My Advice on Failure, Social Media & Marketing

My Advice on Failure, Social Media & Marketing

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Having a strong online presence means I often get asked for advice. Mostly just from individuals via email but also for online publications. Here are a few pieces of advice I’ve left online recently.

Overcoming Failure

Overcoming Failure

I was included in this round-up of thought leaders sharing their techniques on overcoming failure.

“To overcome ‘failure’ you need to look at it from a different perspective. Look at your failed endeavors as lessons learned and use what you’ve learned to improve next time. Look at what you did well, and what did not work and try new things. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” – Jacob Cass

Poster Boy

Master of Creative Industries Jacob Cass

The University of Newcastle Australia (where I graduated from) has chosen me to be their poster boy for their new “Master of Creative Industries” degree program. I’ve never seen my face quite that big on the internet before.

“The purpose of creativity in all its forms is to inspire, inform and change our world in meaningful ways. The Master of Creative Industries will prepare you to do just that – to take your ideas and passions to the next level so you can make real impact.” – Jacob Cass

Social Media Marketing for Creatives

Social Media Marketing

Want to know tactics of social media marketing for creative entrepreneurs and how to promote your work? Here is an infographic answering that from pros.

“Providing value is the key to success on social media and depending on your goals and niche, this can often come by sharing resources, links, articles, and advice, not just from your own site(s), but from all around the web. Also, automating social media works too, so you can be active in all time zones.” – Jacob Cass

E-Commerce Advice

eCommerce Sites

Here are 78 of the best e-commerce website designs along with advice from industry experts and I.

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“Don’t underestimate the power of an email newsletter when it comes to e-commerce marketing. An email address is a powerful channel to send a message directly to the consumer with an extremely high chance for them to interact with your brand.” – Jacob Cass

Blogging Mistakes

Fatal Mistakes

Ever wish you could read the minds of all the most successful bloggers? What if they told you the exact mistakes to avoid and what to do instead? This is an epic roundup post from 143 top bloggers answering just that.

“The hardest task of starting a new blog is getting the word, though before you do this you need to have some staple pieces of content that would be deemed highly valuable to your target audience. Get your content right first and then start sharing, as well as contacting influencers to share your content.” – Jacob Cass

Rules for Blog Writing

Blog Writing Rules

29 experts share their must follow rules for blog writing.

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“1. Provide value.  2. Tap into your reader’s emotions.  3. Make your writing scannable.” – Jacob Cass

Organizing Your Digital Marketing

Organize Content

50 pros share their top tips on organising their digital marketing content.

Organising my inbound marketing activity is supported by a number of platforms, depending on what the specific marketing is.

For example, I use WordPress as my blogging platform, share the content via an email newsletter serviced by Aweber Email Marketing, as well as link out to the article on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter using Buffer, all while tracking traffic using Google Analytics.

Thankfully a lot of the organising is self-sufficient as each platform provides their own tools, you simply log in and use their own service.

Unfortunately, there is no consolidated way to do all of this, however, Buffer does a good job at measuring what content gets clicked on. As for tips, I would get to know the tools that are available to you and see what works for your goals.” – Jacob Cass

Social Media Marketing Tips

43 Expert Bloggers

43 pro bloggers share their most powerful social media marketing tips.

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“To maximize the sharability of my posts, I schedule them at the times that are optimized for my readers. With the use of Google Analytics you can see when and where your traffic comes from, as well as looking at your email newsletter database.

I then schedule posts for when they’re most likely online, with the use of WordPress & Buffer.

As an example, I’ll schedule a post to post on my blog at 9am, and then by 10am it is imported into AWeber (my email provider), I then schedule the email newsletter to send out around 1pm when most of my audience around the world are online.

I also schedule posts to be shared on my social media platforms with Buffer, ensuring images are included to maximize clicks.” – Jacob Cass

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  2. I definitely agree with this blog! Being a failure is just a matter of looking a different perspective. It is an attitude of using your negative treats to become your strength as a business owner. Learning the mistakes of others is also very important to make the best out of that failure. Being socially connected will make your own website visible and most of all your business needs direct feedback from the public.

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