Kick Start Your Business' Online Presence with a Ghost Writer

Kick Start Your Business' Online Presence with a Ghost Writer

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This article was contributed by Mary Walton.

Every business can benefit hugely from having a dedicated writer on staff.

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With online advertising and social media presence being more vital than ever in spreading work of your work, a talented writer can mean the difference between simply having an online presence and having an active, thriving community that you can convert into paying customers.

If you’re still on the fence about hiring a ghost writer on, here’s why it could be the best marketing decision you’ve made all year.

Ghost Writing

Why hire a ghost writer?

As much as you want to be hands on with every aspect of your business, usually it’s just not viable. You’ve got so much to do in your position as CEO or head of the company that you just can’t sit and create good quality content, too. A good ghost writer not only writes excellent, regular content for you, but also helps grow awareness of your work and bring in new customers. They’re experts at what they do, so they know just how to construct content for you so it gets maximum exposure, every time.

What can ghost writers do for you?

There’s several different ways a ghost writer can help your business:


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Blogs are a great way ok updating your website with regular, usable and engaging content. You can request blog topics of your writer, or they can create new ones themselves that you can approve before publication.

Third party articles:

Getting your ghost writer to write articles for third party websites is a great way of getting the word out about your services. By including a link in their piece that links back to your site, it helps drive traffic to your business and spreads the word further to people who are potential customers.

Social media content:

Keeping your social media up to date is a full time job, and delegating that job to a writer means you’ll get top quality posts that will engage your readership and hopefully convert them into customers.

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Company newsletters:

It sounds somewhat old fashioned, but having a well written newsletter is a great way of disseminating news to your entire employee base, and out to the community at large. After all, the families of your employees are likely to read the newsletter too, and it helps generate good feeling about what you do.

These are just a few examples of what a ghost writer can do. As you’ve read them, you’ve probably thought of something that your company could use in particular. If you get in touch with a ghost writer, you can discuss it with them and they’ll probably be able to bring your vision to life.

The benefits of hiring ghost writers

Hiring a ghost writer means hiring someone who has experience in writing for businesses, and knows the tricks and techniques behind writing content that gets viewed. You may not have anyone on your team who knows about SEO techniques, blogging, or social media management, but they will.

Hiring a writer means outsourcing your online presence management to an expert, too. Many businesses, especially when just starting up, will try and do this themselves in order to save vital cash. However, it’s a false saving as when you’re trying to get to grips with it, you’re losing precious time and money. Outsourcing can be cost effective, as you’ll easily make the money back with the new customers your ghost writer will bring in.

Overall, it just makes sense to hire an expert. You wouldn’t hire a heart surgeon to manufacture microchips, so why would you try and manage your content yourself? Build up a good relationship with your writer, and your social media presence will be secure for years to come.

The cons of hiring ghost writers

There are downfalls of ghost writing of course. You must ask if it is ethical? Will people see through the writing? By hiring a writer, are you squashing the author’s claim to fame?

Where to hire from?

You have two options when it comes to hiring; a ghost writing company, or an individual contractor.

1. Ghost writing companies

These companies focus on getting the content written for you quickly and carefully. You’ll contact them either for a one off piece or for an ongoing contract, and they will be able to engage their team of writers to create the content for you. They’ll often have a team that has to right industry experience for you, and so will give the task of creating your content to them. This means that you’ll get top quality, well researched content every time.

There are plenty of companies around that offer writing services, and sometime it’s worth thinking out of the box. Companies such as Boom Essays and Essay Roo are primarily academic writing services, but their writers are qualified to work on any type of content the customer needs, for reasonable prices. Working from a slightly left field angle, they can create content for you that’s unique from anything else in your industry.

If you have other recommended companies, let us know!

2. Independent contractors

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If you want to get to know your writer more directly and build up a good working relationship, going with an independent contractor could be the best way to go. The best way to hire one is to put out an advert stating your needs on a site such as Freelancer or Upwork, where freelancers bid for jobs.

Then, you can send out work as and when needed, paying only when you get work sent to you. This is a good strategy if you’re a start up or relatively small business, as you can often name your price within reasonable limits.

When hiring an independent contractor, be sure to ask for samples of their work to ensure that the quality is high enough, and run the text through a plagiarism checker to ensure they send you original content every time.

So do you need a ghost writer?

Are you convinced that your business needs a ghost writer? Luckily, it’s easy to start hiring and start upgrading your content game. Once you’ve added them to your payroll, you’ll soon see an increase in engagement with your content and social media presence, and your writer will be worth their weight in gold.

Mary Walton is a successful content writer. She writes for UK Writings dissertation service that helps students throughout their education.

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