My next post will be in 4 days

3 thoughts on “My next post will be in 4 days”

  1. Well I have been to Fiji twice now… I was there the same time last year and I have to say that the first time was way better. The first year I stayed in a massive 5 star resort and it was just unbelievable… we got everything for free (it was a contra deal) including accommodation, food, drinks (except alcohol) and everything was so awesome, great service and great people and close to the main town. This year we went to some hidden away remote island and the service and food there was absolute crap so I would definitely recommend going to a big resort and not a hidden away place but it depends what your after… Anyway regarding photos, they aren’t that great so probs not worth it?

  2. Fiji is a place where i’m planning to go in the future, would be cool to see some pics you took there and hear some stories 🙂

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