Logo Of The Day Off To A Great Start

Logo Of The Day Off To A Great Start

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Logo Of The Day

Well it has been just over a week since I launched the new website Logo Of The Day and I have been extremely overwhelmed by the growth of the site in such a short time… if only it was that easy to start a website from scratch every time.

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I wonder if the prizes (still on offer) had anything to do with it or if it was just the community spirit?

I am now going to share with you some of the stats and feedback so far.

LOTD Stats

  • Visitors: 15, 056
  • Page Views: 33,649
  • 2.23 Pages/Visit
  • 51% Bounce Rate
  • 1.52 Avearge Time On Site
  • 81.22% New Visits
  • 832 Subscribers (50 Via Email)

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Logo Of The Day

  • 124 Logo Suggestions
  • 35 Approved Logo Suggestions
  • 3, 984 Votes
  • Logo Of The Month: TalkMore (366 Votes rated 4.62/5)

Due to the quality restrictions of the LOTD website, myself and Jeff Fisher have had to turn down a lot of logo suggestions however I believe this will help the website grow in the long term.

Social Media

  • Delicious Saves: 333
  • Stumble Upon Thumbs Up: 29
  • Design Float: 47 Design Floats

Search Engines

  • Already ranked on the first page of Google & Yahoo for the term ‘logo design inspiration’.
  • 48 Blog Link Backs
  • 324 Referring Sites (Google Analytics)

Feedback & Suggestions

  • One of the main points that keep coming up is the the grey hover effect over the logo designs. I would like to run a poll to see what people think of this.

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[poll id=”6″]

  • Are there any suggestions or improvements you would like to see on LOTD?

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to the community for helping to promote the site, if I only had a prize for all of you!

17 thoughts on “Logo Of The Day Off To A Great Start”

  1. Wow! great success!!

    Congratulations LOTD it’s a great site and the tats prove it. I’ll be visiting LOTD everyday and voting as the last week.

    A question, is that a plugin for your stats? which?

  2. Isn’t clicking on the logo to get to its logooftheday “profile page” the most common behavior? maybe it’s just me.

    About the hover effect, it actually took me on surprise when I first saw it and I loved it. I think it improves usability and navigation by adding subtle dynamics and it gives added value to the overall look and feel of the site. a little more alpha value maybe?

  3. I think that when you click on the preview of the logo on the main page, it should take you to the comment page instead of the owner’s page. Then a link could be added or the logo on the comment page could take you to the owner’s page.

  4. I like the gray over the logos, however it is a little dark. I think if you turn the opacity down a little it will work much better.

  5. Great site! I like the gray hovers when you are seeing all logos at once, however I think the logos should be in full color once you click on them and are viewing them individually.

  6. I must say, the site is a definite success. I didnt expect anything less though. Good work.

    Might I offer two small suggestions:
    1. Obviously (from the poll above) the logos are hard to see when they are greyed out.
    2. It took me a minute to find the place to comment. when you click on the logo itself, you go to the website. Maybe add the word “comments” or something by the number links in the upper right hand corner…

    Just some thoughts. I think the site is great. Good luck in the future.

  7. Aww shucks Jacob, we don’t need prize bribes 😀 I think the site is awesome and has great potential.

    @ Preston Lee … I had trouble finding the comment link too. (Glad I wasn’t the only one, was thinking perhaps I was being a bit thick skulled.!)

  8. awesome site!!!!! very glad you started it.
    except LOTD stands for Land of the Dead

    a G.A. Romero zombie movie….SUCKERS!

    Seriously awesome idea though!

  9. Preston,
    Thanks for the feedback, I will see what I can do with the comments. I tried fixing it up however the theme didn’t handle much more information very well. Will work on it.

    I use Google Analytics.

    Yeah some people do like it, others do not. At the moment it seems more don’t like it.

    Everyone else,
    Thank you for your feedback.

  10. Congratulations on the success of your newest site. It’s great idea and hopefully will bring you a bunch of traffic to your blog which it looks like it already has. Thanks for posting.

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