Logo Design Process For FITUCCI

Logo Design Process For FITUCCI

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Fitucci Logo

In this article I will guide you through my design process of creating the logo for Fitucci, offering insights into not only the thought process behind creating the logo but also the creation of the logo itself.

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FITUCCI Co. is a comprehensive source for superior custom doors & windows. Fitucci specialise in luxury residential & commercial projects, supplying state of the art doors & windows.

See the image below for some of their work.

Fitucci Doors

The Brief

Erik Fitucci first approached me after seeing my logo design portfolio. After this initial contact I promptly sent him a logo design questionnaire to fill out. Upon looking over the completed questionnaire this was the design brief in short:

Erik wanted a redesign of his old logo (below) and he wanted the new logo to be simple yet sophisticated and he also wanted it to reflect professionalism, quality, uniqueness, luxury, innovation and elegance.

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The logo was to be used on the Fitucci website and also on his business stationery and promotional material. The target market of his business is architects and designers who work on high end commercial & residential projects.


Upon receiving the initial 50% deposit for the logo and signed agreement, I then started researching the project. This included looking up his competitors, researching his industry and searching for other logos in the industry, among other things.

Brainstorming, Conceptualising & Reflection

The next stage of the project was developing the logo. Developing the logo design concept is where creativity comes into play. Based on the design brief and research conducted, this is where I let my ideas run wild. I brainstormed and sketched down my ideas and then experimented with them on the computer. I also had breaks between these sessions so I could reflect on the designs and have a fresh perspective on the job at hand which is crucial part of the process when when designing a logo.

When conceptualising, some designers get too concerned with the graphic style and image of a piece while others such as myself try to convey a deeper meaning or some sort of visual puzzle into the logo. A good example would be the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo… did you know about that one?

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These concept based logos have a bigger impact on the viewer and when a designer creates one, they know it straight away… It is unique, adds a dimension to the experience and to the identity as a whole.

To see what I mean, compare these concept based logos to these non concept swoosh based logos. Notice the difference?

So, I wonder if you have seen the optical illusion in the new Fitucci logo? Have a look at the logo again now before reading on.

Fitucci Logo

The concept behind the logo is based on the fact that the side rectangles (trapeziums) can either be seen as windows or doors (it is open to a matter of interpretation). Pretend that you are inside (or outside) a room and you are looking outwards (or inwards)… notice the illusion?

After many experiments, testing and tweaking I finally had a completed logo of which I showed to Erik.

I only showed this one concept to Eric as I was so confident in the design (one should only present the best concepts to clients).

Within 10 minutes I had a reply from Erik’s Blackberry…

“I LOVE IT!!!”

You will also notice that the Fitucci logo works both on a black background and also on a white background of which you can see the white variant below.

Due to the large spacing in between the letters, the logo can also be scaled down to an extremely small size and still be legible. There is also another version of the logo (below) for use in larger/smaller publications & for places that don’t require the rest of the text underneath the logo.

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In summary, the FITUCCI logo is a unique, memorable, timeless, creative, luxurious, sophisticated logo with a touch of modernism that portray’s Eric’s business in the best possible light.

Design Decisions

When designing a logo, there are usually 4 principles to keep in mind… the concept, the typography, the colours and the execution. As I have already explained the concept, I will outline the design decisions for the other 3 parts of the logo.

Typeface Choice

The typeface is a geometric typeface called Avenir, designed by Adrian Frutiger and this typeface was chosen for it‘s legibility & geometric nature that portrays modernism and functionality… that of which reflects Eric’s industry.

The spacing between the letters gives the brand a sophisticated & luxurious feel of which was stated in the design brief. The typeface is also legible at small and large sizes making it the perfect choice for the Fitucci logo design.

Colour Choice

The colours black and white were chosen because of their luxurious, no frills nature. Compliment colours of grey are are used for Eric’s other marketing material.

The logo can also be applied across all media in an affordable fashion due to the fact that it is only one colour.

The Execution

Even if you have a strong concept, if you can not execute the design well, then the logo can and will be a failure. One must be able to vectorise the logo to the highest of standards balancing the typography and colour to make up a coherent and polished design.

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To get the correct balance of spacing, legibility and size for the Fitucci logo was an extremely time consuming process however the end result really did pay off.


