it the perfect choice for creative endeavors that seek to embrace nature.

We liked how Wilderness’s flowing contours embody the spirit of the jungle, with its vibrant colors and diverse textures.

Each letter is like a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered amidst the years old vegetation.

We recommend this typeface for designing environmental campaigns, travel brochures, or event invitations, as it instantly transports viewers into the heart of the wild.

Wilderness exudes a sense of dynamism and vitality.

Our team had the honor of testing this font for creating promotional brochures for an eco-adventure company and designing posters for a wildlife conservation campaign, and we testify that Wilderness brings an authentic touch of jungle theme to your designs.

Wilderness undoubtedly excels in presenting the semantics of jungle, but it may not be the optimal choice for projects that require a minimalistic or more conservative approach.


17. Jungle Man

A 3 style Jungle Font

Jungle Man is an adventurous font that is reminiscent of the raw strength and valuable lives housed by jungles. Its thick, powerful letterforms, wild energy, and commanding presence reflects the resilience of nature.

We liked how each letter of Jungle Man is a mighty tree, firmly rooted in the earth, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the jungle.

It is an excellent font for creating covers for travel magazines, pamphlets for wildlife conservation organizations, or jungle-themed merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, and bottles.

Jungle Man not only captures the visual silhouette of the jungle but also embodies its free spirit. We loved how this typeface ignites a sense of exploration and invites viewers to step into a world beaming with life.

Do not hesitate to employ Jungle Man in your art- be it posters for jungle expeditions, logos for resorts, or covers for comics, for it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Moreover, Jungle Man offers various OpenType features to enhance user experience, including decorative ligatures, glyphs, and multiple spacing options to effortlessly achieve your desired look.


18. Jungle Land

An adventurous Jungle Font

Jungle Land is an enchanting font that reminds you of a world filled with exotic wonders and vibrant greenery.

With its whimsical letterforms and enthusiastic spirit, this typeface is your best friend for design projects that induce the allure and mystique of the jungle.

We liked how Jungle Land’s playful curves and intricate details bring to life the diverse flora and fauna found in the depths of the jungle.

Each letter is like a unique species, showcasing the beauty of the natural world.

We recommend this typeface for creating children’s book illustrations, nature-themed branding, holiday invitations, and apparel.

When crafting posters for tropical festivals, designing logos for eco-tourism initiatives, or creating lively social media graphics for nature-inspired brands, Jungle Land adds a touch of jungle inspired elegance and invites viewers to embark on a visual journey through a picturesque jungle paradise.

Nevertheless, it is pertinent to mention that this font is primarily targeted to a younger audience and may not be the best choice for professional, corporate projects. In such cases, you may want to try out Jungle Garden.


19. Jungle Vibes

A Scandinavian Jungle Font

Next on the list is Jungle Vibes. It is a lively font to indulge in the vivacious rhythm of the tropical rainforest.

With its bold and energetic letterforms, this typeface encapsulates the challenges posed by the wild while maintaining a playful spirit.

We liked how Jungle Vibes’s expressive curves and featured lines and shapes transport you to a world of colorful wildlife and pulsating energy.

Jungle This typeface is well-suited for creating travel posters, event flyers, or advertisements for resorts and retreats, as it is reminiscent of an immersive jungle experience.

We loved the way this typeface ignites a sense of wanderlust that transforms your designs into a sensory experience, evoking the warmth of sunlight filtering through the canopy and the calls of animals residing in the jungle.

Whether you’re crafting jungle-themed logos, eye-catching typography for adventure magazines, or dynamic social media graphics, Jungle Vibes adds an irresistible flair to set your creations apart from the competitors.

Besides, Jungle Vibes is compatible with three variations of Cyrillic, numerals, and punctuation in addition to the standard English alphabet.

Moreover, it does not require any additional software to ensure you can dive right into designing without extra steps.


20. Junglekong

A multilingual Jungle Font

JungleKong is a classic typeface that unleashes the carefree spirit of the jungle.

Characterized by thick letterforms and rugged aesthetics, this font embodies the vigor and primal energy of a mighty jungle gorilla.

We recommend Junglekong for creative endeavors that aspire to capture the raw ferocity of the wilderness.

We liked how Junglekong’s robust and proportioned letterforms reflect the muscularity and dominance of the jungle’s most formidable creatures.

Each letter stands tall, like a towering tree in the dense forest, demanding attention and respect. JungleKong delivers well in striking logos, impactful headlines, and intense branding, as it exudes a sense of tenacity.

We appreciate how Junglekong induces a sense of power and invites viewers to tap into their inner strength. This typeface shines bright in posters, typography for gaming merchandise, or bold album covers for jungle-inspired music.

Although JungleKong magnificently portrays the assertive character of the jungle, it may not be the optimal choice for projects that require a softer or more delicate approach. In that case, you may want to go for Pine Jungle instead.


21. Moot Jungle

A fresh nature Jungle Font

Moot Jungle is a decorative font that invites you to explore the mystical depths of an enchanted jungle. With its elegant and organic letterforms, this typeface embodies the delightful spirit of a hidden jungle oasis.

Moot Jungle is the perfect choice for projects that seek to evoke a sense of gentleness and refinement.

The font’s curvaceous and flowing letterforms resemble twisting vines and winding paths, leading you deeper into the heart of the jungle.

Each letter takes inspiration from a secret doorway, beckoning you to step into a world of exuberant shades and fantastical creatures. Moot Jungle can be employed for creating children’s magazines, nature-themed promotions, or dreamy wedding invitations.

Be it designing for print or digital mediums, Moot Jungle offers the versatility you need to bring your charming visions to life.

In order to fully explore the artistic characteristics of this typeface, we recommend leading design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

With their advanced typographic features and tools, you can manipulate the leafy curls, play with layering, and create customized compositions that boost the font’s attraction.


22. Into The Wild

A hand drawn double exposure Jungle Font

Into The Wild is a daring font hinting exploration and cold, icy night in a dark jungle. With its rugged letterforms and dark aesthetics, this typeface praises the courage of those who dare to venture off the beaten path.

Into The Wild is a great companion for creations that seek to celebrate the thrill of the great outdoors.

The font’s strong and angular letterforms reflect the challenges and resilience found in nature. Each letter is like a compass, guiding you towards new horizons and exciting discoveries.

We tested this typeface for creating outdoor brand logos, travel brochures, and school trip costumes, and we adore the way it conveys the allure of the unknown.

Not to mention that Into The Wild invites viewers to break free from the confines of everyday life and embrace closeness with nature.

For those seeking to infuse their designs with the undertones of adventure, the chilling lure of the jungle, and the call of the wild, this typeface is certainly a holy grail!
Our only concern regarding this typeface is that it is relatively pricey and, therefore, may not accommodate those on a budget.


Best Jungle Fonts Summary:

Jungle fonts incorporate the untamed beauty and captivating allure of the wild into your creations.

With their exotic letterforms, these typefaces embody the lushness and vibrancy of the jungle, evoking images of dense vegetation, mysterious creatures, and hidden treasures.

Their versatility allows them to seamlessly blend with various design elements, adding a touch of intrigue and authenticity.

From the elegance of swaying palm trees to the violent energy of wild animals, jungle fonts offer a typographic adventure that celebrates the grandeur of nature.

That being said, it is important to consider the context and purpose of your design when using these fonts, as they may not be suitable for projects that require a more formal or minimalistic aesthetic.


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