20+ Best Line Fonts for Creating Sleek Designs

20+ Best Line Fonts for Creating Sleek Designs

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Typography plays a crucial role in design, and one style that never fails to make a bold statement are line fonts.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, content creator, or simply someone with a penchant for creativity, line fonts can add a touch of elegance and modernity to your projects.

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Below, we curated a collection of the best line fonts for creating sleek designs.

These fonts boast clean, sleek lines that exude sophistication and versatility. From elegant logos to eye-catching posters, the possibilities are endless!

So, if you’re ready to elevate your design game, join us as we explore the world of line fonts and unlock their immense potential in creating visually captivating and memorable works of art. Let’s get inspired!

Top 10 Best Line Fonts

  1. Gloomy Line
  2. Moon Line
  3. Arrow Lines
  4. Fredly
  5. Summer of ’76
  6. Claustyn
  7. Killa
  8. Bosque Line
  9. Future Line
  10. Freeline

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Line Fonts

1. Hello October

A simple handwritten font

Hello October is a handwriting-inspired font used to make signatures, logos, and watermarks for photography businesses or wedding invitations.

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A complete set of gorgeous uppercase and lowercase handwritten letters, numerals, a wide variety of punctuation, and numerous lovely ligatures are included in Hello October.

It supports a wide range of languages, including Latin scripts used in Europe and Asia. It is available in regular and italic styles in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

2. Super Line

A modern display font

It’s an all-caps modern display font with three distinctive, striking styles: Standard, Lined, and Outline, specifically created for modern and trendy designs and applications.

You can make a statement with Super Line, which is ideal for branding initiatives, eye-catching posters, and as a distinctive display typeface for web or app development.

This meticulously designed font comes in extensive shapes to apply in the background. Its angles are ideal for masks, image overlays, or solid-color background fills.

This font style is available in Illustrator’s vector, such as Ai and EPS, and in OTF and TFF file formats. Also, it is licensed for personal and commercial use.

3. Moon Line

Astounding font with great looks

The line script font, Moon Line, goes well with designs of clothes, invitation cards, crafts, branding, and much more.

The features of this beautiful font include numerals, punctuation or symbols, upper and lowercase letters, ligatures, and lowercase character alternates.

This multilingual font supports file formats, including OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

4. Fredly

A regular bold and modern font

This script typeface’s alluring look is set to design wedding invitations, greeting cards, invites, merchandise designs, logotypes, and other projects.

With its complete set of standard characters, alternates, stylistic alternates, advanced glyphs, and punctuations, you’ll have a diverse range of technical facilities to design your work.

Dual case letters, numeric, ligatures, availability in OTF and TTF files, and PUA encryption are some other features of this font.

5. Summer of ’76

A unique font with multiple selections

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Let’s look at this sophisticated multiline font inspired by the nostalgic aesthetics of the 70s.

It offers flexibility in designing headers with medium as well as small text blocks. It comes in two styles: Multiline and solid, with numerals and glyphs.

You can surely create content with a retro touch to revive the spirit of the beautiful past.

This typeface also supports several languages, making it simple to design projects in any language.


6. Claustyn

A modern font for your next projects

This decorative line font with a calligraphic text style is great for designing greeting cards, branding materials, logos, advertisements, business cards, quotes, posters, flyers, broachers, and more.

This typeface includes several advanced features, such as stylistic and contextual alternates, stylistic sets, swashes, ligatures, glyphs, punctuation, and OTF and TTF file versions.

Additionally, this typeface offers multilingual compatibility for numerous languages, making it simple for you to design projects in many languages.

It is both PC- and Mac-compatible and simple to install.

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This font includes PUA Unicode for quick access to different characters without additional design software.

This display font can be used with programs like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw X, and Microsoft Word.


7. Killa

A powerful and versatile font

Killa has a unique layer-based font typography style, and it is appropriate to create a glossy design.

This typeface is specially designed to complement different styles.

This font contains several sets: borders, corners, arrows, banners, line breaks, catchwords, anchors, etc.

The upper and lowercase letters help create an amazing text style.

This font is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF files.


8. Bosque Line

Astounding font with great looks

This condensed display font is known for its appealing design that creates a feeling of a modern city.

Uppercase, lowercase, numeric, punctuation, kerning, multilingual support, alternate characters, and ligatures are all included in this typeface.

Bosque Line letters are created with towering and angular shapes inspired by tree trunks in a forest.

You’ll get this font in OTF format, and it’s ideal for your projects, such as social media posts, clothes, posters, and logos.