Below you will find a screen shot of me creating the logo in Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard software for creating vector based designs. Notice all the grey guide lines? These were put in place to ensure that everything was symmetrical and balanced. I have added the yellow bars to show you that there is the same spacing between the top & bottom sections.

You will also notice that the spacing in the middle section (where the text is) is the same size of the two yellow bars put together.

You will also notice the kerning (space between letters) between each of the letters is exactly the same spacing as the height of the letters themselves. This also aids in balance & legibility.


Below you will see another screen shot however this time take notice of the angles of the trapeziums. Notice how they direct the viewers eye directly into the text Fitucci? Most people generally will not pick up on these small details but trust me, these small details really make a great logo.

Logo Design Testimonial

Although this is not Eric’s formal testimonial I believe this email from Eric really sums up the project in a better light…

I showed the logo to my wife who is a regular visitor to your blog and she loves it too.

This logo reflects everything I hoped it would when I first contacted you. You have certainly delivered.

Thank you so much. Worth every penny.

What say you? What did you see in the logo? Doors, windows, something else? I value your input and look forward to your comments.

187 thoughts on “Logo Design Process For FITUCCI”

  1. What a classy logo. Very nice. It simplicity is the key here, because adding any texture, or other colour to the ‘doors’ or text would ruin the design.

    Plus, it is always nice to get good comments from the Client like that!

  2. That is an impressive design and it is one that can really stand the test of time. The white on black gives it a depth and a crispness.

    Very good job.


  3. Thank you Paul, I also agree that no texture needed to be added and yes comments like that really keep you motivated!

    Thanks for your compliment and I also agree, I like it on the black however it does work on both. I also did a Google Image search for the French Property Exhibtion Logo but didn’t find anything familiar at all?

    Dan & Holli,
    Thank you for your positive feedback!

  4. Thank you Brian. The typeface was a pretty finicky process because most uppercase geometic typefaces have only tiny differences, and these details changed depending on the weight chosen also so it was a pretty time consuming process.

    Thank you, I did forget to add that in, I have since updated the post, thank you for the reminder.

  5. Great work, great post!
    Just one thing: how long did this job take you from beginning to end? And I am curious to know how many different jobs you usually take at the same time? Or do you prefer to (or try to) work on only one job at a time?

  6. Ji Jacob. Must say, I love the logo design. At first, I was a little unsure of the width of the whole logo, but by the end of this post, I agree with it – it’s a well thought-out piece of design.

    One question though: What colour black did you use when you supplied the file to Erik? Did you specify a Pantone black, or just a CMYK mix? Just curious thats all – I asked the same question to David Airey from his last logo design for ‘Berthier’. He stated his just supplied his logo on a flat-black, only because his client was a designer himself and could amend the file.

  7. I really like the end result. I’m quite a fan of elegant and luxurious logos that give off a nice sophisticated and upper market vibe.

    When I first saw the logo, I was quite impressed with what you had done with those trapeziums.

    Also, thanks for sharing your process. Offered some valuable insight into things to consider while working.

    Cheers mate!

  8. Great looking logo Jacob. I notice you mention the typeface in use – does a license apply when you design a logo and does that get passed on to the customer? I have often wondered how that particular aspect works.

  9. Very nice work Jacob. I’m a fan of simple, black and white logos. Yes, you delivered very well.

    But on the blog post itself, I was hoping fore a more detailed description about the evolution, brainstorming, etc. Just like David Airey’s posts about its logo design process. I think that makes the community better, each designer sharing his process, so everyone can (perhaps) learn how to improve his/her own designs. What do you think?

  10. Very nice logo. Will you be posting the other marketing materials as well once they are completed? I’d love to see the whole package.

  11. For starters, I love the fact that you start by stressing the importance of the brief. Without it, it’s so easy to have lots of wheel spinning and wasted go-rounds without something for everyone to point to and ask, “did we achieve this?”

    Also, the “behind the scenes” look you give some of the important subtleties is great. Sometimes people overlook the importance of the small stuff (angles that direct users eyes, etc.).

    Very cool of you to document your process.


  12. Jacob – I think the logo really captures the ideas the client wanted to get across. It’s also refreshing to see something that will stand the test of time i.e. not full of gradients and shine and web 2.0 details. Good job!

