20+ Native American Fonts for Authentic Designs

20+ Native American Fonts for Authentic Designs

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America is well known for its cultural diversity and rich heritage.

Among the numerous ethnicities residing here, one quintessential group is the Native Americans or American Indians.

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Unique with their own history, culture, and traditional practices, these indigenous people are like no other. And Native American fonts are no different.

Native American fonts represent a combination of unique illustrations and quaint vibes connected by a desire to be noticeable.

Associated with them are exuberant shapes, rich color, and a historical flair that pushes them beyond the ordinary to the realms of the extraordinary.

Because these typefaces are so decorative, the key is to use them sparingly, as they can clutter your work and make it difficult to read.

Ready to discover the best American Indian fonts to create something brilliant? If so, you have stumbled upon the right place.

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Our team of professional designers has thoroughly reviewed each of these fonts and compiled the best of the best for you.

So whether this is for Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day or Native Americans Day, these fonts will do the trick.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

10 Best Native American Fonts

Here are the best Native American Fonts that you can trust for giving that tribal or traditional feel to your designs. From intricate and ornate designs to streamlined and simpler fonts, there’s sure to be a style that aligns with your project.

  1. Wakolltu
  2. Monde
  3. Burowai
  4. LovePagans
  5. Jotunheim
  6. Rimba Andalas
  7. Hibure
  8. Afolkalips
  9. Mjolnir
  10. Buick

Scroll on for the full list.

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20 Best Native American Indian Fonts

1. Wakolltu American Indian Font

American Indian Font

Introducing Wakolltu, an Native Indian font with a playful and fun character.

This display typeface is perfect for logo design, social media, movie and book titles, and short and long text letters, making it a versatile addition to any designer’s toolkit.

We appreciate the alternate and ligature characters included in Wakolltu, which add even more uniqueness and style to this font.

Additionally, multilingual support makes it an excellent choice for global branding projects.

However, we found that the font’s readability could be improved, primarily when used in long paragraphs of text.

While it may not be the best choice for body text, it works well as a secondary text font paired with sans or serif fonts.

In summary, Wakolltu is a playful and unique font that offers a variety of design options.

While its readability in longer paragraphs could be improved, its alternate and ligature characters and multilingual support make it an excellent choice for a range of design needs.

2. Monde Indian Font


Monde is a decorative Native American Indian font that is suitable for various design projects. This font is suitable for Indian branding, headings, invitations, quotes, posters, and other designs.

There are alternates and ligatures for creating superior designs with ease. It includes uppercase & lowercase letters, punctuations, numbers, and symbols. Monde font comes in TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.


3. Burowai

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A tribal inspired Native American Font

Say hi to Burowai, a tribal-inspired display font that will take you back to the glorious American era of the past.

Characterized by ancient Greek letters, this ethnic font breaks the mold of your everyday typefaces.

We are particularly impressed by its unique letterforms, combining rough strokes with the shapes of tree branches.

Burowai truly is the depiction of bravery, spirit, and tradition.

One look at it, and you’ll feel yourself getting pumped up and ready to create the most stunning masterpieces.

Perfect for folk, adventurous, tribal, natural theme, and social movements, this font is a compulsory addition to any creative arsenal.

Features of the font include uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and loads of alternates and accents.

The font is available in three file formats (OTF, TTF, and WOFF).

The only drawback for us was the fact that Burowai doesn’t include lowercase lettering, which means that it can only be used for headers and main text.

But if you can work around that, this pick has you covered.

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What’s the wait? Try it right now and remind your audience of their favorite flicks of the past.

4. LovePagans

A Love Pagans Native American Font

Our next typeface is made for all the history buffs who find themselves captivated by pagan customs and Nordic runes.

LovePagans, designed by MrKevCostello, is a rustic, jagged typeface that radiates an unpredictable, medieval energy.

The font has an irregular typography style with slightly thick, iffy upper and lowercase characters.

