Logo Design Book Recommendations (+Video)

Logo Design Book Recommendations (+Video)

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Logo Design Books

I’ve recommended some of the best graphic design books before here on Just Creative Design however I have not recommended logo design books before.

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In the video below, I give an insight into 4 highly recommended logo design books along with a flip through of what you will find in each book.

Click here to view the Logo Design Book Recommendations Video from Jacob Cass on Vimeo.

Recommended Logo Design Books

Below you will find the 4 recommended logo design books mentioned in the video.

Logo Book

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An awesome showcase of the best logo designs, shown in black and white. A must for anyone that has to design logos or is interested in logo design. I also reviewed this book over on Logo Designer Blog.

Logo Book

This book goes more in depth on how to create logos in Adobe Illustrator while sharing insight into the entire process of making logos & fonts.


  • Wolda 2008 Showcase

This is a logo design showcase book of the winners of the Wolda Logo Design Awards. The Just Creative Design logo of this blog was awarded the “Best of Continent” & “Best of Australia” awards last year and is showcased in this book.

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Wolda 2009 is currently calling for entries. Deadline for submissions is June 30th.

Logo Savvy

  • Logo Savvy: Top Brand Design Firms Share their Naming and Identity Strategies

This book walks through case studies of logo designs paying close attention to the design process & application of the logo across the whole corporate identity. Many helpful tips on branding, trademarks & corporate identity scattered along the way.

Other Top / Best Logo Design Books

Besides the books featured in the video, I also own (& have borrowed) a number of other great logo design books. Below are some of my other favourites.

Marks of Excellence

This book outlines some of the world’s best brands, logos & identities, walking through their history, psychology and methodology.

Logo Workbook

This books goes beyond inspiration and actually walks you through how to make an effective logo design. Very content focused and a must if you want to know how to design a logo.

Identity Crisis

  • Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands

I think the title speaks for itself on this one. A great book from the Logo of the Day Judge, Jeff Fisher. You can also read an interview with Jeff Fisher right here on JCD.

Other’s Logo Book Recommendations

What is your favourite logo design book?

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34 thoughts on “Logo Design Book Recommendations (+Video)”

  1. Hello Luis,
    Yeah it is great heh? I am awaiting the Logo Lounge 5 book to be released and will be purchasing that as they have been kind enough to feature 2 of my logos in it. Re my own book, I will start back on it in mid August as I am about to leave for vacation. I’ve done the first chapter and front cover thus far. If everything goes to plan, it will be ready before Christmas.

  2. Great video review! and congrats on getting into Wolda! I love the look of the ‘Logo, Font & Lettering Bible’ one. If you wanted to buy it (or any other book) you should check out bookdepository.co.uk, they end up being much cheaper than Amazon because shipping’s free.

  3. Erik,
    Yeah I remember you posting that review last week, left a comment or two. Will keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

    Wow, you own all of them and all of those typography books? Don’t know about where you live but these books are about $70 a pop – so can’t have em all. What would you say is your favourite two typography books? Thanks for the link too.

    Haha, well thanks I guess 😛

    Thanks for the book depository link!

  4. Great collections, I really like the identity crisis book its really complete and explains every case really well, Jeff Fisher is a great Logo Designer and his book is other prove of his ability of branding.
    Personally I like the logo lounge collection, I only own the 2 in this moment, but are really inspirational.
    When are you doing your own book Jacob?

  5. Jacob, Thanks for the reviews and the recommendation on “Logo” by Michael Evamy which arrived at my office last Friday. It’s a great resource.

  6. Great round up Jacob. Own all but the ‘Marks of Excellence’ book… might need to pick that one up, thanks! Also I just posted something similar yesterday on Top Typography books on The Design Cubicle. Thought I’d share 🙂

  7. i’m so going to rent the logo, font, and lettering bible from the library ASAP. thanks so much, that was great advice and the pages look great in black and white.

    great job!

  8. Yes I’m also waiting the 5 and congratulations for your two logos featured there, thats a honor, can i know which ones? I imagine JCD but the other???? and for your book I can imagine will be awesome!!! I’ll wait it for Christmas so.
    Keep working like that!!

  9. Excellent book list. I remember that “Marks of Excellence” was always a handy source of inspiration when I was at Uni.
    Must take a look at the others..

  10. Excellent List, i like this book “Marks of Excellence” but 🙁 but nowadays i lost it somewhere, well anyways i will do follow you up to know more on it and the coming latest ones from you.

  11. I try to buy a new book every other week and generally by the used from Amazon so I get them all at a fraction of the price. Plus for holidays and birthdays and what not, I always ask for books for giftcards to book stores.

    Two favorite typography books?… Making and Breaking the Grid and the Type Director Club Annuals for great inspiration.

  12. It is very excellent book for designing concepts and Design your own logo.

    All Books are fine but Logo Design Workbook is the best book for logo designing and Logo Design Workbook is the best tutorial for dummies of How to design a logo.

    Best Post for logo design student

  13. Great review.

    I’ve been looking for a new logo book and just received my copy of Logo Savvy. Even after flicking through it looks like it’s going to be a great addition to my library [read: I own far too many books].

    Hopefully along with this new book and my plethora of others my post-uni re-brand will be a lot smoother 🙂

    Keep up the good work! You should definitely try and do more reviews in the future, it’s always good to hear what other people think of the resources around us, other than just on Amazon , and the like, reviews.

  14. This is a great list. I have browsed though most but am yet to read the Logo Design Workbook. Will take a look at that one. Thank you for sharing. Great post.

  15. Hi Jacob,

    I feel lucky to have found your amazingly helpful website. I have just started my journey to becoming a graphic designer and I have so much to learn. Your site has been very inspiring. And you’re adorable to boot. excellent.


  16. ‘Logo’ is the book for me it is excellent and a great reference for ideas, styles and approaches.

    If I was dropped on a desert island and could only take one design book with me it would be this one, it has become a classic design book to me. In fact so much so I did a review of it back on my blog.

    I’m hoping they put together a ‘Logo 2’

  17. I’m a rookie at this and would love to get into logo creating and designing. Is there anything you can recommend to help me start? Books, software, anything that will allow me to become as great as the designs on here!

    Any info would be greatly appriciated!



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  19. I’m sure they all really special for me. I love logo designing. You know Jacob Cass! since many years I’ve made many logos even sometimes I feel it isn’t enough to understand to create a logo, Perfectly. Thanks for your informative information.

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