Just Creative Design Now Using Full Feeds. That cool?

Just Creative Design Now Using Full Feeds. That cool?

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Full Feed

As many of you have probably noticed we are now using full RSS feeds. I have never been able to offer full feeds but I finally figured out what the problem was.

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In my feed burner profile I had my feed address set at ‘https://justcreative.com/?feed=rss’ instead of ‘https://justcreative.com/feed. I changed it and it fixed itself 2 days later.

Oh and sorry about the extra 30 or so full articles that appeared in your feed reader, that is what happens when you change the address of your feed.

Are you guys happy with the full feed? It was done for your convenience however if there are many that do not want it I could possibly change back.

14 thoughts on “Just Creative Design Now Using Full Feeds. That cool?”

  1. Woot! I noticed in the best of April post, but I haven’t gone through that properly yet so I didn’t comment yet.
    Very glad the problem is fixed 🙂 I didn’t get brand new posts in my reader… I guess it realised they were the same.

    kristarellas last blog post..Expressive words

  2. Glad to hear everyone likes the full feeds and that I finally got it sorted, hopefully this will mean more subscribers that will stay. 🙂

  3. Apparently, I am in the minority but I don’t really like the full feed especially long ones like today’s interview with Jeff Fisher. Give me the title and the first few lines. Then I will decide if I want to go read the whole thing on the web site.

    No problem with the extra articles. In fact I picked up a couple I previously missed.

  4. Better! 🙂 About the extra 30 feeds, I clicked at “Mark all as read”. That’s fine 🙂 Cheers~

    Rafies last blog post..RSS for you and me

  5. Woo hoo! Glad you got that fixed!! No biggie about the extra posts. I did what Rafie did and all’s good (except with my poor little blog… I guess we all have to have problems sometimes)

    Oops, accidentally published my plea for help as a page instead of a post… I’m soooo tired!

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..WordPress Database Error MySQL Server has Gone Away

  6. Aha… that indeed explains the extra posts in my feedreader :). No worries, just click through them all.

    I for one really prefer the full feed, just to keep up to speed and if i want to comment on an article i’ll click through and do so.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. Trka, Steven, Kelly,
    Glad to hear so.

    Sorry to hear that, but I suppose there is always a few that want otherwise. I actually tried out the dual feed plugin however it splits your subscribers in half, one will show ppl subscribed to full feeds and one will show ppl subscribed to summary feeds and I didn’t really want to do that. I don’t usually have massive posts like the interview one today but hopefully it will alright. Thanks for your input, it’s great to hear from my readers.

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