NEW WEBSITE! Logo Of The Day Launched + Prizes For You

NEW WEBSITE! Logo Of The Day Launched + Prizes For You

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Logo Of The Day

Well after one year of Just Creative Design, I have finally gotten around to launching a new website… it is called Logo Of The Day.

What is Logo Of The Day?

Logo Of The Day LOTD) is a logo design gallery that gets updated daily with only high quality logos, which is ensured by the “judges” who are myself & Jeff Fisher.

LOTD is also a high-profile logo design award scheme that rewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. I won’t say much more because you can read more about it on the LOTD about page.

Ensure you subscribe to the RSS feed or subscribe by email to get your daily dose of logo design inspiration.

Promote & Win!

I am offering 5 great incentives for you to promote the site – who doesn’t love prizes?

A big thank you to Calvin from Mayhem Studios for prizes 2 & 3.

How To Enter

  • To win prize 1: Write a blog post about the new LOTD website. Leave a trackback so I can track it.
  • To win prize 2: Comment on your favourite logo design on the LOTD site (not this page).
  • To win prize 3: Suggest a quality logo design using the form on the LOTD site.
  • To win prize 4: Stumble Review the LOTD site. (Not just a thumbs up)
  • To win prize 5: Subscribe to the LOTD RSS or Email feed. Comment on this post to let me know you have subscribed – honesty is the best policy.

There will be only one prize per person. The competition will run for a week or until entries have died down.

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Good luck!

65 thoughts on “NEW WEBSITE! Logo Of The Day Launched + Prizes For You”

  1. Great resource for inspiration, specially on the “quality” part! Best wishes for this new project.

    I’ve already subscribed to the LOTD RSS, and i really enjoyed how the feed appears with logo image and description.

  2. As a newbie designer who just completed her first logo design job (with much help from your site) I’m excited at this new site and the inspiration I’m sure I’ll get from it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Jacob. Nice site, however I was wondering about the design of your LOTD header, with the ‘leaves’. Is it a coincidence that it looks like David Airey’s Logo Design Love Design Awards logo, or did you draw inspiration from it?

    His logo can be found here:

    Doesn’t matter either way, it’s a symbol used throughout many logo designs, and used on Medals, etc.

    I’m always curious about such things 🙂

  4. Nice project! I like the way the logos are darkened and light up when you rollover them. Makes the one you are looking at stand out more than if all the logos had the same prominence.

  5. I love the idea of this site. The quality also seems higher than some of the other logo galleries. I have subscribed to the feed for the new site.

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  9. Great site idea. I and my students are looking forward to seeing the logos and reading the industry comments made on them.

    It is always rewarding to be able to show them examples of what designers with passion do to spread the word of great design and use social media to better not only recognition of themselves, but of other worthy designers.

  10. Deja vu! Had subscribed to LOTD earlier today after reading a post on Abduzeedo! 🙂

    Really nice site.. Will comment on the logos soon 🙂

  11. Good luck with the new site guys! I’m looking forward to a lot of high quality content. I’ll definitely offer links on my site.

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  13. Thanks: you have designed a very nice and useful
    new website.
    I have voted for my favorite , posted a comment (including a note on a broken link), subscribed to the RSS feed and submitted a logo!
    Good luck with this new adventure!

  14. Lynsey,
    I am getting mixed reactions to the fade out, some people love it, some hate it but we will see. If people don’t like it they can use the RSS feed anyway.

    Originally I was going to have just a pink dot as the award however it looked too plain – not like an award. I tried different variations of the laurel wreaths (as the leaves are called) and I made sure that I didn’t use the same wreath design as David’s LDL Award. But like you said, it is a symbol used on many logo designs, awards, medals, etc.

    The concept is that the circle is a reference to a logo and the wreath is the award given to it.

    Thanks for the link mishap.

    Thank you and good luck!

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  17. Another great idea and great site for inspiration! Keep up the great work!)

    Oh yeh, I have subscribed via RSS feed! Now I wont miss out!

  18. You know i subscribed! As soon as i found the feed on the site i clicked my little subscribe shortcut button for my google reader! I also submitted my logo for the first day as well. Hope to see it up soon and see what people think about it.

  19. Great new site! I checked it out and its something I will love looking at for creative inspiration!! I added it to my RSS feed, so please put me in the running for prize 5!! Thanks!

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