MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review

MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review

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Simplify your printing with the MUNBYN thermal printer, a compact printer with Bluetooth connectivity. 

Thermal printers are known for their speed and convenience and if you belong to the retail, food service, manufacturing, logistics, or healthcare industries, these thermal printers come in handy to print labels in large volumes.

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To help you find the best thermal printer, we have tested a number of them and finally got our hands on this amazing product – MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer. In this article, we will discuss in detail its features, performance, pricing, and what attracted us the most.

Before we jump into unboxing this compact label printer, let’s discuss in general what this MUNBYN printer is all about and why you should consider buying one. The MUNBYN ITPP130B is a compact and versatile printer designed especially for label printing tasks.

  • Because it is a thermal printer, it will eliminate the need for ink cartridges.
  • You can print crisp and smudge-free labels effortlessly.
  • MUNBYN ITPP130B comes with Bluetooth connectivity which will offer you convenience by allowing you to print without a connecting cable.

We assure you that this article is written after properly using and testing the MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer and you will get comprehensive insights into our impressions of this printer. 

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Also, see our blogs on the best printer for stickers, and the best label makers.

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It’s Time to Unbox the MUNBYN ITPP130B

Are you excited to know what the printer looks like inside the package? We certainly were. When we unboxed, the first thing that caught our attention was the user manual.

t covers all the essential information about the printer including specifications, a step-by-step driver installation guide for both Windows and Mac platforms, troubleshooting procedures, and more. Our friendly advice for you is to get a good read of the user manual before starting the installation process.

Now, let’s get onto the hardware goodies. We have got the power cable, alongside an adapter and a USB cable. We found a USB Type-A connector on one end and a USB Type-B (USB 2.0) on the other end. This is the magic string that connects your printer with your device.

We noticed that the adapter can handle power variations from 100V to 240V at 50/60Hz. It outputs 24V 2.5A through a DC barrel jack and replacement units are easy to get.

What we liked the most about this unboxing is that we get to see a handful of sample 4×6 standard thermal labels which gives us a sneak peek at what this printer can actually do.

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Finally, we met the star of our show – the main printer MUNBYN ITPP130B. And guess what, we also found a cool USB flash drive that comes packed with all the driver installation files you need for Windows and Macs.

Have a Sneak Peak of What We Got Inside The Package:

MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer
MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer. What’s Inside The Package.


Our immediate impression of the MUNBYN ITPP130B was how lightweight it is. If you are on a business trip it is necessary to carry items that are really lightweight.

The MUNBYN ITPP130B weighs just 1.76 lbs which is less than a kilogram at 0.8 kg and measures 182mm × 99mm × 87mm, making it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a compact printer.

The printer that we used for this review flaunts a clean white design with a minimalistic touch.

We found this compact printer featuring a convenient multi-function button on the top. This button is also known as a feeder button that features an integrated status RGB LED.

Tips For Troubleshoot
Tips For Troubleshoot

We noticed that having cover buttons on both sides of the printer allows it to utilize both sides of the printer. And if we flip it around, we can find the power switch, USB port, and DC power port.


Connectivity and Compatibility

If you have read our previous review article on the MUNBYN ITPP941 Thermal Printer, you will have noted that it lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

However, as a solution to that concern, we found you a perfect alternative that works on both USB and Bluetooth. Yes, MUNBYN ITPP130B exceeds our expectations with its impressive range of versatile connectivity options.

If you are looking for a wireless connection via Bluetooth, then this printer is a perfect choice for you. This feature allowed us to connect wirelessly to our tablet.

We really enjoyed using this printer via Bluetooth connectivity because it eliminated the need for a direct cable connection.

How to use it via Bluetooth?

  1. Once you insert the label and calibrate the printing, use your Android or iOS device to install the Munbyn Print app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Launch the app and grant permission.
  3. Select your printer model, i.e. P130B.


This printer is not compatible with the Bluetooth of computers. However, you can make use of your Android or iOS devices.

Tips For Troubleshoot
Tips For Troubleshoot.

In addition to Bluetooth, MUNBYN ITPP130B also supports USB connectivity. With the help of the USB cable, we were able to connect it directly to our laptop. We noticed that this process provided us with the most stable and reliable connection for our printing tasks.

How to use it via USB?

  1. After inserting the label and calibrating the printing, you can install drivers on your Windows or Mac using the flash drive or MUNBYN’s website.
  2. Once installed make sure you check the label design matches the paper size.
  3. Now you are all ready for your printing.

Wondering what’s more? In addition to the software support offered on both Mac and Windows, MUNBYN ITPP130B is also suitable for online platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and other shipping and sales platforms.


Feature and Performance

MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer
MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer.

We absolutely love MUNBYN’s standout feature – the automatic label identification. This awesome capability allowed us to use labels ranging from 1.57 inches to 4.3 inches wide. All we need to do is just press the feeder button and the printer takes care of everything, ensuring our label comes out perfectly printed every time.

One small thing that we noticed is that aligning our design on labels was a bit of a struggle initially, however, once we placed the labels, the printer recognized them quickly, allowing us to get started right away.

While the noise level of the printer did not bother us much, it’s worth noting that some users might not appreciate the loud noise.

Here comes the big question: how does this MUNBYN ITPP130B perform? Did this thermal printer manage to impress us?

Considering the speed, the rated pace is 150mm/second, and it prints approximately 60 six-inch labels per minute.