  13. Congratulations Jacob on a beautiful logo design.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you’re willing to post about your process and how you ultimately arrive at the end product. Your posts are a great source of inspiration for me.

    I do hope you post about the rest of the marketing material, it would be terrific to see the log at work in the entire package.

    Oh and by the way, I saw windows right away. I didn’t really see them as doors until you mentioned it.

  14. Luciana,
    From getting the initial contact, to the final payment, it was 4 weeks in total. I usually take on as many job as I can due to the fact that I am so flexible (ie. working from home). If I have a lot of work I can work overtime if i need to. Working on one job at a time is not productive in my opinion plus you need breaks from each project.

    Good to hear and yes it is quite a wide logo however this does match the brief and can be applied to other material in a luxurious fashion.

    I supplied the logo in a CMYK mix… a black version with text, a white version with text and also a black and a white version without the text. We are still yet to fully confirm if we are going to go the pantone or cmyk route but most probably cmyk.

    I would be interested to know what insights you found most valuable by sharing the process?

    Ah thanks for that Abbas, I can see that it does have a similar concept, I suppose something like that could have worked for the logo as well.

    Thank you Rosanna… I do try to write articles on a very broad spectrum to appeal to more users but I’ll see what I can do.

    You’re welcome. I would be interested in knowing what ideas were sparked! Please share!

    Variations of typographic ornamentation [or] “mere lettering” are not copyrightable. This great article will help you out in regards to copyright in logo design:

    I usually shy away from showing my sketches because of their messy nature which I believe makes me look unprofessional. I could in the future show more of the process (ie. working in Illustrator) or showing pictures of the many print outs of the logo variations. Thanks for your feedback.

    Good to hear George! Thank you.

    Thank you for your chocolate based input 🙂 In regards to the process, I have it stated in my contract that I may use the logo for promotional purposes but I would not say that it is common knowledge at all. Hardly any designers speak about their process.

    Lynsey, Udoka, Daniel, Uberxua, Todd, Michelle, Mike, Paul, Jonathan, Adelaide,
    Thank you & you’re welcome.

    Yes I will post the other material once they are completed, if I do not write about the process it will be in my portfolio for sure.

    Mike, Louise,
    The other marketing material will go up in my portfolio once completed (if not, I will write an article too).

  15. Interesting concept, applied very well. I like how you’ve bracketed the company name to force all the importance on that element. The angled door/window concept does remind a little of the French Property Exhibition logo however, which would be my only gripe, but apart from that you’ve nailed it for me. I’d say it definitely works better for me in black.

  16. Great looking logo Jacob. The typeface was the perfect choice and the loose kerning plays well with the “openness” of the doors/windows. Really enjoyed seeing the thought process and the execution. Keep up your excellent work!

  17. Really nice work!
    You didn’t mention this, but I like that the kerning is approximately (if not exactly, I did not measure) equal to the height size of each letter. Keeps the logo balanced and legible.

    Also – love the FedEx shout. One of my favorite logos!

  18. Hi jacob
    My name is ronnie and I am erik’s wife and a long been a fan of your work. To let everyone know when eric got your e mail we where sitting in our livingroom and he said “finally Jacob is done” and open the e mail on his blackberry (he couldn’t wait to go to the desktop)it took him less then 30 seconds to say I love it.
    Greate work and I am glad I have found you over the net.
    Let me tell you he is a hard to please and I was kinda feeling sorry for you – you won!!!

  19. great post Jacob. I love the logo! I am a huge fan of simplicity in logo design. When they get really cluttered, they get horribly distracting. I nice simple logo that conveys the message of the product/company is definitely the way to go.

    Great work as usual. Thanks.

  20. This is beautiful! I’m not sure if anyone else has said it yet, but it even reminds me of an embossed chocolate bar. Perhaps it’s the rich deliciousness….anyway, I do have valuable input. Do you put it in writing that you might detail your process of their logo to the world before they sign over the check? Or, is it common knowledge? I love knowing your process, and I’m curious to know if the clients enjoy it as much as we do.

  21. You are a great logo designer and this is a great learning experience for all of us.
    Thanks for showing all the process.

  22. such a great logo, simple but it really give a true value to every design input, it really reflect the company’s business. Great job.

  23. Great concept. Great idea. I got it right away before even reading any of your comments. That is the sign of a truly good design! Well done!