We were pleased to see that LovePagans is available in regular, ritual, and symbol versions.

These three styles allowed us to make the most out of the authentic imitation of pagan history and use the font on different projects.

Moreover, LovePagans supports OTF and TTF formats, enhancing its compatibility with multiple design editing tools.

We tried this font for advertising historic tourist spots, local festivals, and self-catering destinations and were in awe of the results.

LovePagans looks excellent for ads and boosts the overall aesthetics of modern publications and posters.

The only thing that could have made this font even better was if it was backed by powerful OpenType features similar to those offered in Rustic Jack. A font that would make Christopher Columbus proud!

But if that’s alright with you, then press the download button right now and watch yourself fall in love with LovePagan’s picturesque visuals!

5. Rimba Andalas

A Rimba Native American Font

Vibrant, bold, and the center of attention, Rimba Andalas is a Native American font through and through.

The source of inspiration for this special display font is nature’s elements and ancient symbols inscribed in cages.

Featuring smooth curves and repeating lines, Rimba Andalas offers the opportunity to communicate in a unique manner, much like a bow and spear back in the day.

Despite its thoughtful design, this font remains fully functional and versatile, perfect for many applications.

It is equipped with dual-case letters, numbers, symbols, and tons of ligatures and accents, guaranteeing hours of creative expression.

We found the font a solid choice for zoo and nature-related ads, websites, signs, logos, headers, prints, and more.

Keep in mind that Rimba Andalas has nothing to do with simplicity but prefers a more complex approach.

This can be too overpowering at times, and hence don’t make a good choice for formal, minimalistic designs.

Aside from this, the font stays true to the post’s theme and remains a priority for capturing the rich heritage of the tribal culture.

Don’t believe us? Try it today and see for yourself!

6. Hibure

A modern Artdeco Native American Font

Want to create harmony in your work? Do so effortlessly with the help of this Envato offering.

Hibure is an abstract decorative font characterized by geometric shapes and stencil lettering that does a wonderful job of bringing back the old vibes for a more timeless feel.

As professional creatives, we admired the font’s condensed nature that managed to get our message across without taking up any extra space.

This balance of spacing and proportion ensured consistency throughout the design, satisfying the highest standards of quality.

The incredible features of Hibure include dynamic uppercase characters, numbers, and punctuation.

You can run this typeface on Mac and PC, and it’s available in OTF format.

While we would have preferred the inclusion of more than one format and a more extensive alternate collection, it’s safe to say that Hibure makes a worthy candidate for creating visually-striking design projects.

From magazines and posters to headlines and anything that’s in need of a post-classic period feel, Hibure has always got your back.

We are talking about endless design possibilities and unlimited creative fun.

And honestly, what else could you need?

7. Afolkalips

A tribal Native American Font

It is evident that this product by Ramzeh was designed to beautify your content.

Afolkalips is a handsome display font inspired by wood-shaped and tribal ornaments.

It has bold shapes and strong strokes that exude a rustic native vibe or part-craftsman part-rune appeal.

Rough, brazen, and irresistibly intense, this powerhouse lends itself to a robust design, giving an authentic voice to your craft.

The pack includes an expanded character set, numerals, and punctuation.

It is completed with 28 accents and 50+ custom ligatures to help create out-of-the-box projects everyone will love.

We used Afolkalips on multiple templates, and it adapted well to each of them.

This font is an all-rounder visual treat suitable for posters, flyers, magazines, signage, billboard, and t-shirt designs.

While there’s much to like about Afolkalips, it’s important to note that it is a little finicky to use, especially when toggling between alternates.

Fret not, as with time, you’d get the hang of it and be all prepared to travel the timeline with style.

Wait no more and download Afolkalips to transform your write-ups into visual treats for your audience immediately.

8. Mjölnir

A nordic Tribal Native American Font

Meet Mjölnir, an extraordinary decorative font that fuses motifs from the past to create a modern and classic look.

