Just Creative Design Absolutely Smashed (Now Back Online)

Just Creative Design Absolutely Smashed (Now Back Online)

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Sorry for the downtime today/tonight (whatever it was for you) – Our bandwidth was absolutely smashed with over 7000 page views within a few hours on a 3.5mb page (and I was asleep when it happened).

Nearly all of the Social Media sites got hold of my 2 most recent posts; 99 Websites ALL Designers should know about AND my 22 Blatant Graphic Design Rips Offs post which both kicked up a storm especially on Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. I have taken down the images on that 99 page for now, while it settles down.

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I have also upgraded to my next hosting plan so hopefully that lasts out the month. Thanks everyone, welcome to Just Creative Design, don’t forget to subscribe.

Below is some of the stats for the 99 Websites Page a few hours after posing for those of you interested.


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15 thoughts on “Just Creative Design Absolutely Smashed (Now Back Online)”

  1. $6 extra this month for 8000 new visitors… not bad. But not quality visitors. (Well not 100% sure yet about the quality of the visitors, Feedburner stats are way off at the moment).

  2. Yes, well hopefully 🙂 Still didn’t make it anywhere near Digg though unfortunately? I can’t believe I forgot to add you to the 99 resources page! I will add you now 🙂

  3. Bummer about the site dying and taking down the images they made the post easy/attractive to read.

    Perhaps you could try using a cache plugin or something for posts like that – try to relieve the pressure on the server?

  4. Yeah I had WP-Cache active however people still have to download the images but I am not sure exactly how the cache plugin works anyway? 11gb of traffic came from the 8000 visitors and 55 000 page views over the whole site during that time and the page was 3.5mb so kinda does work out.

  5. Ah, yes. I’m not really sure how it works either. Just thought I’d mention it incase you didn’t have it.

    I haven’t had that many visitors in one hit, so I wouldn’t know how my server or the plugin copes with it. Good luck in the future with successful posts. 🙂

  6. That answers the image question. 😉

    The cache plugin stores a static version of your pages for a certain time period. When the static version is called up, your web host doesn’t need to run all the PHP scripts that are included in WordPress sites, lowering the resources needed.

    Congrats again, Jacob.

    David Airey’s last blog post..70 of the best logo design resources

  7. Wow what one? I have noticed a few Japanese sites linking to my site as well… I think they were the 4th most visiting country from my last post.

    620, that is awesome!

  8. Sometimes people don’t see the important of RSS Feed. They just love to put a bookmark on your website perhaps and check if there’s any updates. But you’ve done a great job! Keep up dude

  9. Well done Jacob. Great to see JCD starting to take off on the Social Media sites. Really tough to break into them. But once you’re in, you’re in.
    Keep it up mate.

  10. haha, I read the article and it didn’t even click until later that you forgot my website…

    I did however manage to get Designflavr featured on a Japanese blog, traffic skyrocketed after that. My biggest surprise was my RSS subscribers. 620 new subscribers overnight!

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