  24. You’re breaking my eyes with the staring at it 🙂

    I agree, conceptual logos are the bees knees, and yes you do feel something a bit special has happened when you come up with one.

  25. Love the logo Jacob, and it’s really great to witness the thought process behind it. Concept based logos can be really fun, and you’ve done a masterful job.

  26. Ryan,
    Glad to hear it is one of your favourites.

    Weblizzer, Kgrz, Nathan, Amanda
    Thank you!

    That really makes my day Ronnie. Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to the other design work.

    Thanks for the link.

    Good to hear you got it straight away… It’s just like when I realised the FedEx arrow for the first time, its like “Genius!”.

    Hi Peter, I generally do not discuss pricing on JCD however you can get a “ballpark figure” by checking my hire me form under budget.

  27. You’ve designed an elegant logo – nice work. It’s great to read your thoughts on logos with subtle design characteristics (such as the FedEx logo). It’s something I am a great fan of, and displays a design process which has been extensively thought through.

  28. Really interesting to read about your process and the detail that you go into. I can easily see the windows from the inside but I can’t get my mind to see from the outside. A bit like a magic eye picture I guess. The Fedex logo always blows me away – I always wonder whether it was intentional or a happy accident!

  29. Yeah that was a really great logo. I noticed the illusion right away, and when I saw the company name, i immediately thought it was clever.

    Big fan, keep up the good work.

    PS: Have you tried putting a swoosh around the windows? it could create a nice swooshy windy effect..

  30. Like always, your LOGO/Graphics design process is what I love the most reading on your blog and Like always…

    You have nailed it buddy…

    The logo looks luxurious, sophisticated and impacting.

    Like Abbas even I was reminded of the French Property Logo which also amazed me with the way a simple shape was used to convey the not so simple thing…

    I am starting to blog again (after one of my very experiences with a service provider) and you will be one of its stars no doubt..

    Do drop in sometime… 😉

    And ya…keep this coming….(i mean the creativity flow)

  31. The shape of it looks awesome standalone but looks awkward on his current site. I think getting it to integrate nicely with a site design might be a challenge. Good luck though.

  32. Tracey,
    You’re welcome.

    Although, it may look simple, this is what makes the logo work. Adding anything else would remove the illusion of the windows / doors.

    It is always interesting to see what people see or don’t see. I remember reading about it the first time (the arrow) and was like :O and since then never forgotten it.

    Ah that’s a good idea, a swoosh for wind (not)… at least it might mean something in this case, unlike many other swooshes.

    I am always amazed by how when you think you come up with an original idea, people have seen something elsewhere… it is very hard to be entirely original these days.

    I think the website could do with a bit of an overhaul, a nice polished silver black and white theme would work great!

    I was actually told about this Harbord logo when the Fitucci logo was featured on Logo Of The Day. The design is the same however I am not sure of the concept / idea behind the Harbord logo? The Fitucci logo features these trapezium like shapes to suggest windows/doors. I’ve also talked about it here. Thanks for letting me know anyway.

  33. I really can’t see the Fitucci logo any way except as doors or windows. It’s a very obvious illusion. So simple and elegant.

  34. A great post. I think logo design is a real skill that requires careful thought and planning – your post defiantly highlights this. Simplicity is key along with a well thought through concept, that will transfer across different media and platforms.

  35. Hi Jacob, firstly love the blog and this article in particular. I like reading about other aussie designers 🙂

    This is one of those logos that is deceptively simple, and one of those logos that always sparks alot of comments.

    To all the people who say they don’t like it or they would change anything, you have no idea about the company or the brief. Jacob designed it and the client loved it. That, i would say, is a successful logo design.

    As you can see from the process, the simplest logos have the most time and thought put into them. I love the classic looks of this and it will last forever.

    Great work you are inspiration.

  36. I’m very angry to see that Aussies are so good at logo (and web) design as at rugby !
    Congratulations for this design. Good inspiration for me…

  37. Hi, Jacob, nice logo, my favorite part is when you work the logo in Adobe Illustrator, but I don’t understand :P.

    2.The sketches looks very diferent of the final result, I’m not sure, but wich part of this step you get that logo, excuse my english, I hope you understand what I mean. cheers.

