🍃 25+ Leaf Fonts for Nature-Inspired Projects

🍃 25+ Leaf Fonts for Nature-Inspired Projects

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Looking for ways to import the vibrant tones of Spring in to your designs? If so, this list of best leaf fonts is exactly what you need.

Leaf fonts inherently convey a playful organic touch and a charming flair to your designs.

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They are clear, chic, and leafy in style. And the best part? You can use them for all kinds of typography, from modern brands to greeting cards to any other artwork.

So without further ado, let’s get rolling with our list of best leaf fonts to help bring your ‘leafy’ fantasies into reality.

🍃  Top 10 Leaf Fonts

  1. Leafy
  2. Tiny Twig
  3. Floral
  4. Secret Nature
  5. Garsen Blossom
  6. Pegon
  7. Bugs and Leafs
  8. Arleafia
  9. Poemy
  10. Treva Del Mar

For the complete list, scroll on!

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⭐ Our Top Pick

1. Leafy

An elegant display logo leaf font

Leafy is an elegant display font that is designed with an environmental theme in mind, so it makes perfect sense why this is our top pick!

It headlines a distinct style that is welcoming and can be instrumental for all sorts of creative projects.

As a designer, it is easy to get motivated by Leafy’s authenticity, making it easier to create masterworks that can be used for advertising, posters, and project campaigns.

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2. Tiny Twig

An abstract Botanical leaf font

Tiny Twig is a hand-drawn sans-serif display font that is laced with leafy and botanical elements. This typeface undoubtedly adds a unique accent to your artwork, churning out masterpieces if used creatively.

You can use this branchy font for posters, logos, social media posts, wedding invitations, and lots more.


3. Floral

A new Garden themed Leaf font

Floral is a rare, one-of-a-kind type of font that is ideal for imparting a dash of elegance and femininity to your work.

This font is designed by talented craftsmen who ensured that every letter and alphabet is packed with creative and aesthetic appeal. Floral can suit various projects, including product designs, logos, advertisements, and banners.


4. Secret Nature

A floral script leaf font

Meet Secret Nature, a script font decorated with leaves and floral patterns.

It contains uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, numerals, and a bonus set of symbols that perfectly match its green vibe. You can use this font in various design programs and can also combine it with other fonts to give your work a sense of delicacy, lightness, and refinement.

It is great for monograms, lettering, product promotions, and other eco-friendly projects.


5. Garsen Blossom

A modern calligraphy leaf font

Garsen Blossom is a handwritten calligraphy typeface. It features free-flowing letters, binders, and beginning and ending swashes.

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To top it off, there is also a special replacement for capital letters that lend a flicker of originality to your work. This includes alternatives such as ribbons, flowers, and leaves to help make your creations stand out.

A font with this charm and versatility is perfect for logos, SVG designs, websites, invitations, calligraphy, and much more.


6. Pegon

A modern Sans Serif leaf font

Pegon stars bold, upright letters combined with the elegant leaves incorporated in the center, making it a superb choice for businessmen and designers building trademark projects.

From branding endeavors like logos and merchandise to other professional designs, you can throw this font anywhere to reflect the seriousness of your agenda.


7. Bugs and Leafs

Bugs and leaf font

Bugs and Leafs Font is another leaf font that is equal parts fun and professional. Your projects are set to be innovative and distinct with this typeface, and you can apply it across multiple designs.

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It is well suited for posters, letters, quotes, website designs, blog headers, and even greeting cards.

It is designed to be flexible and versatile, making it an excellent addition to your font collection.


8. Arleafia

A thin line decorative leaf font

Say hello to Arleafia, a decorative, thin-line font incorporating a simple leaf design.

Its alphabets are adorned with cute, small leaves to give your text a natural, eco-friendly tone. Unlike the former options, Arleafia has an array of alternative characters.

These include several open type features such as stylistic sets, ligatures, and swashes. These features are PUA Unicoded and can be accessed through Open Type savvy programs.

Arleafia looks great on cafés, restaurants, signage, and other branding materials


9. Poemy

A brush leaf font

Created by artist Krisjanis Mesulis, the Poemy Typeface is reminiscent of lush and dense forests.

All its characters are drawn with a fude brush on smooth pastel paper.

Poemy Extended Font arrives with a huge free collection of nature-inspired doodles, pre-designed logos, and vectors which are super easy and fun to use.

It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, updated open type features, multi-language support, and advanced kerning to ensure that nothing comes in the way of your typographic work. Poemy is an excellent option for apparel, packaging, monograms, badges, and much more.


10. Treva Del Mar

Treva del Mar leaf font

With its massive green leaves and bright pink flowers, Treva Del Mar flawlessly imitates the tropical setting of the Bahamas.

This typeface is a fine blend of a trendy and vintage look. The letters have soft strokes and intricate leafy design inside them.

Treva del mar is suitable for designs where you desire to impart an old-school, classic look, such as in magazines, newspapers, and movie posters.


11. Maritosca Script

A handritten typeface leaf font

Maritosca is a natural handwritten typeface that reminds the viewer of the beach and happy times. This font comprises of smoothly transitioned letters with an additional leaves watercolor file which you can play with all day.

Maritosca Script is for formal purposes such as labels, logos, books, magazines, greeting cards, and other advertising projects.


12. Orange Leafy

A handwritten display leaf font

Orange Leafy is another stunning leaf font that falls under the handwritten category.

However, it is specifically designed to kindle the spirit of the Autumn season.

Its breezy, warm letterforms furnish the designs with a relaxed tone and therefore, work well in kids’ books, children’s games, toy product packaging, stationary, and other Fall-themed cards.


