Check me out in these magazines!

Check me out in these magazines!

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Layers Mag

Back in January I wrote the cover article for Layers Magazine on the topic of ‘Negative Space’ and now I am back again, but this time in the form of a poster boy – well not that kind of poster boy.

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If you have a quick look though the April/May edition of Layers Magazine you will find my little mugshot on one of their advertisements along with some of my CD artwork. See the image below.

You may also be interested to know you can test drive Layers magazine by grabbing a free copy over at their site or you could look through their last issue online.

Layers Magazine

Also, check me out in next months edition of the mag, I will be appearing in their “Instant Inspiration” section with an interview and a showcase of my work.

I will also be appearing in the Photoshop and Illustrator tutorial sections over the next few months of which I will post on here once they are available. Stay tuned!

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Computer Arts Projects Magazine (Issue 122)

After posting this article, I was told by Chris Spooner (big thank you) that I’ve also been featured in Issue 122 of the Computer Arts Projects Magazine –   three times!

A big thanks to Chris Spooner for sending me the pics below.

Perfect Portfolios

The front cover of the magazine.


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The inspiration directory page.


Tips for marketing yourself page.

Computer Arts

Personal recommendation from Paul Wyatt! Thank you!

DG Magazine Portfolio

Update #3 – Just got word that my logo got approved for the “DG Portfolio 8” magazine. See the pics below!

DG Magazine Cover

Front Cover

DG Magazine Logo

The page that I am on.

Dg Magazine JCD Logo

Close up of my logo.

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  1. {designer need a large range of skills to be able to work accross a variety of mediums.}

    very nice
    maju terus gan…

  2. Jacob
    J= Just
    A= an
    C= Creative
    O= Outstanding
    b= Boy

    Hats Off to You, with my heart.
    one of your follower in designing Industry

  3. Excellent! Most Excellent. After all the hard work you have put into your site this is just deserts 😀


    Eating Design

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! its recognition much deserved!

    you’re such an inspiration jacob.:D thank you for doing what you do!!!

    do come to the philippines, i’d die happy if i could meet you!hahaha…

    more power!

  5. Congratulations too! Also, I don’t know if you already know this, or someone else has told you, but you are also published in the DG portfolio 8 magazine. Your ‘Just creative design’ is published on page 28! Great stuff!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments and helping me as a designer!

    Wow! You certainly give me a smile on my face after reading that. Thanks!

    A big thank you for sending the pictures through of the DG Portfolio 8 mag. I will be buying my copy soon!

    Trend setter? Not really sure about that but thanks!

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