101+ Best Logo Design Resources

101+ Best Logo Design Resources

As a professional logo designer, I’ve gathered a number of resources over the years, which I have curated below.

I present to you, the best logo design resources on the web!

You can click on the links below to quickly go to that section.

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Top Logo Design Resources

You can find graphic design resources here.

Logo Design Courses to Learn Logo Design

Looking to learn logo design? Here is the best logo design course online:

Logo Core Masterclass (includes 65% off Adobe Creative Cloud)

The LogoCore Masterclass is the most in-depth logo course available, perfect for beginners and intermediate designers looking to learn logo design.

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Master Adobe Illustrator, learn grid structures, how to vectorize a logo, presentation design, create a styleguide, build a creative brief, get valuable feedback, animate logos and so much more.

Get an exclusive 10% discount with coupon code ‘JUST10’. Simply enter the coupon at checkout.

LogoCore Masterclass

Logocore Adobe Discount

If you’re not a teacher or student you can easily become one. Sign up to the Adobe Certified LogoCore logo design course (just $80) to qualify you as a legitimate student.

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You can then get Adobe CC for 65% off for one year, saving you $385.

More Top Logo Design Courses

Logo Design Tutorials

Don’t want to take a full course? Follow these tutorials to help you get more familiar with vectors.

Logo Design Software

The tools you will need to create a vector logo.

Logo Design Communities

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Online communities that share feedback, tips, news and resources on logo design.

  • JUST Logos – Our closed Facebook community focused purely on logos & branding
  • Logo Geek – Closed Facebook Group

Logo Design Books

Some logo design books that I highly recommend.

Logo Design Briefs

Fictional logo briefs to help you practice your craft.

Logo Design Inspiration

Galleries for logo design inspiration.

Logo Design Awards

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Get the recognition you deserve.

Logo Design Blogs

The best logo design blogs on the internet.

Font Resources

Type plays a huge role in logo design. These are my go-to font resources:


To show your logos in context, it’s useful to have some mockups on hand.

Interviews & Podcasts

Learn while on the go.


Want more logo design clients & exposure? Share your work on these sites:

Logo Design Trends

Keep up with the latest logo design trends:

Branding Style Guides

Keep your brand in order with a style guide.

Logo Design Resources & Articles

Below you will find some great logo design articles.

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Logo Resources
If there is a logo resource that you recommend, please let me know and I will consider it for addition.

261 thoughts on “101+ Best Logo Design Resources”

  1. Wow, what a list. It’ll take me a while to sort through all of these!

    And thanks for including my article from Elite By Design, 105 Logo Design Articles & Resources, I’m glad it is a worthy logo resource for other designers!

  2. Wow, that’s one heck of a complete list, it might take me a month or so to get through everything but you can be sure I’ll be bookmarking this one for future reference. It’s nice to see someone put this much time and effort into creating a quality post and resource. Nice job keep up the good work.

  3. Awesome list, Jacob…thanks for putting it together and sharing it with us! You’re an inspiration to me…starting my freelance career this fall was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and your site makes it less frightening. Thanks!

  4. Wow. What a list! How long did it take you to throw all of these resources together? this is a great resource.

    I would also add the book: “Masters of Design; Logo and Identity”. Great book that discusses the logo design techniques of some of the worlds best logo designers. Thanks for the post.

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  8. Wow, this is a great list. Especially what feels relevant to me is the logo design tips. I almost wish there were more of those.

    Brands of the World is invaluable. We has used that site on a number of projects at my previous employer. Often clients don’t know where to begin in finding their own company’s logo in high quality

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  10. Thank you SO much for this article Jacob! I went through a 1.5yr college design course and I’ve learnt more from your website in a month about logo creation than what I have in class! And I’m telling you now; that course I did wasn’t cheap!

    Anyway. Out of curiosity: if you were to design a logo and it was to be an illustration of a real life object, would you first try to draw the object and then convert that to the logo or would you trace an image of the object in Illustrator? I’m doing a similar project and I’m concerned that I could be infringing a copy-righted image. I can do thumbnails, but I’m not artist!

  11. Thank you all, glad to be of service, I’ve always wanted a page like this rather than having to scavenge around in my bookmarks.

    I will add Core Identity, thank you.

    Most probably sketch first unless you are certain that the object is what is best for the project, but usually this is not the case.

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  36. This list was great, I am gona learn many things, 🙂 thanx ,hope u give such detailed work on other topics related to webdesign…

    keep up the good job.

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  51. Thanks for a great list Jacob. I know it takes time to gather all these resources together. May I make two more article suggestions?

    I wrote the articles and think they are a great fit for logo designers.

