20+ Best License Plate Fonts for Replicating Number Plates

20+ Best License Plate Fonts for Replicating Number Plates

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Are you in search of the best Licence plate fonts? If yes, we’ve got you covered! We are listing the best license plate fonts here to help you choose the right one.

As a designer, picking the perfect typography for a specific design is crucial. For instance, the best license plate fonts are the best option when you want to make your message easy to read in a modern and elegant way.

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Their monospaced letters and numbers ensure maximum legibility and give uniqueness to the license plate. We can use license plate fonts to bring the same feeling to our designs. These fonts give you a unique way to convey your thoughts to your audience.

Are you willing to create simple-looking and attractive texts using license plate fonts? If yes, this article is for you. While you can browse numerous fonts on the internet, it is time-consuming and can be overwhelming.

So, we have put in some time and created this list of the 20+ best license plate fonts for you. Without further ado, let’s go through this list now.

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10 Best License Plate Fonts – Overview

  1. Long Ride Number Plate Font
  2. DealerPlate License Plate Font
  3. Hamburg
  4. Sandbox Sans Typeface
  5. Sondote Playful Extrude Font
  6. Nine To Five Font
  7. Arroem – Serif Display Font
  9. Vintage 74
  10. Gunnar Font

Scroll on for the full list. 

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best license plate fonts

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20+ Best License Plate Fonts for Graphic Design

1. Long Ride Font

Long Ride Font

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The Long Ride is a modern and minimalist typeface with geometric shapes. This font has a vintage feel and provides a unique touch to designs. It is perfect for label designs, license plates, logos, vintage designs, and other creative letting designs.


2. Dealerplate Typeface


Dealerplate is a license plate type that is available in 17 different styles. This font doesn’t have the kerning option to provide an authentic license plate look. It supports many languages allowing you to create stunning artwork as you imagined.

This license plate typeface has numeric ordinals, currency symbols, mathematical symbols, and OpenType features.


3. Hamburg Hand – A Hand Drawn Font

Hamburg Hand - A Hand-Drawn Font

Hamburg hand is a hand-drawn sans serif font that gives a special touch to designs. This font is inspired by German signage and different old-style specimens. It is suitable for logo designs and other display designs. Hamburg hand is modern and versatile and is available in OTF file format.


4. Sandbox Sans Typeface

Sandbox Elegant Sans Typeface

Sandbox is an elegant condensed typeface that has sharp and bold textures. This font is inspired by powerful and strong characters. It is perfect for modern and business designs. It is available in multiple styles, allowing you to create stunning artwork. This elegant, bold font will add a powerful vibe to your designs.


5. Superline Display Typeface

SuperLine Display Typeface

Superline is a modern font perfect for contemporary design needs. This display font comes in three styles – regular, lined, and outline. It features an all-caps design and is ideal for small and large design projects.

This font is suitable for branding projects, posters, app or web development projects, and more. Superline font has extensions and shape backgrounds in vector formats that you can access in illustrator to create solid color background fills, image overlays, etc.

It comes in TTF and WOFF file formats and can be used for personal and commercial projects.


6. Vintage 74

Vintage '74

Vintage 74 is a classic display font that is versatile and has a vintage handcrafted feel. It is perfect for posters, signage, branding, vintage designs, and more. This font has four styles – regular, grunge, outline, and grunge texture. Therefore, you can create any design as per your imagination by combining these styles.


7. Arroem – Serif Display Font

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Arroem - Serif Display Font

Arroem is a stylish serif font with rich looks to suit various design concepts. It has a modern and classic touch and comes with many ligatures. This serif display font is perfect for a variety of designs, such as logos, wedding invitations, branding, logos, and more. It comes in OTF file format and is easy to use.




PRINTF is a vintage computer typeface inspired by vintage teletype, telegraph, and computer printers. This font has stylish letters that provide good aesthetics to designs. With this license plate font, you can bring a realistic feel to your designs.

It supports many languages, so you will have a great opportunity to create your artwork. PRINTF font is available in OTF file format and comes with several ligatures.


9. Nine To Five Font

Nine To Five Font

Nine To Five is a handwritten font that helps convey your message to your audience in a different way. This font is suitable for logos, labeling, clothing designs, posters, movie titles, album gigs, movie screens, and many more.

It is available in TTF and OTF file formats for versatility. The font package includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. You can use this font to add a handmade feel to your artwork.


10. Gunnar Font

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Gunnar - Sans serif with 8 styles

Gunnar is a sans-serif font that is versatile enough to use in various design projects. You can use this font for logotypes, advertising, signage, packaging, display, and many other purposes.

It is available in 8 styles, so you can mix and match them to create something awesome that makes your artwork stand out. Gunnar font includes standard Latin characters, punctuation, and currency symbols. Apart from the TTF version, it is also available in web font formats.


11. Liner Font

Liner font

Liner is a unique sans-serif font that has stylish letterforms. The letters have rounded edges for a simple and elegant look. Liner font is available in two weights regular & bold. The good thing about this font is that it allows you to use both weights together.

This font is perfect for short titles and logos. This font includes uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, frames, and line art elements to let you create as you imagined.

Liner font is available in OTF file format, and the line art elements are available in EPS, AI, and PSD formats.


12. Pittsbrook Family

Pittsbrook Family

Pittsbrook is a sans-serif font family that combines six carefully crafted fonts. It is inspired by the letters used in old packaging and advertisements and is a perfect option to add a classic style to any design.

