New Just Creative Design Side Blog

New Just Creative Design Side Blog

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Just a quick notice to let you all know of the new sideblog that we have on Just Creative Design. If you scroll down and look on the right sidebar underneath categories, this is where you will find it. You may want to subscribe to the sideblog feed. What is the purpose of this side blog? The purpose of this sideblog is to link to other great design related resources that a full post would not benefit from (ie. to avoid clutter in your rss feed). I will also post things that I think are just plain cool as well as other useful random pieces of information and resources. I will also link to articles that were interesting reads. Do you want your own side blog?

  • Get the Sideblog WordPress Plugin.
  • Let users subscribe to your sideblog feed by using a permalink like below. http://YOURDOMAIN.com/category/YOURCATEGORYNAME/feed
  • You may want to set it up as a feedburner feed so you can track the stats.

Enjoy and hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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9 thoughts on “New Just Creative Design Side Blog”

  1. I love your side blog. Simple and nice. And thank you for putting me up there. 😉 Many of my friends started to have their opinion about it and I hope they can respect what I believe.

    Rafie’s last blog post..Life: Rifle Shooting

  2. Your welcome Rafie, it really did amaze me 😛

    Regan, yeah I have noticed a couple of other blogs with them and I thought it would benefit JCD. I always seemed to find myself wanting to post about things but I didn’t want to clog peoples RSS feeds so it is perfect.

    Brandon, I will reply here for now for others as well as email you a bit later today. I have only seen it be able to be set up once per blog as there is only one widget for it. I am sure there would be other ways but I am not the strongest coder out there so I am afraid I can’t help you in that respect. I do know however that you can choose to exclude the sideblog posts from your feed or not. Best of luck.

  3. Thank you for the link to this plugin! I’d been thinking of setting up sideblogs on my future blog, but having the smaller posts being pushed out into feeds discouraged me, so this works great!

    Do you know if we’re able to set up multiple sideblogs with this plugin? I’d like to set up two sections: one for links, and another for small updates like you have for your sideblog..

    Any help is appreciated and, again, thanks for the information! 🙂

    (If you happen to respond to me, could you email me your response? I forgot to tick the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox. x_x)

    Brandon’s last blog post..I must keep my sanity.

  4. Nice idea, Jacob.

    Do you use Twitter, by any chance? I’ve just recently started testing it, wanting to see what all the fuss is about. Seems like a lot of folk are using it as a kind of side-blog (of sorts).

    David Airey’s last blog post..Logo of the month #6

  5. David and Tanner,
    I actually I did have a twitter account but never used it. I have just updated the ‘design’ aka colours of my twitter account and I will see how it goes… I will start using it this month to trial it.

    The problem with twitter side blogs is that it does not turn up in your archive pages or search results and that was something that I wanted.

    Thanks Brandon,
    They are some more advanced ways to set up a sideblog. It is a bit more hassle as you have to install another plugin if your blog is widgetised.

    The differences is that with my sideblog set up it DOES turn up in my archives (but not main rss feed) and search results and search engine results so that is always a bonus. It depends what you are after.

    I need to look into a twitter as that could benefit me and JCD a bit more. Very cool about excluding categories from feeds, never knew it was so easy.

  6. Well I think I’ve found a way to cater to my needs! Pro Blog Design’s article, How To Set Up a Sideblog, gives a great tutorial for DIY-types. 😀 I also found this tutorial on Excluding Categories from RSS Feed, so I think I’m set!

    If it doesn’t work out though, I’ll probably use your method. Thanks for the info! ^_^

    Brandon’s last blog post..I must keep my sanity.

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