    10 Great Logo Design, Branding and Identity Books


    10 Mistakes Logo Designers Can Make When Designing Logos

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  58. Did i said that i love you? I love you 😀 lol Inspirations sometimes goes away and j.c list comes to save us 🙂

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  79. Fantastic list that is going to take me absolutely ages to go through the lot, nice one for taking the time to compile it

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  82. Wow that’s what I call a lits of resources 🙂 I love you lists. They are really well organised and you always find what you were looking for. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring the designers.

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  85. It’s a lot but worth reading it…but in mid way i get confused with so many online tutorial on LOGO designing.I would rather want to ask you directly,what will the best and simplest way to make an effective logo?And thanks again for your works to put all this things up.Great Work!

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  93. It’s good to hear that the bloge Design Awards will be back for another year, they promote great design work and great designers and it’s really good that there is something like this around. It will be very interesting to have a look very good.

  94. if you need help with tips and look the logo designs, critiques, reviews and help don’t hesitate and send logo designs us the logo and we will make a review to it.

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  98. I would also add the book: “Masters of Design; Logo and Identity”. Great book that discusses the logo design techniques of some of the worlds best logo designers. Thanks for the post.

  99. OMG, That’s a killer collection of the logo design, how did you do that? But I like it. Thank you for your hard work.

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  101. Undoubtedly, this is by far the best logo design resources link. You have it all here from design tips to awards, showcase and inspiration.

    Just wondering how many days did it took you to write this post? 🙂

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  103. Damn, that is one massive list! There are so many I haven’t seen yet. this page is bookmarked for some serious surfing in the future. Thanks heaps for putting all of these on one page

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  106. Hi,
    Thank you for this share, I like it, and I agree about logo sites they are expanding so much, the problem is as a designer, I can’t find a free logo eps and ai format, I wonder how is possible you did not list the biggest database of logo in the web http://www.logopub.com and there you can get the EPS or AI format + the snapshot.
    Hope you can add it to the list to help the maximum possible of designers.
    Best regards

  107. Hi,
    Thank you for this share, I like it, and I agree about logo sites they are expanding so much, the problem is as a designer, I can’t find a free logo eps and ai format, I wonder how is possible you did not list the biggest database of logo in the web http://www.logopub.net and there you can get the EPS or AI format + the snapshot.
    Hope you can add it to the list to help the maximum possible of designers.
    Best regards

  108. “Logo Pond” is the best source to find logo inspiration, thanks for the list. now i have many list to find logo inspiration

  109. woow.. thanks for your great list Jacob.. There are so many I haven’t seen yet. thank you so much.

  110. Thanks you for the unique, ultimate and vast list on each and every aspect of logo design. These resources will surely benefit any logo designer in any stage on his carrier. Looking for such vast list on web design and development plus UI/UX design also. It’s great if you can make one.

  111. This is great list of resources. Thanks for sharing this resource.
    Here is another logo design resource gallery Onlinelogodesigner.co.uk . You find this useful.

  112. Nice blog for logo design and this site provide several information about the logo and thanks for sharing such a nice information here and this information are very helpful for me.

  113. Instructive list, I was already familiar with a couple of these, especially Logolog and Brand Republic (which has somehow turned into an institution now), yet the design inspiration section was brand new to me and helped quite a lot to renew my ideas. thanks for sharing it!

  114. Excellent resources, moreover following the traditional trends in logo design is the best.

    Keeping the logo simpler is most important, moreover the logo must do the talking and should represent the brand and keep up its value. Also, logo’s must be meaningful and should be related to the product or service of a company.


  115. It looks like you spent a lot of time putting together this list. The most important thing for a business to get right is the logo design, so alot of attention is needed before you go any further.

  116. WOW! Lots and lots of useful resources. It will definitely help in someway. Thanks for sharing Jacob. Highly appreciated

    Anish. S
    Bleeping Design – A logo design company

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  120. Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for sharing your resources page, found a lot of useful links here. I was just wondering if you could also add our logo vectors search engine http://logovectors.net/ , we have more than 300,000 logo designs on various categories to choose from and also we have a one of a kind advances search tool, where designers can search for logos based on the originating country, color, format and the starting letter. hope we make it to your logo design resources list. Thanks

  121. Your site looks really cool. You have sufficiently shared data about logo Designing. That is astonishing and great data to pick logos. I will impart it to my companions. I have attempted another which is heavenly. I like to propose you to attempt this.

  122. Looks like having great content here. hope i well find this useful for me.. Find some interesting thing and have to surf more in order to fined more impotent things for me..

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  124. Most Welcome to you for your creativity that you have designed.To visit your most amazing logo design sites, I have really surprised.


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