The font has a strong and sharp appearance that gives a unique feel. It is perfect for packaging designs, headlines, vintage designs, logotypes, food labeling, quote writing, and more. This versatile font has uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations in the package.

Also, it gives access to lots of OpenType features with PUA-encoded characters and supports multilingual characters. Pittsbrook font family comes in OTF and TTF file formats in three styles – sans, serif, and outline.


13. Goeliruc – Condensed Font

Goeliruc - Condensed Font

Goeliruc is a sans-serif typeface with clean letterforms. This condensed font has beautiful ligatures and smooth curves and adds superb aesthetics. It is versatile enough to use in large and small designs.

Goeliruc font is perfect for photography, product packaging, quotes, posters, labels, studios, logo designs, and many more. It can be used for personal as well as commercial projects. There are standard Latin characters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation included in the font file.


14. Meisterz Typeface

Meisterz Typeface

Meisterz is a unique typeface that provides a combined feel of horror and fancy at the same time. This font is inspired by retro horror comics with a little touch from the Reinassance era. So, this font adds a retro vibe to any design.

It is perfect for a variety of design projects such as logotypes, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, printed quotes, cover albums, etc. It is available in many file formats, such as TTF, OTF, AI, EPS, PNG, and regular web font files.

Along with stand Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation, Meisterz has vector illustrations and badges. These features give endless options to design anything you imagine.


15. Sondote Playful Extrude Font

Sondote Playful Extrude font

Sondote is a uniquely designed handcrafted font suitable for family sign painting. It has two styles enabling you to design everything you can imagine. This font is suitable for branding, logotypes, wedding designs, t-shirts, classic designs, and many other design concepts.

Each style of this font is available in TTF and OTF file formats. Sondote supports more than 20 languages. Also, this font can be converted to web fonts to use on websites.


16. Dronge Ranger Display Font

Drone Ranger Display Font

Drone Ranger is a vintage serif font with a geometric touch. This font has three versions, namely sans, serif, and decorative. Each of these versions has a clean, oblique, and inked style, making a total of nine styles to meet your design needs. Drone Ranger font is perfect for packaging designs, posters, T-shirts, logos, brochures, etc.


2. Didone Room Display Font Family

Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family

Didone Room is a stylish serif font inspired by a painted hotel room number plate seen by an author in Vienna, Austria. This is a non-alphabetic display font, allowing you to use it for currency symbols, numeric designs, etc.


18. Opificio Font Family

Opificio Font Family

Opificio is a stunning sans-serif font that has a geometric vibe. This font was designed for an artisanal workshop located in Prato in collaboration with John Malkovich. It is inspired by the geometric architecture of that shop and the design of furniture and products.

This unique font can be used for text and display purposes. Opificio is available in six versions – Regular, Bold, Light, Rounded Regular, Rounded Bold, and Rounded Light.


19. Broster Font


Broster is a modern typeface with a vintage touch. It is inspired by the shape of nuts, bolts, and vintage mechanical toy packaging. The unique letters of this font are perfect for automotive and technical designs.

The font file includes basic Latin letters, multilingual support, and OpenType features. It allows you to access the alternates in adobe photoshop, InDesign, and illustrator. Broster font is suitable for logo design, labels, apparel, packaging, posters, T-shirts, etc.


20. Weem Hand-Lettered Font

Weem is a serif hand-lettered font with strong letterforms. You can use this font for a playful and a bit serious design. It includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, Latin extended letters, and symbols.

Therefore, this font provides an excellent opportunity to design various types of artworks. It is suitable for branding designs, headlines, stationery, small text blocks, etc. This hand-lettered font is available in OTF file format.


21. Gibsons Vintage Font Collection

Gibsons Vintage

Gibsons font collection is perfect for you if you are looking for a font that blends with your designs and provides a vintage touch. This is a collection of 20 fonts, and each of them has two to three weights, namely regular, semi-bold, and bold.

Further, every weight has four styles, such as fill, outline, vintage, and rough. Another good thing about this font collection is that there is a web font for each font. Also, you will get alternate characters in the package.


22. Locus Sans

Locus Sans

Locus Sans is a high-quality, multipurpose display font that is suitable for a wide range of projects. It is a multipurpose and all-caps font that gives endless options to create anything that you imagine.

This font is available in six styles and has layered letters to provide excellent visual elegance. Locus Sans is perfect for branding, website designs, editorial designs, etc. It is perfect for personal and professional use.


23. American Delighter Vintage Typeface

American Delighter Vintage Typeface

American Delighter is a slab serif font that has a handcrafted feel. It is carefully designed to use in different design projects such as wedding invitations, T-shirt designs, branding designs, logotypes, and more.

This font is available in regular and outline versions to suit various design concepts. Each version of this font is available in TTF and OTF file format and supports more than 20 languages.


24. Touchdown Slab Font

Touchdown Slab Font

Touchdown is a new font that is perfect for a wide range of design projects. It has uppercase and lowercase letters in different designs. The uppercase is textured and grainy, and the lowercase is neat and clean. It comes in TTF, OTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats.



License Plate Fonts for Replicating Number Plates Summary

The above collection of license plate fonts is exceptional and will suit the design of different varieties. Whether you use them for personal or professional designs, these fonts will add a spectacular vibe. If you want to add a visual elegance and vintage feel to your upcoming designs, you should consider having some of these license plate fonts.

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