Want to guest write on Just Creative Design? Now is your chance!

Want to guest write on Just Creative Design? Now is your chance!

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On Holidays

A guest article has not yet been published here on Just Creative Design but now is the time. As previously mentioned, I will be traveling around to 14 different countries in Europe (and Hong Kong) in June/July and I will need some articles to be published during the time that I will be away.

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I need to get all the articles in by May 21st at the very latest so I can proof read them, add images (unless you provide them) and time schedule them to post during my time away. If you got some in even sooner it would be appreciated as I am in the process of moving house as well and it is a bit chaotic.

And for a little enticement you will get a link and a brief intro about you and your blog at the top of every article that you submit and it will stay there for the life of this blog. Oh and just so you know, we have been averaging 11,000 visits a day and have 1700+ subscribers – who ever thought?


What To Post About?

The underlying focus of any post has to do with design however it can vary… Think along the subjects of logo design, print design, advertising, web design, wordpress, social media, typography, inspiration, photography, poster design, creativity or maybe you could write a tutorial or a review of your favourite product – be creative. You could also check out the Ultimate List of Blogging Templates and Headings for some ideas.

You may submit as many posts as you like but please remember all posts will be subject to quality standards, so as a guide try to make each post around a page long.

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First let me know now that you are going to write one in the comments below and then after you have finished writing your post(s) when ever it may be, please email it to me in a HTML or Word document to jacobcass AT justcreativedesign DOT com. Don’t forget to replace the appropriate symbols.

Looking forward to reading some of your quality articles!

41 thoughts on “Want to guest write on Just Creative Design? Now is your chance!”

  1. No commitments Kelly, we all have busy schedules so don’t force it upon yourself.

    This blog is pretty broad, if you look at my featured articles page you also will get some more ideas too.

    Thanks, good to hear I have at least one for the 44 days I am away. I will have to get writing myself 🙂

  2. Hi Jacob

    I think I will do my best to submit one.I’m not really a big article writer although English was my best subject at school…and I used to love to write creatively, so I’ll give it a shot and see what you think!

    Are you planning a trip to Ireland at all while you’re in Europe? I’ll be there from June 25th until July 6th..then Italy from the 6th to the 10th. Dublin is a must if you have any chance of going!

    Brian Yerkess last blog post..Business Cards of Bloggers

  3. Hello, i think it’s a great chance to write something about design, i hope i will find some time. Enjoy Europe, it’s a great place, which countries are you goin’ to visit ?

  4. Jacob,

    That’s a tight deadline but I’m going to try to write one for you. A lot of times when I read here I get inspired and a subject floats through my head that doesn’t quite fit over at MCE, so hopefully I’ll pull one or two together.

    Now that I’ve committed in the comments I’ll have to!



    Kellys last blog post..Tip of the Week: Stand and Deliver

  5. Brian,
    Unfortunatly not geting to Ireland but would love to. Read the comment below to Rafie to see the places I am actually going (Italy is there but not at the time you are going to be).

    Sounds great, I look forward to it – maybe even a compilation of many quick tips would be great. Glad to hear about your trip. Yeah I was in Sweden for a full year last year and I travelled a bit around Europe but I loved it so much I had to go back.

    Look forward to it Josh. Thank You.

    I hope you find some time too… The places I am going include England (London) for a week, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium and on the way back will be stopping in Hong Kong, China for 3 days. So excited, can’t wait!

  6. Jacob,

    I’d like to write an article for you that focuses more on web design. I’ll try my best to send it to you sometime early next week.

    Typically, I write more “Quick Tip” type entries, but in this case, I’ll write a full article.

    Have fun in Europe…I did the same thing last July. We went to about 7 countries. I had the best time of my life.

  7. Jacob,

    I can certainly write something and pass it along to you in the next week or so. It is the least I can do as one of your avid readers.

    Enjoy Europe, it a fantastic place to do some sightseeing.


  8. Jacob,

    I recently landed my first international client in Switzerland. I would love to write about how I came to get the gig, which is a story in itself, along with the joy and pain of the
    design process and how it differs from America.

    I learned SO much from the experience, and would love to share.



  9. Great Jacob, look forward to it / them (if you go through with all your ideas).
    Now I think about it, a html file with correct heading tags would be even better.

  10. Aw, I’m excited for you about your trip! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    I’d love to write an article for you. I’ll contact you soon. 🙂

  11. Hi Jacob! I’m relatively new to the graphic design business and I was wondering if you may need an article on switching careers to graphic design? Do you welcome personal essays or would you like to stick to feature articles?

  12. Hi Cathy, that would be great! A new perspective on something always helps so I look forward to your article but remember to add headings and paragraph spacing for easy reading / scanning.


  13. After looking at your journey schedule i can already tell you’re going to enjoy this trip. There’s many good/great places in countries you’re visting soon, especially it’s a good time of the year for such travels. Enjoy your Eurotrip.

  14. Nice! Visiting 14 different countries sounds fantastic. Say “hello” to Hong Kong for me. It’s on my travel list along with a few other places.

    I will definitely write an article or two. I’ll send you an e-mail soon! Happy Travels!

  15. Hi Lauren, what was your idea? I have received about 6 people saying they will write one and then only one actually received which was really great. If you are pushed for time you can submit after May 21 as I actually leave in June but it is just so I can get everything sorted before I leave.

  16. Hmmm… let’s try this again. OpenID ate the first attempt.

    Jacob, I’d be happy to write a few articles for you. Maybe something on web design, CSS, SEO, or process for web design?

    I’ve got a partially finished article for my blog on SEO, I’d be happy to let you have it.

  17. Hmm was it something to do with JCD or just OpenId?

    That would be great, haven’t had any SEO articles on here before along with anything you mentioned. What ever your expertise is that would be best. Once you have finished it just email me it, thanks!

  18. I was thinking on writing a summary of the essences of the elements of design (I guess you could say it’s something I’m really in to right now). I think they are just so vital to learning to be a better designer and I’m sure your readers will enjoy it. I’ll provide the photos, too. I’m hoping to get it done today, but I need to get my blog post set for tomorrow, too. I think I can have it to you by the 21st, though! If you had another idea for a post, I’m open to suggestions!

    If you’re hurting for guest posts, try emailing a few bloggers directly and ask them to help. I find that gets a better response.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..Using Texture: Real World Examples

  19. Hey man, sounds like a great opportunity, and if I have the time, I will be trying this!

    Sebastian Pruitis last blog post..My Goals For SebastianPruiti.com

  20. Hi,
    That would great, I have only got 3 articles so far, so it would be appreciated.
    It is ok if published on your own blog but as long as we have posted it first.
    Hear from you soon.

  21. Hi Jacob,
    Have been a daily visitor to JCD since quite long now, but happens to be my first comment 🙂

    Your Blog has really bolstered my confidence to devote a Blog to showcase my work and dicuss Design in General. I have just finished up doing that and shall not be long before I launch the same. Would love to hear from you when I happen do launch it. 🙂 🙂

    I would also love to write for JCD. It shall be an utmost pleasure. Infact I shall mail you an article right away. Please let me know if it qualifies to be published at JCD !

    Take Care Jacob,
    All the Best, 14 countries Await you 🙂


  22. Hi there..

    I would definitely like to write an article about an upcoming site which we are currently trying to put across to different designers and clients all across the world. www DOT designalogo DOT jimdo Dot com.. Please do check it out and do give your valuable inputs. Its just a concept now and we would love to get guidance and support from all across the design world.

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