Built with historical accuracy and artistic precision, this workhorse ticks all the boxes.

It has got dynamic geometric designs and ethnic characters inspired by the Nordic runes and the Viking era, making it ideal for a vast range of contexts.

You can use it to design flyers, posters, and logos related to mountaineering and other outdoor sports.

Another thing we are fond of is Mjölnir’s availability in multiple formats, including a WOFF file, which made it compatible with various software and increased its flexibility.

Also included are uppercase and lowercase characters, special glyphs, and seamless multilingual support to further keep your options open.

Bear in mind that certain letter combinations of Mjölnir may look a little too similar and cause confusion or readability issues, especially when scaled down.

But worry not, as swapping it with a more legible typeface such as Bhiure will do the trick.

To sum up, Mjölnir enhances the overall typography composition and makes an excellent addition to any designer’s toolkit.

9. Buick

A Modern ethnic Native American Font

This Drizy Studio creation is unmatched when it comes to native fonts.

Unlike the usual ones that lie towards conventional complexities, Buick hits all the right notes of modernism and edginess.

With bold strokes and a rustic, faded look, this font gives off a strong, commanding impression that will keep the audience engaged.

But that’s not it.

Buick not only works well for building a piece that exudes power, but it also helps create a futuristic feel in projects that stand out.

The included three styles – regular, grunge, and rounded – are super fun to layer over one another and useful for adding more depth and dimension.

We also enjoyed Buick’s multiple formats (OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2) that paved the way for greater design creativity.

Free additions and free updates are also available.

All in all, Buick is one of the best visual solutions in the market, suitable for inclusion in action and sci-fi movie posters, automobile and high-fashion industry, and other contemporary themes.

Let the words stand alone, or pair them with bright colors and watch your work get elevated to new heights.

10. Pharaoh

A Handmade Native American Font

Experience a snapshot of ancient, native life using this Envato offering.

Pharaoh is an unusual and carefully crafted sans-serif, laden with lines and embellishments, that will assist you in adding a historical flair to your work.

This expressive American font is crafted with an innovative passion and an eye for detail, resulting in a look that’s second to none.

We are big fans of how each letter is hand drawn with razor-sharp edges and a space-saving economy to provide easy reading qualities, making the font fit for both digital and printing displays.

Use it on countless projects like shirts, insignia, headers, titles, etc.

What’s more, Paraoh is easy to install and works equally well with many programs, including Ms Word.

The download is available in TTF and OTF formats.

On the flip side, the font only comes with Western English characters and, therefore, can’t accommodate global design needs.

But if you are looking for something for a local audience, this one is the way to go.

Take Pharaoh for a ride and get ready to uplift your projects to the next level.

11. Velasco

A Velasco Native American Font

Velasco is a reproduction of old woodblock typefaces that have long gone missing from the world.

So, it’s been brought back to life with some touch-ups and vintage tweaks to give an ethnic voice.

With its marriage of opulent detailing and geometric shapes, Velasco boasts an art deco style that’s perfect for creating a sense of wanderlust and nostalgia.

Subtle irregularities have also been added for an aged aesthetic.

And luckily, this font isn’t just a pretty face.

Velasco is a three-font family ( Serif, Deco, and Super Deco) with different decorations.

There’s also a complete character and number set, currency figures, and multilingual support.

This easy-to-install font can also be optimized for large sizes.

This means you can use it for movie titles, YouTube covers, classic restaurant menus, and magazines, among other needs.

We understand that the grunge vibe of Velasco may not be a good match for business-related purposes.

But, if this limitation doesn’t bother you much, this superfamily is your best bet.

Use Velasco to bring a bit of old-world glitz and glamor to your next design project.

12. Reidfork

A Reidfork Native American Font

Looking for an extraordinary Native American font with a modern vintage twist? Look no further than this gem by Swist Blnk.