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We think MUNBYN ITPP130B’s great advantage is that its smooth printing operation allows us to use our computer or smartphone effortlessly. Every print turned out great after testing different materials, except for a sizing and aligning error we made initially.

We would suggest you don’t be misled by the 203dpi resolution because when we tested it, we found that it is more than sufficient for labels, stickers, and other fun artwork.

We tested out the printer to see the quality of labels in various sizes and overall we were pleased with how crisp and clear the labels and text were.

Our test insight
Our Test Insight

Have a look at the specification table below to get a clear picture:


Printing Method Direct Thermal
Resolution 203dpi
Max Printing Speed 150 mm/s
Paper Width 40-110 mm (1.57-4.3 inches)
Paper Thickness 0.06-0.25 mm
Power Adapter 24V/ 2.5A
Printing Life TPH 100Km
Connection Bluetooth / USB
Weight  1.76 lbs/0.8kg
Dimensions 182 × 99 × 87mm (L × W × H)
OS Support Windows and Mac



Confused about whether it is worth the price? Hear us out.

MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer Review

The MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is originally priced at $189.99, but it is currently available for just $109.99 on Amazon. Looking at the cost and the performance it brings, we believe this label printer is reasonably priced.


Latest Price on Amazon:

MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, 130B Wireless 4x6 Shipping Label Printer for Shipping...
1,065 Reviews
MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, 130B Wireless 4x6 Shipping Label Printer for Shipping...
  • Easy & Efficient Printing: The thermal printer features a user-friendly design with simple controls, making it easy for anyone to use. Advanced thermal printing technology no need for ink or toner, to...
  • Bluetooth for Mobile Phone: MUNBYN RealWriter 130 Bluetooth label printer, supports Bluetooth connection for iOS ,Android, Windows systems, and prints labels anytime, anywhere. Download the "MUNBYN...
  • USB for PC: MUNBYN RealWriter 130 Bluetooth Thermal label printer specially configured with a USB cable for macOS, Windows (Windows can also connect via Bluetooth) system computers. (Note that Mac and...
  • Portable and High Definition: Weighing only 2.3 pounds, this shipping label printer is easy to carry either on business or on the go. 203DIP clarity helps identify bar codes quickly. 180 mm/sec...
  • Wide Compatibility: The Bluetooth thermal printer is compatible with eBay, Etsy, Shopify, UPS, and other major shipping and shopping platforms. Suitable for direct thermal labels with widths ranging...

It is always worth considering the pros and cons before purchasing one. Read on to know them.


  • Efficiency: It will boost productivity and time with swift printing.
  • Cost-effective: It is not just reasonably priced but also eliminates the need for ink replacement.
  • Portability: The compact size and wireless connectivity makes it versatile.
  • Clear and crisp: Presentations and products look more professional with crisp labels.


  • Alignment: Getting our design properly aligned on the label was initially a bit challenging.

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Does This Printer Have Something to Attract Designers?

As we near the end of this article, it’s clear that this MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer shines when it comes to meeting various demands of shipping and sales platforms.

Speaking as a team of graphic designers, we are excited to share our thoughts on how this thermal printer can be a boon for us and highlight the standout feature we personally appreciate the most.

We as graphic designers can greatly benefit from the MUNBYN ITPP130B printer’s ability to produce custom labels for client presentations, product designs, and portfolios. These high-quality labels will add a touch of professionalism and creativity to any work.

Among its impressive features, one thing that did not spare our attention was the printer’s custom label design capability.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it effortless for us to create visually appealing labels that suit any purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MUNBYN printer be used with different label materials?

Yes, the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer supports a wide range of label materials, making it highly versatile. Whether you need to print labels on standard paper, stickers, or specialized label materials, this printer can handle all of them.

Because it features an adaptable printing mechanism and precise thermal technology, we find the labels produced are clear and durable. From product packaging to organizational tasks, businesses and individuals highly benefit from this feature.

Are there any label templates for common tasks offered by MUNBYN printers?

Yes, the MUNBYN printer offers a variety of pre-designed label templates in its app for common labeling needs. It also offers customization options that you can use to add a personal touch to modify the template's structure.

What is the warranty duration for the MUNBYN ITPP130B printer?

The warranty period for the MUNBYN ITPP130B printer covers up to 18 months from the date of purchase which includes protection against manufacturing defects and malfunctions that may occur during normal usage.


MUNBYN P130B Thermal Printer – Where Ink Meets Innovation 

Having thoroughly utilized the MUNBYN ITPP130B Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, we are certain that this printer consistently wows us with its small, lightweight design and outstanding performance.

And let’s not forget, its Bluetooth printing capability is a significant plus, while it also offers a USB connectivity option so that you can use both that suit your needs.

We simply have to mention that the setup process was really easy and simple, as the installation of divers and other components was smooth, thanks to the availability of a comprehensive user manual.

We appreciate how this printer effortlessly manages different label sizes and simple calibration, though aligning labels can initially be slightly tricky.

Despite this, we highly recommend this printer, especially for small businesses or artists seeking hassle-free shipping labels, stickers, or barcode creation because this printer features a user-friendly smartphone app that offers abundant templates and easy barcode/QR code creation. And lastly, it also features versatile printing capabilities without the need for ink.

Why wait any longer? Go ahead and add the MUNBYN printer to your cart now! We hope you’ve found this article helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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