Just Creative Design Upgrades To Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Just Creative Design Upgrades To Semi-Dedicated Hosting

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Bursting Our Banks

A few days back I let you know about us changing servers / hosting plans and this is just to let you know what has happened in the past few days.

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We have now upgraded our hosting to a semi dedicated plan, hosted by the same hosts as I was with previously – Solid Internet. Nearly everything has gone smoothly in the cross over however I still can not log into my WordPress Admin… it strangely says nothing is found even though when I check my folders, it is. I am hoping that my hosts can sort this out soon, as my contact forms do not work either because of this.   (Everything is working now.)

I am thankful however that everything else went fine and the rest of the website is up and running.

You may be wondering how I am writing a blog post without logging into my WordPress admin. I am taking advantage of the desktop blogging client, BlogDesk which is a handy application which lets you do just that.

Just Creative Design will get back to normal posting next week as tomorrow I leave for the weekend to go to my cousins wedding in sunny Queensland. In the meantime you may like to look at some of our featured articles.

19 thoughts on “Just Creative Design Upgrades To Semi-Dedicated Hosting”

  1. Dainis,
    Thank you, I am keeping my chin up… I just hope it is sorted out soon.

    Thank you Arthur, I actually contacted RC (the guy who spoke) and thanked him for it… I am possibly going to be doing an article for Layers or Scott Kelby Training too.

    For those of you who missed it:
    Go to minute 36:40.

  2. Congratulations on the switch. It’s a bummer that it is not working right, but I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out. I had some similar problems on a test server here, hope it’s as easy of a fix as it was with mine. Good luck!

  3. Just a quick pop in from my hotel lobby internet to say that everything is up and working again and thanks for the comments… apparently there was a problem with the permissions, they reset when changing servers.

    Thanks Johnathan for the tip to the other page as well however after I tried logging in it sent me to another page not found page. Thanks also for the ripped site, I will email them once I return.

  4. I am about to move my blog to a new server. although ours has limited content,comments and features you have got me a little worried! Good luck with yours, I will read some more before transferring mine.

    Steve Brown’s last blog post..Pit Pilot Magazine Cover

  5. Hey Jacob….hope you are having a good time at your cousins wedding…btw the ripped site has taken off the badly immitated blog…i guess its thanks to ppl like Jonathan.

    Great website keep it up

  6. Baja,
    The wedding went well, perfect weather and no dramas. I contacted the site, apparently it was an intern that was doing it all, and they have taken down the article that I requested.

  7. It’s never fun to have your site go unavailable, but growth is always good! Looking forward to seeing you do bigger and better things in the future. 🙂

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