Reidfork Typeface is meticulously crafted to exude love and passion.

This inimitable font features sturdy serifs and a dominating style that allows you to push boundaries and level up your design game.

What we like the most about Reidfork is that it’s extremely versatile.

With three distinct versions to choose from, it gives the freedom to explore various styles and unleash your inner artist.

The packages also include a bonus vector pack, consisting of vintage hand-drawn badges and logos, that adds an extra layer of customization to help you propel forward.

In addition, Reidfork comes with a tutorial called “Vintage Textpress,” which provides step-by-step instructions on how to master the font’s vintage text effect using Adobe Illustrator

With this tutorial, you can experiment and explore various effects like film grain and inner glow to make your designs truly unique.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, this creative asset will prove to be a trusty companion.

So go ahead, dream big, and let Reidfork lead you on a journey of artistic excellence.

13. Knox

A free Native American Font

The incredible Knox font family takes heavily after the American Western culture and tattoos but with an innovative twist.

The font features relatively wide, geometric, modern characters with decorative outlines and edgy corners.

The first thing we noticed about Knox was how easy it was to read even from a considerable distance away, all thanks to its adequate spacing and bold typography.

Our design experts also applauded that Knox included six stylistic sets, a mono weight, and different decorations.

Pick between a regular outline, slab, and serif outline on the basis of what looks best with your design template.

These styles make Knox an ideal candidate for wedding cards, automotive marketing, album covers, billboards, and more!

Meanwhile, its multilingual support makes it usable for designers all around the world.

However, bear in mind that Knox’s use is strictly limited to being used as the headline and display font in any context.

If you want a native font that works as both the body and title on a project, we suggest switching it with a more flexible option like the Viva la Fiesta typeface.

14. Native

A Handmade Native American Font

Sprinkle some texture and personality into your designs with the Native typeface.

The font is an accurate representation of the Americana style of lettering.

It features handmade, confident brush strokes with elongated front and back tails.

Native comprises numerals, punctuation, symbols, and upper and lower case letters.

We tested it with different art forms and found it working flawlessly for whiskey labeling, movie posters, apparel designs, invitation cards, and other campaigns aspiring to represent the Native American culture.

Apart from the TTF file format, our creative team was fascinated to see that Native also supports a unique Photoshop Action called Instapress.

It comes with a PSD file that helps you decide your project’s font size.

This Instapress feature is available in a thin, medium, and thick weight for better compatibility with all shapes and styles of artwork.

However, the lack of multilingual support restricts its use to English-based ideas.

Regardless, we highly recommend giving Native a shot to take the quality of your projects up a notch!

15. Folk

A modern tribal Native American Font

Traditional, beautiful, and minimalistic- our next Envato pick is the ultimate go-to option for designs calling for a tad bit more sophistication.

Folk strikes the perfect balance between modern geometric lettering and ethnic themes.

We particularly liked its inclusion of a basic set of upper and lowercase Latin characters and expanded glyph collection.

Credited to its subtle, beautiful style, this sans-serif script is suitable for use as any project’s primary and secondary text.

This multipurpose aesthetic pick looks equally good on contemporary and conformist designs, from modern publications and video game advertising to tourist brochures and newspaper headlines.

Another thing we admired about Folk was its availability in up to three file formats.

Whether you prefer working with an OTF, TTF, or WOFF format, this font makes no distinction and promises to work efficiently on all software.

The only thing to keep in mind while working with Folk is that it does not support OpenType features.

But if you are willing to compromise on this aspect in return for a multipurpose, graphic font, then there is no better choice than the Folk typeface.

16. Mqpegrh

A modern abstract Native American Font

Are you in search of an abstract old-fashioned font with an unprecedented look? Well, look no further, as Mqpegrh is precisely what you need.

It has been thoughtfully designed for hipster, feminine, bohemian, and historical projects.

