10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Logo [Infographic]

10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Logo [Infographic]

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This article was contributed by Sharon Jingram.

Discover what it takes to create a perfect logo with these 10 essential logo design tips, plus a logo design infographic! Enjoy.

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  1. The logo should be simple.

Simplicity is – and always has been– the underlying principle of a successful logo design. The simpler the logo, the easier it will be for the audience to understand the projected message, and identify it for next time.

  1. The logo should be timeless.

A business needs a logo that will stand the test of time. It should work in 5, 10, 20 years time. All the components of a logo should be able to sync with contemporary trends while maintaining the business’s core identity. eg. Shell’s logo.

  1. The logo should be creative.

Logos that etch into your memory are the ones that strike you in a certain way. From color to design to typography– building creativity into the logo design will ensure that it remains memorable.

  1. The logo should be readable.

A good logo is always readable. It should deliver the brand’s motives explicitly and do so at any size, either large or small.

  1. The logo should be adaptive.

Flexibility is the key when it comes to creating an adaptive logo. Whether the logo is in color, black & white, etched or embroided, the logo needs to be adaptive for each context.

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  1. The logo should be responsive.

No matter how much you scale it, a logo should always give you the same impression and feeling. This means that you should have different versions of your logo, for different contexts. eg. your logo should work on a billboard, or as a FavIcon. See here for guide to responsive logos.

  1. The logo should be unique.

Uniqueness is what defines a logo. It is your brand’s mark and it should define you and set you apart from your competitors. A unique logo is the symbol of your authenticity and what you stand for.

  1. The logo should be relevant.

The most important aspect of designing a logo is that it should bear a connection with your brand. eg. a toy store’s logo would be vastly different to that of a law firm.

  1. The logo should be clever.

A clever logo portrays something unique and memorable into it. Creative use of negative space, a unique style or simply, the right typeface can make the logo clever.

  1. The logo should be professional.

A professional logo should convey the brand’s values and be executed with precision. All the features and components should be aligned in harmony.

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Logo Design Infographic - 10 Tips for a Perfect Logo

Do you have any other tips for a perfect logo design?

Thanks to LogoDesign.net for the infographic!

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