My Fav Tweets From This Week (May 21-30)

My Fav Tweets From This Week (May 21-30)

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Here are a few interesting links that I tweeted this week. Feel free to follow me @justcreative for more.


Chip Shop Awards 2013 Nominations
Awards the cleverest, funniest, worst taste advertising & design ever seen.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Discount

Chip Shop Awards

Secrets to Facebook Advertising: Where Image Is Everything
A few tips on how to use imagery to its best advantage on Facebook.

Big Gas Savings
A follow up to the Ship My Pants KMart TV spot. Gotta watch.

“Shit’s on the horizon.”
A quote I illustrated from a meeting.

The Coca-Cola Sharing Can
A can that splits in two!

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Web Design

Inspiring UX 6s Transitions and Animations
A gallery of Vine videos highlighting UX patterns.

Pick Sum Ipsum
Do you love movies as much as you love making cool websites? Then, boy – check out this lorem ipsum!

Designing for iOS
A very detailed guide on how to design for iOS. A must bookmark.

Upping Your Type Game
Some great advice in here from Jessica Hische. A favourite quote would be:

“Don’t have a favorite font. Do have a favorite type designer.”

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On Demand Social Sharing
Social sharing buttons that are loaded on demand, allowing for faster page load. Three options here: SharrreSocialLiteJS, or SocialCount.

Cursors, Pointers and Arrow Icons
A handy group of icons that can be used for mockups. More icons here.


The new Google Maps
The all new and improved Google Maps. Really neat actually.

Google Maps

TripAdvisor Best 25 Destinations of 2013
I’m always looking out for great places to visit and it looks like I’ve got 9 more to go based on this list.

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America
A lot of opinions here.

The 15 Countries With The Highest Quality Of Life
Stoked to see Australia in first place & blessed to have grown up there!


Twitter Music

Twitter Music adds new chart features
I’m always looking for new ways to discover and listen to music and this service is great for that. It even hooks up to Spotify or Rdio.

Newspaper Covers from Around the World
A directory of you guessed it, newspaper covers from around the world.

Books for Designers: May
A list of newly released books.

Any other cool links you have to share?

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