The font has a rare typography with graceful, attenuated letters and abstract symbols in between.

Our experience with Mgpegrh has been smooth and satisfactory.

We liked how the font was incredibly user-friendly and functioned perfectly fine on all iOS and Android devices.

We used it to design letterheads, stationary, cosmetic packaging, signages, logos, and a wide range of other crafty ideas and found the results to be simply beautiful.

On the contrary, certain aspects of this native typeface left us disappointed.

Firstly, the font consists of all-caps letters, and that too in English.

This makes it incompatible with long-body texts in other languages.

Mgpegrh can also easily get lost in the background and become unreadable if not used in contrasting environments.

Regardless of these minor drawbacks, Mgpegrh remains at the top of the charts for creating impactful designs that leave the readers reminiscent of the primitive and Nordic times.

17. Jotunheim

A runic Native American Font

If you are drawn to the ancient runes and traditional customs, this is a Native American font you will love.

Designed by Mehmet Reha Tugcu, Jotunheim is crafted to enhance the history behind aged old spirits and more.

Like a melting pot, it’s all about harmonious blending.

Each letter is different yet complements the other, creating a one-of-a-kind look that attests to your design expertise.

The winning factor for us was the included three different versions.

Version 1 has the most legible and simple style.

Version 2 brings in more complexity to add authenticity, and Version 3 is the most intricate.

We suggest mixing them up to achieve unique results.

Jotunheim includes all-caps letters, simple punctuation, and numbers.

Some letters also have mirrored versions which you can toggle with Caps lock.

One thing we weren’t thrilled about was how the intricacies of version 2 and version 3 were at the cost of legibility.

When beefed down to smaller sizes, the font resulted in visual crowding, which made following along the line much more difficult.

If you wish to steer clear of such readability issues, try going with an easy-on-the-eye alternative like Jegbod.

18. El Sol

An El Sol Native American Font

Are you a Mexican restaurant owner looking for a font to convey authentic Mexican culture? If that’s the case, be sure to check out El Sol.

El Sol is a creatively handcrafted ornamental typeface.

The font draws heavy inspiration from Mexican folk illustrations and closely resembles the southwestern style of sign lettering.

Our creative team loved the curly, jazzy typography of El Sol that paired well with a variety of traditional designs.

We used it for magazine layouts, signages, merchandise, product packaging, invitation cards, and anything else that needed a touch of rich authenticity.

Another thing we admired was how this font included both upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation.

Thanks to its subtle and well-spaced dual case, the font is suitable for any project’s display and body text.

However, we weren’t particularly fans of El Sol’s lack of versatility.

This is because it’s only available in a single stylistic set and lacks support for multiple accents.

But if you are ready to trade off versatility in return for authentic Mexican typography, give El Sol a test drive right now!

19. Runista

A thin line Geometric Native American Font

Introducing Runista – the perfect blend of tribal patterns and modern geometry to create an extraordinary piece of art.

One look at Runista and our creative team was left in awe of its stencil, linear letterforms.

The font also consists of a symbol and decorative version to fit well with pictorial and text-based cultural projects.

Another thing that impressed us was its generous collection of stylistic alternates and ligatures that added a touch of personality to our artwork.

Moreover, the font comes with extensive language support for a more diverse and versatile use across the globe.

Thanks to its ethnic line artwork, Runista looks flawless on album covers, tattoos, web blogs, and photo overlays.

Meanwhile, its unique symbols make it suitable for designing logos and monograms.

Our experience with Runista has been amazing. We found the font easy to use on all iOS and Android devices.

It works fine even without special design software.

Just make sure to pair Runista with a contrasting solid background, as its letters can easily blend into their surroundings, affecting the overall readability of the project.

20. Ancient Totem

An ethnic tribal Native American Font

Vintage, ethnic, and eccentric, Ancient Totem

paints the perfect picture of what it means to be the best Native American font in today’s time.

