Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design + Illustrator

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design + Illustrator

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Long time followers of Just Creative will know my passion for branding and logo design, so I’m excited to share this Logo Design Masterclass course with you, which will teach you the software and skills to run a brand identity design business. A skill set that has been the backbone of my business since 2007.

Logo Design Masterclass

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard software for creating logos and it’s also my tool of choice, because of its powerful vector editing capabilities that are required for this task.

You can learn how to use this software, how to design unmistakable logos and how to run a profitable identity design business, in this course for just $10-$15 (usually $199) which includes 13 sections and 85 lectures! Learn more here.

A Super Value Packed Design Course

Negative Space Logos

This unique online course not only equips you with the the tools you need to become a professional logo designer, but it also provides you with insight into the industry of logo design. This means you can use your new skills and knowledge to give you a competitive advantage when you enter the marketplace.

On top of that, the course instruction includes logo design principles, focusing on the elements used within the most successful corporate logos today. You’ll learn these design principles and then apply them to your own ideas and projects.

Learn the Identity Design Business Process from Start to Finish

Redwave Sketch

Beyond the ins and outs of artistically designing logos, this course also teaches you how to build your logo & identity design business.

You’ll cover the process of brainstorming ideas, sketching those ideas, and then crafting an effective logo after meeting with a client.

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You’ll also tackle how to draft a contract, design a creative brief, and work on developing a logo design portfolio that you can use to gain the interest of even more clients.

A Focus on Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator CC

Throughout this course, you’ll learn the modern tools available in Illustrator to create attractive, high quality logos for any individual or business, meaning you will need a copy of Illustrator when you enroll.

Creative Cloud is the preferred version but if you have another version of the software, it will also work. Adobe offer a free trial of Illustrator.

What You Can Expect to Learn

This course contains 13 sections and 85 lectures, so you get a lot for just $19.

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In addition to understanding the qualities of an effective logo, I also love the fact that you’ll learn about:

  • Working with clients and conducting research to give them the logo they desire
  • Formulating and sketching your logo ideas
  • Creating, editing, and finalizing your logo in Illustrator

5-Star Positive Student Reviews

5 Star Reviews

More than 5,000 students have already enrolled in this course, and over 20+ reviews have been provided, giving it a 5-star rating.

I personally like the approach university professor, Dr. Chad Neuman, uses while instructing as it’s knowledgeable and engaging, while extremely comprehensive. This means you can apply what you learn to your own projects right away.

Students also love the fact that they can post their work to the course’s online discussion board, where they can receive constructive criticism so they can improve.

Other students praise the course because they were able to learn Illustrator in just a couple of weeks as the content is practical and hands-on.

Enroll Now at a Super Low Price!

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design + Illustrator is normally priced at $199, but if you enroll with the link below, you can grab it for just $10-$15 (which is an incredible 90% off). There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Whether you’re new to graphic design or you want to enhance your portfolio by adding logo design to your skill set, this course will teach you how to use Illustrator to complete projects efficiently, and how to navigate the logo design industry to find clients and deliver what they’re hoping for.

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  2. Hi Jacob, I just enrolled in the course. coupon works. Thanks man. Looking forward to improve my logo design skills. Cheers!

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