How to Make Photo Editing a Breeze with Adobe Lightroom Presets + Special Offer

How to Make Photo Editing a Breeze with Adobe Lightroom Presets + Special Offer

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Over the past year while globetrotting I’ve gotten quite into my photography, especially the editing side of things which I use Adobe Lightroom for.

Overtime I found myself making similar edits, photo after photo but thankfully I discovered the ‘Presets’ feature that allowed me to quickly apply these same edits with just a click, saving a ton of time.

Lightroom Presets

This lead me to researching more on presets and I found a ton of free presets out there, however these often lacked on quality, and just didn’t have the professional touch. Then I came across SleekLens whose presets were exactly what I was after.

Below you can see how with just a click (yes really!) you can literally transform a photo.

HDR Out of Shadows

SleekLens HDR Color Example

High Contrast B&W

SleekLens B&W

Autumn Colors

SleekLens HDR Example

Food Presets – Eggs Sunny Side Up

SleekLens Food Photography Preset

HDR Color Boost

Sleeklens HDR Colour

If you haven’t ever used Adobe Lightroom or the presets feature (kind of like Photoshop actions), it’s an extremely powerful and easy to use tool. There’s an Adobe Lightroom tutorial here on Just Creative for you to get started, and also a great video that introduces you to Lightroom Presets.

The packs I used for the above photos are from the ‘Out of the Shadows HDR Workflow’ and ‘Food A la Carta’ but they have tons more on offer, depending on what your style is. I also enjoyed the ‘Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow’ for facial editing (teeth whitening, skin smoothing, red eye removal, etc).

If you’re wanting to get more into your photography, I would recommend getting started with Adobe Lightroom and some professional presets. From there, tinker with all of the development settings to perfect your photo.

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