The font features a bold, bohemian, and decorative style of typography.

We loved how Ancient Totem has a multicultural outlook which helps portray tropical and thematic energy at the same time!

Choose between its regular and textured version, depending on the theme of your project.

It also supports multiple languages and standard OpenType features.

Our favorite part about this font was its compatibility with various programs.

Be it for Windows, Mac OS, Cricut, or Procreate, Ancient Totem worked smoothly on each application and promised a hassle-free experience.

We tried it for branding, advertisements, packaging, stickers, stationery, billboards, and apparel that desperately needed some personality to help them stand out.

Our only concern regarding the Ancient Totem was its inadequate spacing.

Its massive characters can look overcrowded when used as the body paragraph.

 Worry not, as you can avoid such issues by keeping an eye on typefaces like the Spooky Flames.

21. Solaris

A tribal family Native American Font

Solaris, , translating to ‘Of the Sun,’ is a mythical native font family that will transport you back to the good ol’ primitive times.

Solaris draws inspiration from the biggest star, Sun, and uses it to bring light and magic to all your designs.

 It is an ornamental font featuring a combination of geometric patterns and smooth and thin lines.

We absolutely loved how adaptable this font is, all thanks to its included three stylistic sets.

You can choose between a regular, decorative, and symbolic version to enhance the visuals of your artwork.

We were also pleased to see its availability in OTF and TTF file formats for better compatibility with most applications.

The font also comes with support for popular languages like German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

We combined Solaris with other native fonts and found it fantastic for lettering designs, tourist brochures, product packaging, apparel, logos, monograms, etc.

While Solaris has a vast collection of stylistic alternatives, these are only accessible through specialized design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.

So, install these applications beforehand to make the most out of the font’s ethereal visuals!

22. Mexico

A decorative and Black Native American Font

Our last pick takes after its name and is designed to capture and portray the true essence of Mexican culture to all its readers.

The font is made of thick and rugged letters finished with sharp edges.

It also has a regular and decorative style with added symbols for a bonus touch of authentic Aztec energy.

Apart from the standard numerals and punctuation, what made this font stand out was its included floral ornaments and desert plant clipart.

These elements allowed us to unleash our full potential and churn masterpieces in no time! We found Mexico incredibly easy to install and use on most devices.

The font is fully functional and accessible with and without specific design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator.

It also supports numerous languages, including Romanian, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, etc.

The font looks phenomenal for restaurant signage, bulletin boards, tourism brochures, t-shirt prints, and product packaging.

However, we understand that this native font’s use is limited to Mexican-themed projects, and it may look out of place on other minimalistic and exotic designs.

But overall, we highly recommend giving it a try.

23. Honnie

Honnie is the perfect font to add a contemporary and unique touch to your Indian design projects.

Its quirky and contemporary letterforms make it stand out from the crowd and are perfect for creating logos, headlines, and more.

The font comes with a complimentary illustration, which is an added bonus, and is suitable for use in a variety of design needs such as invitations, labels, magazines, and packaging.

Honnie is also multilingual and PUA encoded, making it an excellent option for Indian businesses that need to reach a diverse audience.

However, we did find that some of the letterforms in Honnie can be difficult to read in smaller font sizes, and it may not be the best option for body text.

Additionally, while Honnie is an excellent font for adding a unique touch to your designs, it may not be the right fit for every project.

Overall, if you’re looking for a font that will make your Indian design projects stand out, we highly recommend giving Honnie a try. Just be sure to use it in a larger size for optimal legibility.

Best Native American Fonts Summary:

Native American Fonts are often associated with primitive culture and art. Still, they also have their place in the modern graphic world.

They are bold and colorful and can add an element of intrigue and mystery to your work.

We hope our list becomes a source of inspiration for your cultural designs and help you find the right font that brews positive emotions and admiration in the readers’ hearts.

Choose your favorite from the bunch, and throw it on your next project!


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