9. Future Line

A cute font for your needs

The handwritten font, Future Line, is thin, adorable, yet welcoming. This typeface is a great choice for everything that needs a touch of beauty, including designs of cartoons, kid’s games, quotes, titles, and company names.

It is also a great choice for book covers and posters. You can download it in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats.


10. Freeline

A monogram font

You can use this stylish and creative font to design logos, branding, titles, headlines, book covers, posters, and banners for fashion, high-tech, corporate, and business events.

This font is available in OTF, TTF, and Web font versions besides EOT, SVG, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.


11. Taylor Line

A modern serif font

Taylor Line is another modern script typeface, which is ideal for a variety of purposes, including wedding invitations, fashion show ads, business cards, headers, brands, advertisements, signage for social media, stationery, events, posters, and much more.

It works in Microsoft Word and is accessible through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Without additional design software, the PUA-encoded characters are completely accessible.

This font provides support in several languages. Also, this typeface is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF.


12. Bridge Line

An elegant font for your designs

Are you looking for a bold, sturdy, and geometrically retro art deco display font? If yes, please try this art deco Bridge line font.

This display font is appropriate for banners, movies, titles, events, invitations, etc.

Its features include basic Latin characters, OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats, dual case letters, numbers, and punctuation. You can easily install it on your devices.


13. Robot Line

A futuristic tech font

Robot Line is a tech-inspired font used to make any tech-related computer-themed creative project design, and it can take your content to the next level. This multilingual font is available in different versions: OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.

The futuristic font contains symbols, punctuation, numerals, ligatures, alternates, and both upper and lowercase letters.


14. Amorie

A powerful and versatile font

Another font in this series is Amorie. The version of Amorie, Amorie Extra Lines, contains both regular and web fonts.

This font is available with a letter chart, so it goes well with graphics.

This font also contains outlined graphics and is available in different file versions: EPS, PSD and Ai.


15. Geo

A multiline display font

This multiline display font is inspired by geographic maps and contours, which is the best for display designs like titles, book covers, invitations, headers, posters, logo designs, banners, etc.

You’ll get this font in OTF, TTF, and WOFF files.


16. Ghanes Line

Astounding font with great looks

This modern bold font with authentic display features is suitable for any project design, such as logotype, branding projects, merchandise prints, e-sports prints, and other designs.

This outstanding font comes with a wide range of options that bring innovation into your work in a visual form.

This uppercase font is available in OTF and TTF file formats.


17. Norwolk

A thin line decorative font

Norwolk is a folk-style, linear font with decorative geometric themes in the uppercase.

The file format versions of this typeface include OTF and TTF. The Norwolk Symbol style is available in a PNG file as well. The use of both letters and symbols is flawless.

This font is appropriate for hipster-style tattoos, photo overlays, music albums, and poster writing. This font is appropriate for landmark displays, signboards, and sports and tourism designs.

It looks amazing when used for branding and packaging on clothing and crafts. You can create logos and monograms by using letters and symbols available in this font. Other specifications of this font include symbols and multilingual support.

18. Arrow Lines

A playful font for your designs

Do you want a calligraphic font with a playful look to improve the visuals of your project design, such as all types of cards, branding materials, quotes, posters, and headlines?

This font offers advanced features, including alternates (stylistic and contextual), stylistic sets, swashes, ligatures, glyphs, punctuation, and availability in OTF and TTF file formats.

It also offers multilingual support for different languages, making it easy to design your project in any language.

It is easy to install and works on PC and Mac. The PUA Unicode allows users to access alternate characters without additional design software.

This font is accessible on software like Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator), Corel Draw Version X, and Microsoft Word.

19. Runista

A thin geometric font

Viktoryia Strukouskaya has designed Runista font family. This thin-line geometric font is a linear, folk-style, and geometrically decorated lowercase font. It has both decorative and symbolic versions.

The combination of letters and symbols perfectly blends to create a flawless design. This font is compatible enough to use in various design software.

This font is excellent for branding, logos, and packaging designs of apparel and craft products. Style alternatives and the most commonly used ligatures are both included in Runista.

This creative typeface offers multilingual support.

20. Gloomy Line

A creative font for your needs

You can design a horror-themed project with Gloomy Line, a handwritten horror brush font.

It helps create perfect designs for logos, brands, greeting cards, posters, and flyers. It comes in regular and italic styles in OTF and TTF files.

Best Line Fonts Summary

We have mentioned these reviving fonts for everyone, from stylish sans-serif fonts to gorgeous handwritten script fonts.

With these fonts, you can create an ideal design for your business cards, letterheads, or website headlines. Each of these fonts has a timeless aesthetic that complements your marketing materials and professional endeavors.

The mentioned typefaces display well on screens and in printed products.

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