25+ Best Fonts with Ligatures (Our Top Ligature Fonts)

25+ Best Fonts with Ligatures (Our Top Ligature Fonts)

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Are you looking for the best ligature fonts? If yes, this article is for you as we have listed the top options to let you choose the right ligature fonts for your upcoming designs.

Picking a font that meets your project’s personality is significant to make your designs stand out. And the features in the font determine how freely you can utilize it in your projects.

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For instance, fonts with ligatures help bind characters into a unique form for a harmonious reading experience. Ligature fonts also add a touch of elegance and hand-drawn style to branding projects, logo designs, clothing designs, etc.

If you are looking for some graceful fonts with ligatures, check out our list below for the best fonts with ligatures. We have stunning ligature fonts to give a charm to your designs.

These ligature fonts are great for branding designs, marketing campaigns, logos, signatures, clothing designs, packaging designs, and more.

So, check out these ligature fonts to find the one that meets your design concept. And also see our post on the best swash fonts.

10 Best Fonts with Ligatures

  1. Kavaloora – Stylish Ligatures
  2. Scottsmith – Ligatures Font
  3. Roger & Lavienna – Ligature Serif Font
  4. Sacramento Modern Ligature Serif
  5. Purity – Modern Ligature Font
  6. Brolachess – Luxury Ligatures Font
  7. Misswansa Font
  8. Gingko Ligature Typeface
  9. Garaigit Ligatures Sans Serif
  10. Nomark – Ligature Typeface

Scroll on for the full list.

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best ligature fonts

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25+ Best Ligature Fonts for Modern Designs

1. Kavaloora – Stylish Ligatures

Kavaloora - Stylish Ligatures

Kavaloora is an elegant serif font that comes with beautiful ligatures. It is influenced by the famous minimalist logo and is available in two styles – regular and line. This font comes with 22 ligatures, 8 alternate glyphs, numbers, and punctuation to help you craft your designs.

Kavaloora font is ideal for logos, brochures, videos, branding, advertising, designing templates, etc. It includes TTF, OTF, and web font files and has PUA-encoded characters for easy access. You can use this font in Microsoft word and adobe apps.

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2. Scottsmith – Ligatures Font

Scottsmith - Ligatures Font

Introducing Scottsmith ligature font to give your designs an authentic handcrafted touch. This font has several ligatures and comes in OTF and TTF file formats. You can use this font for magazines, book covers, website headers, clothing designs, branding projects, and more.


3. Roger & Lavienna – Ligature Serif Font

Roger & Lavienna - Ligature Serif

Roger & Lavienna is a unique ligature font that adds a fusion of modern and classic styles to any artwork. It comes with many beautiful ligatures to make any project stand out.

It has multilingual support and PUA-encoded characters for wide versatility. The serif font also comes with stylish stars to offer visual elegance.


4. Sacramento Modern Ligature Serif

Sacramento Modern Ligature Serif

Designers who need a font with a modern vibe and extraordinary look can consider the Sacramento modern ligature font. It contains many alternates and ligatures to help you create remarkable designs.

This font is highly versatile to suit different designs such as wedding designs, logos, branding designs, photography, labels, product designs, watermark, invitations, packaging, social media posts, etc.

You can access all features of this font with no additional software since it comes with PUA-encoded characters. Also, Sacramento font is accessible in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


5. Purity – Modern Ligature Font

Purity - Modern Ligature Font

Purity is a multilingual serif font to give a modern and elegant touch to designs. This font includes many ligatures and alternates to enable you to create small and large-scale designs effortlessly.

Apart from the regular version, purity font is also available in an Italic version. Both regular and Italic versions of this font are available in OTF, TTF, and web font files.


6. Brolachess – Luxury Ligatures Font

Brolachess - Luxury Ligatures Serif

With a luxurious design, Brolachess is a unique ligature font that comes with 30 ligatures. It is motivated by a minimalist logo and provides a handwritten touch to the project.