13. Monogram Handrawn Leaves

monogram handdrawn leaf font

Monogram Handrawn Font is a sweet and lovely leaf font that works faultlessly with merchandise, logos, branding, wedding cards, social media posts, and more.

This easy-to-install serif font can be optimized to any size for personalized and commercial use.

The gorgeous characters of Monogram Handrawn Leaves can spruce up your special occasions by adding a romantic touch to your creations.


14. Bushman

A decorative leaf font

Are you searching for a stylish font pack that will make your designs jump off the page?

If yes, then you should definitely check out the Bushman Font. This mix-n-match font duo is unparalleled in terms of its design.

It consists of two typefaces. The main typeface is an all-caps decorative foliage letter, while the supporting typeface is Bushman Sans font.

This font has 7 weight variations which are legible in all sizes. Bushman automatically adds a set of growing leaves on the first two letters of every word.

Just start the word with a capital letter, and see the magic happen!


15. Molga

Modern and elegant sans leaf font

Belonging to the sans-serif class of typefaces, Molga is a new-age leaf font perfect for holiday cards, posters, web design, banners, and lots more.

One exciting feature of this font is that it arrives in three different weights which allows to add more style and detail to your typography. The light and regular weight are designed for the text body, while the medium weight is for titles and headlines.

What’s more is that it also includes vector leaves which works just like any other font and are easily installable on Windows and Mac.


16. Green

A natural cute leaf font

Green is one of the prime colors of the world, which is associated with freshness, nature, and leaves. And what is a better way to honor this color than by using a font blatantly named Green?

The Green typeface is a leaf display font with geometric letters that will take you back to the old European streets. This font also contains symbols and other decorative elements which go hand-in-hand with its classic sans-serif font.

You can try this font on urban designs like signposts, billboards, and street signs. It is also applicable on menu designs, vintage labels, lettering posters, and monograms.


17. Damean

A handmade duo leaf font

Damean Handmade Font is a cheerful font with care and tenderness in each letter of its ligature.

It has this flowery thing going on, with a few petals and leaves here and there, that automatically brings warmth to the creations. This leaf font can assist many projects, such as embellishments and logos.

It also comes with 12 handmade leaves, 4 font weights, and lots of supporting characters.


18. Maleficient

An elegant display leaf font

You might have heard about Maleficent, the charming and powerful Disney character, but did you know there is a font named after her?

Well, here you go!

This typeface accurately represents Maleficient’s elegance, majesty, and power and adds a drop of superiority to your designs.

The Maleficent font is a must-have choice for those wanting to design impactful content such as videos, flyers, templates, design brochures, and advertising campaigns.


19. Garden

A botanical exquisite leaf font

Lation Type created the Garden typeface after getting inspired by the wilderness of Brazil and its enchanting flora.

The Garden is a serif leaf font offering a multiple floral dingbats, botanical ornaments, and original “catchwords.”

Its OpenType version gives an extensive range of creative options which go well with posters, headers, text compositions, and other handmade-style items. See more garden fonts here.


20. Leaves and Twigs

Leaves and twins leaf font

Now let’s welcome Leaves and Twigs, a handwritten font trio packed with floral illustrations and many bonus goodies.

This flexible font features four alternates: tall, capital sans serif letters with a slant alternative; small, spaced serif letters with a jumpy alternative; spaced script letters with a slant alternative, dingbat font with a blackout alternative, and over a whopping 160 stamp brushes!

Each alternate can be used individually or in conjunction to spice up your illustrations, including prints, tags, postcards, brochures, flyers, wall decorations, and much more.


21. Leafletter Split Monogram

leafletter leaf font

As the name implies, Leafletter Split Monogram Font is specifically designed for logos and corporation labels.

It is a set of three hand-illustrated fonts that are garnished with leaves. The set includes a standard font, a split monogram font, and a leaf-embellished version.

Also included are SVG and EPS versions of split monograms, letters, and separate leaf graphics. Leafletter Font is wonderful for wall art, wedding invitations, stationary, and other artworks.

However, it is important to remember that this font does not have lowercase, symbols, or punctuations and requires professional design software to access its stylistic alternates.


22. Tropical Taste

Leaf style display leaf font

Tropical Taste is a hundred percent plant-themed display font with an uncommon yet a trendy design.

It is a sans serif typeface with leaves elegantly engineered into its letters.

Tropical Taste Font has both upper and lowercase letters, which assists designers in making bold statements with style.

This font has a bunch of uses. Aside from being used for making assertive taglines, it can also work with romantic designs, greeting cards, business proposals, and other formal invitations.


23. Khansa

A modern calligraphy leaf font

Khansa is a modern calligraphy font in leaf style that promises to enhance your creations’ look with its dancing characters. These handmade characters provide a human touch and makes the design process faster and better.

Khansa is a go-to option for designing book covers, friendly cards, children’s stories, social media content, and websites.


24. Feuillue

A handwritten leaf font

The font Feuillue is as quirky as its name. It is made from small but highly intricate natural elements, including twigs, branches, and leaves.

This font is a nice representation of farms and woodlands. Despite going into great detail, its characters come out as easily readable.

And since Feuillue is an outline font, it does not look too bulky when used in bigger sizes. You can pair it with posters, t-shirts, mugs, YouTube covers, headings, and postcards.


25. Leafing


Leafing is a unique font with a fantastic sight to behold. Its letters are decorated with leaves, giving them a distinct and aesthetically pleasing look.

Perhaps, the most attractive feature of this leaf font is its compendium of glyphs and ligatures, which can assist you in creating eye-catching designs on shirts, hats, invitations, stationary, and much more.


Best Leaf Fonts Summary

Leaves are the epitome of freshness and serenity, and only the best leaf fonts can successfully infuse these feelings in your creations.

We hope our collection helps you find a gorgeous organic font for your next spring project.


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