  38. Diane,
    Sorry about not answering your question, your comment must have been lost amongst the others when I was away traveling. In regards to the sketches I have not uploaded all of the sketches. I suppose I should upload the rest. Thanks for the reminder.

  39. Wow. When I first looked at it I noticed it’s strong, bold, but simple design. After a bit of looking at it I /felt/ my brain kick over as I noticed the illusion of being inside a room. I got the feeling of a show-room, large, open air, breathing-space. It was that point I could “see” that logo say on a window sticker of a new window. Heh. Very nicely done!

  40. I don’t like it. If this was an entry posted in a logo contest at 99designs it would get maybe two starts and eliminated very soon.

    That font is too boring. It doesn’t have a character. Also the side panels are such a good idea.

    The only thing that I understand from this article is that there are two aspects of the design process. One is the design itself and the other is to make the client believe that your design is great. As long as you are good in the second department the first one doesn’t matter so much.

  41. Erdinc,
    I can relate with you on the post at 99designs which is one of the many reasons why I do not use 99designs. You can read all of my many reasons on this post: pros and cons of spec work.

    As for communicating the design concept, yes this is a vital part of the process – if you can not talk about your work, the relationship between you and the client is going to suffer but you do have to have the work to back it up.

  42. Awsome post on the design process. I’ve taken interest in to designing logos and this post was very informative and inspiring.
    The elements and the typeface work well together, and balanced too. I saw the windows at first glance and the y stood out even more when you explained the whole “standing in or looking in to a room” illusion, brilliant, that makes the logo.

  43. Hi Jacob,

    Very nice logo.Very clear and simple.
    thanks for sharing your process. Offered some valuable insight into things to consider while working.

    Good luck though

  44. Hello,
    I am new the field of Graphic Design and before to join your blog i just Hard-work on every project without any concept without any idea which is bad professionalism. Then i joined to your blog, now i am getting really useful information. And learn that how Management occurs in the part of design. And also learn that you should be able to explain your design and concept to the client. I am growing myself more creative and executive.
    Your blog is really helpful and i need your “Golden Experienced articles” to build my knowledge.

    Thanks and regards.

  45. I have recently been doing some work for 99 designs. I was wondering if you knew if it would be okay to use the designs I use in a portfolio, or if it is out of the question since I give them the copyrights. I’m new to this, and I was curious.

  46. You seem to get the clients that respect and appreciate art. I have recently started my own freelance company and my clients tend to like ideas that have been overused. Recently I created a classic logo for an insurance company. They ended up forcing me into a swoosh-based logo. Ugh. Well, at least I got paid, but my art has gone unused.

  47. Hi, Jacob.

    I noticed the doors before you said 🙂 That’s a quality logo right there! Can be ANY color, any size, and will still convey it’s message.

    I’m learning lot’s from you bro,


  48. hey cass,
    you’re good plus i like the logo. The very first thing i saw when i opened this page was a dark room with two opened windows. it’s simple yet sophisticated.
    I’m based in Nigeria and really want to specialize more in logo design. i won’t mind of you can give me links ebook on logo design, typography and other logo related stuffs.

  49. Donno what to say… but you are good. I have a collection of downloaded logos for inspiration from abduzeedo and other sites, Cass your works constitute a greater percentage of my collection. I’m with you on the mindmapping stuff, I have to say it’s not simple like it seems. Will keep you posted on what i come up with.


  50. Just short comment… i think that there is somethig missing on this design?
    I would say the first recognition… only if you read about it you get the idea and quality of the work but that is after!

    For me, best logos don’t need additional explanations to it.. logo must be memorable instantly..

    Sorry if my comment hurt you..
    Otherwise great designer, blog, site and work
    Excellent comments and posts!

  51. Hi Jacob
    Thanks for sharing this design process it is extremely helpful with up and coming designers such as myself. I am at university studying graphic design : new media at the moment and pieces like this are invaluable to us. I only hope you do more of these “how you do your work” pieces! 🙂

    p.s cracking logo!

  52. That was awesome. Great details and everything you say is true. These small tips will go a long way, thanks!

  53. Just wanted to say for one designer to another that I love your work. It is very nice, awsome. I am in process of working on my web portfolio and looking around to help come up with ideas of how I might want to do it. I although I find it hard to come up with good logo with my initials SF I have done other things but that was the hardest for me.

