JUST Creative Gets a Fresh Redesign

JUST Creative Gets a Fresh Redesign

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Boom! It’s a brand new website for JUST Creative!

Soft-launched on social media last week, the new JUST Creative site is a fresh evolution of the previous design, which had been in place from 2012 – an eternity for a website.

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The new site’s design aesthetic & structure is quite similar, however, the site is much more fluid in terms of working at large and small screen sizes. Everything is bigger & bolder, making use of today’s screen real estate, while maintaining that clean white space.

My portfolio has also been updated, and some of the other main pages have been cleaned up or refreshed. (AboutServicesResources, Testimonials).

  • A New Focus on My Services & Work

Previously, my home page was dedicated to my recent blog posts which didn’t really sell myself as well as it could have. Moving forward, one of my goals for the new site was to focus more on my services as a designer; highlighting my skills, latest work and testimonials while also providing a jumping off point for my latest blog posts.

The blog now has its own stand alone page – away from the home page – giving more space on the home page to focus on my design services and work.

  • More Flexibility for Customization

The previous 2012 design was custom designed by me and then hard coded into a WordPress theme by a developer. While the design worked well and got complimented regularly, there was no room for growth because it was hard coded and that meant the design was pretty much set, unless I worked with developers directly.

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Moving forward, I wanted a more flexible framework that would allow me to build pages within a drag & drop interface, without developers. After much research, I settled on the beautiful Unicon theme from MintiThemes that combines well with the Visual Composer plugin, that allows me to do design pages on the fly.

  • My Brand’s Evolution

I’ve recorded the full evolution of my personal brand since 2003 and boy is it interesting to see where you’ve come from!

  • More to Come

I redesigned the new site in about 12 working days, so it was quite rushed, but the main goal was just to get it up! And now that it is (thanks to some handy migration work from Howard & Sachit), I can continue to tweak and refine the design.

I still have to work out some smaller bugs, refine my portfolio, plus get some new content out there but it will be an ongoing project.

  • Travel, again!?

As if 2 years on the road was not enough, next week, my wife and I head will off for another 6 months of travel, exploring the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Then a month in New York, and a 2 week road trip from Seattle down to San Francisco.

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Follow along over at Just Globetrotting and stay tuned to discover how we scored 2 free nights at the Maldives, on an over water bungalow, including sea plane transfers (worth $2300 in total!).

Any advice for the new site?

All feedback is welcome and thanks for the positive feedback thus far!


Before and After Redesigns

Just Creative Web Home Page


Just Creative Web Article

What do you think?

Feedback is always welcome!

20 thoughts on “JUST Creative Gets a Fresh Redesign”

  1. Fresh to death!!!! New site is beautiful!!! Definitely motivated even more to redesign mine. Great work as usual! -Alex from Long Island, NY

  2. Just Creative is just one of the sites I have personally followed over the last few years, It’s great to see that you have accomplished a well designed layout for your new fresher looking site. Your blog has always inspired me as well as your design work. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Jacob
    Very well designed! I really like the color scheme and the left sidebar thinking.
    I also have done something like this in one of my sites. Your site looks great!

  4. Congratulations on your redesign. I’m loving the crisp, white modern website design, especially the pink highlights. It has created some much needed inspiration for a website I’m currently working on. Well done again.

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