Logo Design Grid Systems Deconstructed [Video Class]

Logo Design Grid Systems Deconstructed [Video Class]

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Learn how to design a modern, minimalistic logo from start to finish, and then add that extra punch of perfection to make it stand the test of time.

In this 30-minute class, graphic designer George Bokhua walks us through his process of incorporating grids and geometric shapes into logos so that you can unlock that feeling of timelessness in your own marks.

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Logo Design Grid Systems

Key lessons include:

  • Why gridding is important + examples for inspiration
  • How to sketch your logo on grid paper
  • Executing your mark in Adobe Illustrator
  • Adjusting your grids to complete the mark

This class is perfect for graphic designers and illustrators looking to explore a methodical approach to logo design, as well as entrepreneurs and brands who need a starting point for making their own logos stand out.

If you’re totally new to Adobe Illustrator, have no fear; this exercise lives 80% on paper, and that extra 20% of polish takes place on the computer.

So grab a pencil and make beautiful marks!

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  1. This is awesome,
    I happen to be using freehand in my logo design but think I might adopt using the grid system in my design.

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    This is a really nice article and it’s really worth to read it.Actually I am looking for how to create logo as I am beginner and I found your article.It would really helpful to me.I will share this article to others.


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