  54. Hi,
    what I can see in this logo is:
    stylish design – the industry’s image is enhanced
    usability – the logo works also when re-sized or with inverted colors
    the concept – geometry and an open window of course!

    Great job, thanks for sharing this!

  55. Hi Jacob,

    Nice concept and Black and white colour scheme is always great.

    one more thing. The kind of comment from client you got that will cheer you all the time.

    great job.

    keep it up.

    rajesh bs

  56. Hi Jacob!
    I’m a brazilian fan yours. Your work is really helping me. I’m starting my college and you’re helping me more and more to see that this is my area, that is what I want to do.
    Your logos and everything else are really amazing! Congratulations!
    My best wishes!
    Ps: Sorry for the mistakes. I don’t speak english very well yet.

  57. Jacob!

    two words: VERY GOOD!

    Very usefull website for starting designers. Thank for your share and information!


    a little fan from Amsterdam~~

  58. Hi Jacob
    I am a Lebanese fan of yours, i really want to tell you that its a really great concept and very straight to the point which communicates flexibly with the targeted audience. I really love the way you approach and execute your ideas. GOOD JOB I have one question do clients always stick to the questionnaire and cooperate with you in it because i sometimes use a questionnaire if the client didn’t provide a design brief but they don’t always fill all the questionnaire. They say that im the designer i should know what to do. Any advice will come in handy. Thankyou

  59. i think i’m kind of late to send you comment i’m a regular visitor of your website & i’ve learnt many thing from your work about this logo i’d say it’s your one of the best logo & the perfectness in the logo was beyond my thinking logo is simple & really memorable i can’t tell you everything about your work because i’m kind of week in English hope you understand want i want to say

  60. Windows. Definitely windows. I feel open just looking at it.

    Stumbled here while searching for “what makes a good logo.” I had already decided (after realizing that I’m a fish biologist and not a graphic artist) that I’d be better off leaving the branding of my new environmental consulting firm to a professional and not left up to me. Your website only served to reinforce my decision.


  61. Great work, The process is truly inspiring. The reversed version gives me a impression of someone inside a dark room seeing light from outside, and the positive one is the opposite ie inside a well lit room seeing darkness outside through windows

  62. What an awesome logo and what a far cry from the old one. I love these simple, but well thought out logos. Congrats on a job well done and thanks for sharing the design process with us.

    Speaking of the design process, please don’t shy away from posting your sketches (as many as you want!). Freehand drawing is not something I’m good at, so I can relate, but seeing your sketches and how you develop your ideas on paper and experiment with them means a lot to me and to other aspiring designers as well, I’m sure. So blast us with your sketches, please! 😀

  63. I really thought this info was helpful! Thank you! I would love for you to review some of my logos!

  64. The whole process of making this logo must have been an exciting logo design experience. The most interesting was reading about angles.

    Indeed, these characteristics make up a famous logo. Thinking to write a dedicated blog post about just creative design blog. Maybe next month 🙂 – I’ll send you the link.

    Great work!

  65. Thanks for the post! Your logo design is amazing! Great information that I’m going to implement in my blogs! Great resources.

  66. Hey, I’ve just recently visited the Fitucci site. I noticed that they’ve put a leaf between the letters U and C. What can be the explanation of this leaf?

  67. Hey Jacob,

    It’s fabulous with nice and simple logo with brief explanation. Looking to see again for the next designs.

  68. Exelente Trabajo muy exacto a la Hora de transformar la Info en algo visual ok.

    seria tan amable y me dice el nombre de ese cuaderno de puntos


  69. Today I saw this logo in a place close to my home and I Knew that I have seen it before, but at that moment I didn’t remember where, after some research I finally got your blog… this is a small world man… the only difference is they have new a different tagline and a small leaf close to the U. Good work buddy

  70. Thanks a lot Jacob,

    I’m feeling so happy to find such a learning site for me…Best wishes for you..

  71. Stunning! at first glance my eyes just zoomed in the word Fitucci which creates a dimension to it. thanks for the tips on graphic designing, it really helped us graphic designers to deliver good design to our clients. and your blog is awesome. Thanks!

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  73. Seeing the the logo design process (drawing) is exciting and the final result is perfect too.

    Thanks Jacob

  74. logo designing not a work , it is work of creativity. And collection of this logos , gives us lots of ideas..

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