This font is suitable for branding projects, brochures, logos, design templates, and various other design concepts. You can also consider Brolachess font for websites because it includes web font files.

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7. Misswansa Font

Misswansa - Modern Ligature Serif

Misswansa is a perfect option for various typography designs since it contains several ligatures and alternates. It has a modern vibe and offers an exceptional feel to the design.

This font is suitable for many design concepts, such as modern advertising designs, vintage & retro designs, book covers, blogs, branding projects, logos, and many more.


8. Gingko Ligature Typeface

Gingko Ligature Typeface

Gingko is a minimalist logo-inspired ligature font that can be used for a variety of designs. You can use this ligature font for advertising designs, branding projects, design templates, wedding designs, invitations, etc.

This font has multilingual characters with PUA-encoded features so that you can use them in various designs. It comes with web font, TTF, and OTF files for seamless usability.


9. Garaigit Ligatures Sans Serif

Garaigit Ligature Sans Serif

Garaigit is a clean and highly legible ligature font that adds visual elegance to any artwork. This typeface is perfect for modern and elegant designs and gives a feel of luxury to the project.

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You can use it for logos, titles, magazines, fashion designs, vintage-themed projects, etc. Garaigit font comes in web font, TTF, and OTF file formats.


10. Nomark – Ligature Typeface

NOMARK - Ligature Typeface

Nomark is a sophisticated serif font ideal for designers who need a modern and nostalgic font for their projects. It is perfect for logos, magazines, wedding designs, and other design projects.

Nomark is loaded with many OpenType features, alternates, numbers, punctuation, and 44 ligatures to give endless options to design. This font also supports many languages.


11. Dangmen – Luxury Ligature Serif

Dangmen - Luxury Ligature Serif

If you are looking for a luxurious ligature font to uplift your designs’ aesthetics, then the Dangmen serif font is best for you. The font is rich in ligatures and alternates to add an exceptional touch to your designs.

You can create limitless creative variations for your designs with this luxurious ligature font. Dangmen font can leverage the key elements of your design and make it more modern and sophisticated. The font has OTF, TTF, and web font formats.


12. The Mezirane Ligature Font

The Mezirane - Bold Sans Ligature

The Mezirane is an energetic sans serif typeface influenced by the title of a sports poster. It brings audacity to a design with its thick and eye-catching letters. A total of 25 ligatures and standard glyphs are included in this font file to help you create unique combinations.

This font offers a strong and challenging vibe and adds strength to any design. It is perfect for websites, posters, magazines, packaging, clothing designs, and other modern & professional designs. The font is PUA-encoded and can be used in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.


13. Bestagrach – Unique Ligature Font

Bestagrach - Unique Ligatures Connected Serif

Bestagrach is a unique serif font with beautiful ligatures. Its letters are smoothly connected and look superb. It will add an essence of elegance and uniqueness to logos, monograms, quotes, and other designs.

Along with standard glyphs, Bestagrach font has 12 ligatures to let you customize your designs. If you don’t need ligatures, you can disable this feature and use this font for standard writing.

It includes web font, TTF, and OTF files to let you use this font for a variety of design needs. Bestagrach is also easily adaptable as it has multilingual support and PUA-encoded characters.


14. Black Echo Modern Ligature Font

Black Echo Modern Ligature Font

Black Echo is a modern serif font with a bit of vintage touch. It has many ligatures and alternates for efficient customization and use. The font is perfect for display purposes, but it can also be used for modern and retro-themed designs.

You can create eye-catching logos and branding designs using Black Echo font. It includes multilingual characters and comes with TTF, OTF, and web font files.


15. Restaglick Ligatures Font

Restaglick - Elegant Ligatures Serif

Restaglick is a unique ligature font for logos, monograms, and pull quotes. It is modern and elegant and fantastic for modern branding projects. The font is equipped with 28 ligatures and standard glyphs to let you customize and create mind-blowing designs.

This font contains multilingual accents, so it can be used for international designs. You can use Restaglick font in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. It also can be accessed without additional design apps because of PUA-encoded characters.


