Top 12 Most Popular Courses on Domestika

Top 12 Most Popular Courses on Domestika

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We live in a digital world, and only those who adapt to new technology truly thrive today.

Fast-tracked by a growing pandemic, people have had to resort to online solutions, and efforts to continue working, complete transactions, and socially connect with friends and family.

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As such, it only makes perfect sense to keep looking for ways to acquire new digital skills to not only remain relevant and relatable, but more so efficient and continuously income-generating. That being said, Domestika is a terrific resource to explore. For this particular article, we’re jotting down the top 12 Most Popular Courses on Domestika!

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  1. Home Office: Working from Home Successfully — US$ 14.90
  2. The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art — US$ 10.90
  3. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop – US$ 9.90
  4. Drawing for Beginners Level 1 — US$ 9.90
  5. Transforming Your Creative Ideas into Personal Projects — US$ 14.90
  6. Introduction to Brush Lettering – US$ 19.90
  7. Instagram Strategy for Business Growth — US$ 9.90
  8. Professional Mobile Photography and Videos — US$ 9.90
  9. Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation — US$ 9.90
  10. Lighting Principles for Digital Painting — US$ 14.90
  11. Typography Customization for Logo Design — US$ 12.90
  12. Logo Design for Non-designers — US$ 19.90

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12 Best Creative Courses on Domestika

01. Home Office: Working from Home Successfully — US$ 14.90

The way we go about work has drastically changed. Save for select industries, the majority of corporate offices have shifted to remote work until further notice. With the laborforce operating separately and individually within their own homes, it makes perfect sense why learning what can be done to optimize work-from-home arrangements would be a thriving course. The capacity to recreate and make a living in one’s space requires specific multi-disciplinary management sills, and it is not inherent.

With nearly two decades of digital marketing expertise under his belt, Consultant Foncho Ramirez-Corzo teaches you to brave the Internet differently by maximizing every opportunity you’re presented with both online and off, at the comfort of your personal workspace.

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02. The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art — US$ 10.90

Those who have a penchant for doodling will find this course both fun and informative. Perceived primarily as a talent and not a skill, it’s easy for any art enthusiast to believe that drawing might not immediately be for them. But as with many things in art, practice makes progress, and progress makes excellent. With in-depth discussions and a lot of professional guidance, quickly find the drawing style you resonate with the most, and grow from there.

Taught by powerhouse illustrator Mattias Adolfsson, learn how to optimize sketching techniques and develop your imagination with this course. Having acquired a master of fine arts in graphic design, Adolfsson has an extensive portfolio composed of brand collaborations with The New York Times, Disney, Hollywood Reporter, and Nickelodeon, to name a few. Become the best you can be when you learn from only the best in the industry.

03. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop – US$ 9.90

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re a part of. Everyone can attest to how crucial and celebrated visual ads and initiatives are today, and we have Adobe Photoshop to thank for the majority of that. Whether for a movie poster or a business logo, graphic designers and creatives have had to resort to Photoshop course in one shape or another to get a task done.

You’re bound to pick up more than a thing or two with the world’s most popular graphics editor through this course, Taught by visual artist and design mogul, Carles Marsal. Having scored a hefty global roster of clients at this point, Carles is one of the best people to introduce you to the fascinating world of graphic design.


04. Drawing for Beginners Level 1 — US$ 9.90

Working as a professional illustrator can be a lucrative career. Owed to the fact that not everyone is stellar at drawing, the ability to put on paper or digital an image of a person, place, or thing is a complex process that demands profound hand and eye coordination. If you’re one who’s always wanted to master the art of drawing, this is the course for you.

Taught by drawing expert and reputable artist, Puño, learn artist techniques and procedures that will help you better understand what it means to be a visual artist. Having been a maven at drawing and self-publishing for years now, Puño is one of the best professionals you can learn from to kickstart, if not improve, a career in illustration.


05. Transforming Your Creative Ideas into Personal Projects — US$ 14.90

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Top 10 Best English Courses on Domestika

There’s never been a perfect time to be creative. Given the resources many of us have access to, it almost feels wrong not to maximize what we can make out of our ideas. Whether it’s finding inspiration at the crevices of building walls or creating a story out of an unfinished painting, art is derivable anywhere. The more efficient you become at finding wonder in the mundane, the easier it will be for you to turn creative ideas into personal projects.

Guiding you through this process is Instagram’s and Facebook’s creative director, Ji Lee. An independent designer and artist, he’s had projects appear in ABC News, The New York Times, BBC, Wired, and The Guardian. If you’re in the mood to challenge your comfort zone and redefine your approach to art and creative work, you’re in for a treat with this course.


