My 2020 Year In Review

My 2020 Year In Review

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This is the time of the year to reflect.

We all know the negatives of 2020 so I am not going to dwell on them but instead share some insights to a rather productive 2020.

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While many year-in-review posts are self-indulgent humble brags, I’ve tried to tie in some advice & lessons learned for added value.

Thanks for being a part of my 2020.

JUST Keep Going.


My Biggest 2020 Insights

Here are the eight biggest insights I took from the past year.

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1. The wisest decision I made…
Was focusing on learning & implementing brand strategy as this nearly doubled my consulting revenue with less clients.
Takeaway: Invest in yourself.

2. The biggest lesson I learned…

Sales and systems trump technical skill.
Takeaway: Experiment with your pricing strategies, funnels & customer service skills to level up.

3. The biggest risk I took…
Starting a podcast + starting two coaching mastermind groups. I also hired 7 people over the year including a VA, Podcast Editor, 3 Writers, Editor & Blog Assistant.
Takeaway: Hire to scale faster.

4. The biggest surprise of the year…

Apart from the obvious pandemic, referring over $3.5 million dollars to Amazon and earning over six figures of commission in the process.
Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the power of SEO and capitalism. 

5. The most important thing I did for others…

Started a coaching group + consistently donated to charity through B1G1.
Takeaway: Give back.

6. The biggest thing I completed..

Brand Master Secrets course.
Takeaway: Always keep learning.

7. Best thing I created
The Inner Triangle Coaching Program
Takeaway: Get out of your comfort zone.

8. Biggest achievement
Not working weekends all year (nearly)
Takeaway: Work will always be there. 


How I Make Money Online (& Help Others)

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We’re all hybrids wearing many different hats and thus have to master a variety of skills. These are the areas that I specialise in and how I will help others in 2021 (aka how I make money online).

  • Brand Consultancy / Design / Strategy
  • Coaching
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • Affiliate Marketing + SEO
  • Course Sales (Referring other people’s products/courses)
  • Ads (BuySellAds, GoogleAds, Mediavine, VDO.IO)
  • Email Newsletter Media Buys


2020 Blog Stats

  • ~$15k/month Revenue (passive income)
  • 6,300,000 Page Views (6.3 million!)
  • 330 Articles Posted in 2020 (27.5/month)
  • 5,400,000 Unique Visits
  • 2.53 minutes average time on site
  • 31,000 newsletter subscribers

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Top Content of 2020


2020 Personal Highlights

Despite the obvious downfalls of 2020, this was my best year yet in terms of business & personal growth and I actually feel a bit of guilt saying this as I know how rough this year has been for people all around the world.

But in reality these highlights are a good decade’s worth of consistent effort coming to fruition.

  • Bought our dream house with seperate work studio
  • Bought a family car
  • Had a baby girl, Mika Cass
  • Added two new arms to the business: coaching & podcasting
  • Lived in South Africa for 2.5 months (Jan-March)
  • Exercised 3-5 times a week


  • 130 hours of coaching
  • 2 Coaching Groups (Rising Stars & Pro)
  • 30 Total members
  • 22x Active Group Coaching members (Max 12 per group)
  • 6x One-on-One Coaching Clients

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JUST Branding Podcast

  • 24 episodes (released fortnightly)
  • 20 amazing Guests
  • 30 5 Star Reviews
  • ~2000 listens per episode
  • Some advertising will start in 2021 to cover costs
  • Best of 2020 Episode dropping soon’


New Hires

This year I hired 7 contractors to help run JUST Creative.

  • Virtual Assistant (Podcast posting + community management)
  • 3x Writers
  • Editor
  • Podcast Video / Audio Editor
  • Blog Assistant (Wifey – not a new hire)



Although not a motivation for my work, it’s nice to be recognised for your efforts.

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Jury Panels

I have been fortunate enough to judge a number of award programs around the world. In 2020, I was a part of 5 different juries.

  • Graphic Arts Today MVP Awards Jury
  • Best Brand Awards Jury
  • Horizon Interactive Design Awards Jury (2019- 2020)
  • LogoWave Jury Member (2017-Current)
  • International Visual Identity Awards (2015-Current)


Brand Strategy

I completed 7 brand strategy courses in 2020 along with a number of books on the topic.


Collaborations (Approx)

I lost count of how many collaborations I did this year, but it was more than all the years prior put together. Instagram Lives, Podcasts, Video Collabs, Zooms, Webinars & more. What an awesome creative community we have! So honoured to be a part of it.

  • 5 Webinars
  • 5 Podcasts
  • 5 Video Collabs
  • 5 Instagram Lives
  • 100s of Zoom Calls (Not published)

Social Stats

I am so thankful for every member of our community. You are why I do what I do!

  • Newsletter – 31,000 (soon to delete ~10k inactive)
  • Twitter – 79,000
  • Facebook – 104,000
  • Facebook Group – 13,000
  • YouTube – 3,880
  • Instagram – 37,400
  • LinkedIn – 5,000

Remember, even just one follower gives you influence. It’s not about the numbers.


2020 Year In Review

For a full review of 2020, I recommend watching this incredible video in full screen to take it all in. I got a number of goose-bump moments.

Here’s to a better 2021!

Thank you again for being a part of the JUST Creative Community.


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