New Just Creative Design Store

New Just Creative Design Store

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Inspired by Von Glitschka’s simply awesome Zazzle store, where I just recently bought his Tickles “Evil Clown” t-shirt, I thought I’d see how opening a store of my own would go. You never know, right?

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Though before I did that, I thought I should wait to check out the quality of Zazzle’s products and overall service. I didn’t have to wait long – just 5 days after ordering I received my shirt (and I’m down in Oz). I was also pleasantly surprised at the high quality of their products, especially considering their very competitive pricing.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a few products for you below, though the best thing about Zazzle is that you can customise the product to anything you want – ie. you keep the same graphic and then you can change its sizing, spacing, alignment or even change the product itself to a women’s hoody or mouse pad, among hundreds of other products.

If you want to take a look at my store, click here or click on any of the shirt photos below. All the shirts are on sale from a small $12.95.

Sultan Of Sultans

‘Sultan of Sultans’ means King of Kings and is a mixture of elements relating to this theme. Lion (King of the Jungle), Crown (Symbol of Leadership) and Space (King Of The Universe).

Sultan Of Sultans

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Excelisor Bot

This little robot is created entirely out of the Excelsior typeface. I recently wrote a tutorial for Layers Magazine on how to create your own font monster if you’re interested. There is an angled version (1st pic below) or a straight version (2nd pic below). Remember you can change the t-shirt colour to anything you like! You can also change the sizing, alignment, etc.

Excelsior Bot


This one I am really curious about but I thought I’d chuck it in anyway. Judging by some of the emails (one marriage proposal so far), you just never know.

Just Creative Design

Love Christ, Love Life

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Love Life

Although I am not a Christian, this was a recent piece of work I completed for University for an advertising campaign promoting the life of Jesus (as above). After I shared it on Twitter I had a couple of requests to actually make it into shirts, so I thought why not. Here are a few combinations below:

Love Life

Love Christ

The below version features a small logo on the back, as well as a larger version of the “Love Life” text on the front.

Love Christ Back

Comic Sans?

This little character, like the Excelsior Bot, is created entirely out of Comic Sans. The idea is that he is saying “What!? Comic Sans?”.

Comic Sans Shirt

Below is a version without the text.

Comic Sans

Lightning Bolt

This is a minimalist retro t-shirt design of an electric lightning bolt coming down from the skies above.

Lightning Bolt

Love Life

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Similar to the other Love Life shirts, but without the cross.


My Zazzle Flash Store

You can scroll through the products using the Flash application below.

If you find anything else in my portfolio you would like made into a product or if you have any requests at all, just let me know and I will put something together for you. Anyway, interested to see how this goes.

If you have your own store, tips or suggestions, please share in the comments below. Thanks!

25 thoughts on “New Just Creative Design Store”

  1. I had the same idea but thought of creating a separate brand and creating shirts after it. You never know man, I have a feeling the Love Life shirts would do well in the states. I’m not too keen on the robot or the Just Creative Design shirts but I can see more designs from you in the future:)

  2. OOOoo yea! looks great Jacob. I’m sorry to say it looks so so good I might give it a go myself? There’s nothing to loose hey? Hope this goes great guns for you.

    Best regards

  3. Wooh! Branching out into the clothing industry – Jay Z style, you entrepreneur you!

    Loving the T-shirts Jacob, especially Excelisor Bot, hope you do a XXL, made many sales yet?

  4. Abosami,
    Yup, King!

    Thank you very much for pointing this out to me, I have updated the billboards with the correct .au signage. As for the campaign, it was only a University project which is why you will not see it being used on their websites. Thanks again!

    I am pretty sure they do XXL. As for sales, it’s only early yet.

    You could email them to see if you could add it if you wish, that would be great to be featured on Smashing Mag!

  5. Pretty impressive stuff! If you had released this a couple of weeks earlier I would have included it in my round-up of t-shirt stores for smashing magazine!

  6. Cool designs. You really are a design genius. I love the “Lightning Blot” shirt. Congratulations on your new store!

  7. i like how you censored my last comment, thanks for that jacob. Grow up and learn to accept criticism.

    These ‘designs’ are weak and lazy, look like something you’d find in a thrift store or a bargin bin, or perhaps just a bin.

    I’d be embarrassed to publicly acknowledge this as my own work. You’ve made some big mistakes with this whole site, you get a lot of traffic but to such terrible work.

    Did anyone ever tell you, only show your best work!

  8. Well David, if it was anything like the above comment you posted than I would have deleted it too. There’s one thing to be constructive another thing is to be rude…

  9. David,
    I am always open to hearing constructive criticism and love learning from others but based on your other comments left on this blog, including one where you called “Australian’s shit graphic designers” I find your comments misguided and far from constructive.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, though judging by sales and positive feedback on this post, Facebook and Twitter some people do like the work. Though it’s true, you’re never going to please everyone.

    As for mistakes, sure everyone makes mistakes but this is how you learn, it’s part of the growing process.

    As for being embarrassed to “publicly acknowledge” my designs, I don’t see your website being linked to your name.

  10. Hi Jacob,
    Love your work, your ideas..are u planning to get the tshirts printed?? If so, I want them here in Pakistan, will pay for billing,comic sans is my fav one.
    Wish u the best!!!

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