16. Bromolek Font

Bromolek - Luxury & Elegant Ligatures Serif

Inspired by a minimalist logo, Bromolek is a unique serif font with 27 alternates and 9 ligatures. It is suitable for branding and advertising designs, logos, monograms, brochures, etc. It supports multiple languages and comes with PUA-encoded characters for wide versatility.


17. John Mayer – Fancy Ligature Font

John Mayer – Fancy Ligature Font

For branding and logo designs, John Mayer is a perfect ligature font. This font has a unique shape and style to suit different design needs. This fancy-style ligature font has upper and lowercase letters, lots of ligatures & alternates, 100+ combinations for brands, and TTF & OTF file formats.

It is widely accessible and can be used in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. John Mayer supports many languages and is also useful for international designs.


18. Pelagic Bird – Ligature Font

Pelagic Bird – Unique Ligature Font

Pelagic bird is a clean font with lots of ligatures. The font has a unique style and includes upper & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and multilingual support. It has many ligatures and stylistic alternates for enhanced customization.

It is suitable for a wide range of designs, such as product design, packaging, social media posts, invitations, photography, and more.


19. The Grumpy Lime – Playful Ligature Font

The Grumpy Lime

The Grumpy Lime is a super playful font that adds a handmade feel to the artwork. It is motivated by the new color of the season and gives a new touch to any design.

This font contains 75+ ligatures and alternates to let you customize and create the exact look you want for your projects. It is perfect for vintage designs, social media posts, quotes, and other designs that need a playful touch.


20. Charles – Chic Ligature Serif Font

Charles – Chic Ligature Serif Font

Charles is a stylish, chic font suitable for adding a new style to any design. It comes with 240+ ligatures and alternate characters with a handmade vibe to meet different design needs. Charles font is great for logos, social media posts, invitations, stationery, and other projects.

The font contains more than 420 organic shapes, foliage, line art, and handcrafted lines to help you create your own designs that stand out. Web font is also included for this font to suit website designs.


21. Nagara Typeface

Nagara Typeface

Nagara typeface is a book-inspired font from the early 1900. It is available in two styles – roman and script. Both styles can be combined to create attractive and cool designs.

This font is perfect for classic-themed designs, book covers, magazines, and other designs. It contains 100+ ligatures and alternates for bringing a dynamic feel to your designs.


22. Heliotrope Monoline Font

Heliotrope monoline stylish script

Here is Heliotrope, a monoline script font crafted to provide a handmade feel to designs. This font is stylish and looks natural. You can use it for product packaging, product design, logos, wedding designs, photography, branding projects, and more.


23. Columbidae Elegant Calligraphy Font

Columbidae Elegant Calligraphy Font

Columbidae is a feminine calligraphy font fully featured with beautiful accents and ligatures. This script font is suitable for various designs such as branding, quotes, writing, and other designs.

It also comes with OpenType features, PUA-encoded characters, and stylistic alternates for versatile use. Columbidae is a multilingual font and adds a genuine hand-drawn touch to designs.


24. Monogramica – Unique Ligature Font


Monogramica is a natural ligature font available in calligraphy style. It contains 676 premade uppercase monograms which you can access using automatic ligatures. This font is perfect for decorating your projects the way you want.

You can use Monogramica font for logo designing for various businesses such as jewelry, fashion, restaurant, wine & spirits, and more. This font is a unique option for branding projects.


25. Vastyque – Vintage Ligature Font


Vastyque is a ligature-rich serif font with a stylish and modern look. It is easily customizable and allows the creation of attention-seeking designs.

The font contains 233 special ligatures and is available in OTF file format. You can use this font for wedding designs, branding projects, greeting cards, and other designs.



25+ Best Ligature Fonts for Modern Designs

We have displayed some beautiful ligature fonts for branding, logo design, packaging, and various other design concepts. They are available in multiple styles and include many ligatures to help you advance your creativity. So, look no further and go through the best ligature fonts above to find the right one for your project.


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