Last Chance To Win $800 Worth Of Prizes! Enter Now!

Last Chance To Win $800 Worth Of Prizes! Enter Now!

Logo Of The Day

A few weeks a go I launched my new website Logo Of The Day and when I did so I held a competition with $800 worth of prizes to help promote the site.

This is just a quick post to let you know that entries are still being accepted and will be open for 3 more days…   the winners will be announced in this post.

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How To Enter

  • To win prize 1: Write a blog post about the new LOTD website. Leave a trackback so I can track it.
  • To win prize 2: Comment on your favourite logo design on the LOTD site (not this page).
  • To win prize 3: Suggest a quality logo design using the form on the LOTD site.
  • To win prize 4: Stumble Review the LOTD site.
  • To win prize 5: Subscribe to the LOTD RSS or Email feed. Comment on this post to let me know you have subscribed – honesty is the best policy.


Congratulations, I have contacted you all with prize details.

1. Leonardo Risuleo from Byte-SM

2. Charlotte Ems

3. Josiah Jost from Siah Design

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4. Crazii on StumbleUpon

5. Zach Lebar

29 thoughts on “Last Chance To Win $800 Worth Of Prizes! Enter Now!”

  1. As a chance to win prize 5, I’m subscribed to the blog.

    Last few days have been much better logo’s, than some previous – and love some of the aspects from some of the designs

  2. I subscribed to the RSS through bloglines, AND I want to make a suggestion for the logo. (I hope I can do both here I’ll make sure it gets to the LOTD website too.) I really like Jasmine Star’s (wedding photographer in the OC) logo. Even though it may seem . . . somewhat obvious . . . it really embraces everything that a good logo should be.

  3. Well your title certainly grabbed my attention in my subscribed feed (see, already subscribed) this morning! I have to say, though, I love your blog even without crazy-awesome prizes! You are an inspiration to me as I start my own freelancing business.

    I hope this little stunt brings you all the publicity it can ;

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