06. Introduction to Brush Lettering – US$ 19.90

Brush lettering is a complicated art and science on its own. Combining writing and art in its most literal sense, brush lettering has become a skill that many people pay for rewardingly. Because of the time, effort, and talent this creative process demands, it’s understandable why startups and corporations are willing to pay good money for projects like these.

Taught by rising lettering artist James Lewis, learn how to use tools like brushes and brush pens to draw and design words, phrases, letters, and potentially, even brand fonts. Having collaborated with world-renowned companies such as Amazon, BBC, Samsung, and Pepsi, James intends to teach you how to understand various lettering styles and techniques to more easily digest and apply lettering principles on your own.


07. Instagram Strategy for Business Growth — US$ 9.90

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Instagram Strategy for Business Growth

Over are the days when Instagram used only to be a space for cute pictures, selfies, and motivational quotes. While the social media platform still generates many of those content types, it’s now become a hub for businesses to penetrate their markets and reach out to their audience members more authentically. If you’re in the business of digital marketing, then this course is definitely something you’d want to sign up for.

Arguably one of the biggest names in creative online marketing today, Dot Lung, leads this course with extensive social media management knowledge. Her collaborations with Wix, Facebook, and OFFF Festival makes her a prime mentor you’d want to learn from in a heartbeat.


08. Professional Mobile Photography and Videos — US$ 9.90

Nowadays, nearly everyone in the corporate and the creative spaces has smartphones. Use this to your advantage by creating high-quality photos and videos that advance your content. Contrary to merely opening your phone camera and snapping whatever you can, there’s a lot more to producing premium mobile phone visuals. With the right settings, lighting, angling, and spirit, what you can produce on your own can become much more inviting and upscale.

Having worked with global brands such as Disney, Samsung, Puma, and more, you’re not going to want to miss out on this course featuring the brilliance of art director and photographer, Nay Jiménez.


09. Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation — US$ 9.90

Top 10 Best English Courses on Domestika

Logos are a crucial aspect of every business. Meant to amplify a business’s identity, logos play a vital role in brand retention and awareness. That being the case, finding the balance between producing a striking logo, all while keeping it subtle and classy, can be a real challenge for designers everywhere. Fortunately, there’s a Domestika course for this.

Taught by design master, Sagi Haviv, learn the principles of creating a logo and pick up a thing or two about pitching to clients to help seal future deals. Having created stunning logos for Harvard University Press, Conservation International, Armani Exchange, and more, you’re definitely going to want to hear what Haviv has to say.


10. Lighting Principles for Digital Painting — US$ 14.90

Digital painting is no easy feat. Whereas painting directly on a blank canvas gives you perfect control over shades and lighting, painting on a tablet or a computer presents unique challenges. That said, digital artistry is here to stay. It will only improve the graphic ads, designs, logos, and other visual collateral needed for promotions.

Taught by independent illustrator and animation artist, Samuel Smith, beautify your digital illustrations by learning how to develop artificial and natural lighting conditions on Photoshop. Having worked on commercials, TV shows, and films, Netflix’s Klaus being one of them, trust that Samuel knows how to help you better your digital craft.


11. Typography Customization for Logo Design — US$ 12.90

As you can already tell, the market for logo designs is growing. More and more creatives, startup founders, and small business owners are seeing the value and relevance of perfectly designed logos. For this course, you’re learning how the journey to modifying typographies works to build a distinct brand identity better.

Taught by Daniel Barba López of Monotypo Studio, learn what input, value, and considerations to hold before agreeing to launch a logo. Having worked on the brand identity of companies such as Sony Music and Vans, Daniel is an expert in the dos and don’ts of logo designs.


12. Logo Design for Non-designers — US$ 19.90

Not everyone knows the science, politics, and heart it takes to create a business logo to turn it into an emblem of a remarkable brand. Logos aren’t just signs and symbols. They help customers remember what a business is, what this enterprise sells, and why a business may or may not be better than their contemporaries. In other words, creating a logo is never a one-time thing.

A course by Migue Martí, learn the fundamentals of designing your logos and find out what steps you should take before and during the concept to implementation phases of logo design projects. Having worked with popular businesses all around Spain, Migue is one of the best mentors you can find in this department.


Domestika provides a vast selection of courses you can learn online and at your own pace. If you’re looking to acquire new skills, improve existing hobbies, or simply explore creative possibilities, we hope our list of the Top 12 Most Popular Courses on Domestika offers you valuable insight as to what courses you can sign up for.