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News & Connections

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This is a general update of my future plans, articles I’ve written elsewhere and links to connect with me.

It’s Official – I’m Moving to NYC!

I posted about my new job in NYC at Carrot Creative a few weeks ago though only on the weekend did I get my US Working Visa approved. Everything is set (except accommodation) and the flight is booked for January 2010 which is when I will begin work. An exciting move indeed!

Articles Written Elsewhere

I’ve written a rather extensive article on Vital Tips for Effective Logo Design over on Smashing Magazine.

In the latest issue of Computer Arts magazine (Issue 166), I wrote their feature cover article on Cross Media Design including tips for using Photoshop with Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign. The tips for After Affects, Premiere & Flash were written by someone else. The magazine is on sale now. Stay tuned for the next issue of CA too, as I’ve written a logo design tutorial.

I’ve also got an article in the latest issue of Layers Magazine (August/ September Issue) that goes through the design process for my Vero logo and bottle design. I’ve previously written for Layers, including the cover article Negative Space back in January and an Illustrator tutorial on ‘How To Create A Font Monster’ in July. I was also featured as their Designer In The Spotlight in the May / June issue.

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I will post each of the articles on this blog after the magazines go off sale.

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8 thoughts on “News & Connections”

  1. Jacob. Congrats on the big move. I know that This will expand your ability to share your talents. Could I give a word of caution. I believe that America is the greatest country on earth and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, however, it isn’t always the best influence on someone artistically. As a moral thinking designer, I find that our country can be much more aggressively raw, especially around the big cities. I have enjoyed exploring Australian design like yours and that found in Design Graphics. For some reason art from your neck of the woods seems clean and honest and with out heavy agenda. I wish you the best in NYC, Bust don’t let it change your clean style.
    Clint Overby – CHO design – Four Oaks, NC

  2. Jacob,
    Congrats on the new job! Carrot Creative is lucky to have you. By the way, I really enjoyed your article yesterday on Smashing Magazine. Will you still be maintaining this blog once you make the move? Best of luck!

  3. Congrats on the big move to NYC! I know you’ll love it, it is an amazing city! But I don’t know if I would be able to leave OZ though. It’s going to be a huge change for you, but I know everyone is excited for you!

  4. You deserve it. your work is awesome. it’ll be a fantastic learning experience for you and i’m sure it’s the next step in an amazing & fun filled career for you.

  5. Almost two years since I follow your updates here in JCD, and I need to say congratulations, I really wish you the best in NYC, certainly a lot of experience will come.
    I hope you have time to share more of this new moment in your life and take advantage of the new context and market that you will be insert.

  6. Clint,
    Sounds like a challenge but I am sure I can adapt if need be. Thanks for your word of warning!

    Please see my original post about my future plans. In short, yes, but with fewer posts.

    I am looking forward to it but I’ll always call Australia home.

    Thanks Toby and Nicolas for your warm wishes.

  7. Congrats on the new job, cool article yesterday on Smashing Magazine.

    Best of luck..
    Carrot Creative sounds cool,why not London just as good as nyc. how old/young are you btw

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