Logo Lounge Vol 6. Book Review

Logo Lounge Vol 6. Book Review

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Logo Lounge Volume 6

I’ve recently got my hands on the latest edition of the LogoLounge book series, Volume 6. Below is the official description of the book.

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Logos define, distinguish, and disseminate a company’s core message. It is no wonder that creating successful marks takes a well conceived strategy and a skilled hand. This book, the sixth in the series, once again celebrates the brilliant work top designers around the world have created for clients both large and small. This diverse collection offers a wealth of inspiration and insights for graphic designers and their clients. Created by Bill Gardner, president of leading design firm Gardner Design, the LogoLounge website showcases the work of the world’s top designers as well as up-and-coming new talent. The book presents the site’s best designs of the past year as judged by an elite group of name-brand designers. The first portion of the book profiles ten top designers and spotlights their biggest, newest campaigns. A handful of their smaller projects are also featured in this section along with unused logos that have never before been seen. The second half of the book contains almost 2,000 logos organized by visual categories.LogoLounge 6 features the work of superstar artists and firms such as Stefan Sagmeister, Landor, Saffron, Jessica Hische, and MetaDesign. With 2,000 logos from every corner of the earth, this visually compelling volume is the go-to resource for inspiration from the best in the field.

I’m also happy to announce that they have chosen 6 of my logos for inclusion in the book, which I’ve shown in the photos below.

If you are interested in having a chance for your own work to published in the Logo Lounge book series & trend reports, it’s as simple as becoming a member of LogoLounge ($99) and uploading your logos for consideration. I’ve was invited to be a ‘foundational member’ about two years ago and have been a member ever since and because of this, I’m humbled to have had my work published in a number of their books as listed below.

If you design logos on a regular basis, I’d consider becoming a member of Logo Lounge.

Below are a few snapshots of the book and my logos chosen for inclusion.

Logo Lounge 6 Front Cover

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Logo Lounge Vol. 6 front cover.

Logo Lounge 6 Back Cover

Logo Lounge Vol. 6 back cover.

Logo Showcase

A double page spread of how the logos are showcased in the book.

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Litro Case Study

The book also has a variety of in depth case studies, such as this one for Litro, by Saffron.


My logo design for Vero Water. Read my design process here.

Redwave Systems

My logo design for Redwave Systems. Read my design process here.


My unused logo for Thaiphoon, a Thai restaurant.


My unused logo for ‘LogoBlog’.


My logo design done for Mindful Construct, a blog focused on empowering users to lead a more healthy life.

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You can read more of my logo design book recommendations here. On the topic of logo design books, be sure to check out the fresh-off-the-press, LogoNest Vol.1, “the book from logo designers, for logo designers” which I will review in the short future.

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11 thoughts on “Logo Lounge Vol 6. Book Review”

  1. Awesome logo designs for the book and blog. Fantastic job! I’d love to use your unused logo for ‘LogoBlog’.

  2. Logo Lounge is a very long life series of logo design reference book, glad to see that the quality of logo they picked is become better and better, and congratulation to Jacob, your works looks very cool! I’ll buy this book tomorrow 🙂 ( My pervious one is Vol.4)!

  3. I’m with Alan on this one, although I think my latest version is Vol. 3… I’ll have to look! I need to go out and get this so we have more up-to-date logos for inspiration! Congratulations on being featured in the book too Jacob!

  4. In my opinion, it is well worth it. Your logo designs and blog is truly great! Books like this are great for an inspiration when you are tasked to develop design a new logo.

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