News, Link Love & Recent Work

News, Link Love & Recent Work

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Although it’s been a bumpy ride, I’ve finally got some good news to announce… my US working Visa (J1) was approved! In two weeks I’ll be heading back to New York to continue working there, for 12 more months (minimum).

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I haven’t got a job lined up just yet as I’ve been awaiting the approval of the visa before searching however my search is now in progress. The best news about this new J1 Visa is that’s it’s extremely flexible, I can work for multiple employers (if I were to freelance) at the same time with no paper work or fees at all. A huge change from the E3 Visa.

Here are some of my favourite links from this week. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I share these sorts of links on a daily basis.


I’ve recently got into the designer show & tell website, Dribbble. On this site I share sneak peek snap shots of what I am currently working on.

I was a bit hesitant of joining the site at first (yet another site to waste time on), however after using it for a month, I found the community to be very active, constructive and a great place for inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Dribbble and before you ask, sorry I don’t have any spare Dribbble invites!

Also see the article How To Use Dribbble.

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JCD Facebook Fan Page

If you’re not a fan of the JCD Facebook Fanpage then you’re missing out on some great giveaways! By joining you will also get updates via Facebook whenever I post on this blog. Hint Hint.

Recent Work

These days, I don’t have the time to write up the design process for each of my designs but below you can see some of recently completed work with a short summary on each.

Vista Capital Partners

Identity re-branding for Vista Capital Partners. VCP provides wealth management to high net worth clients. This includes investment management, asset allocation, retirement planning, college funding, estate planning, tax planning, etc. Based in Portland, Orego.

Typefaces: Georgia and Gotham, with customisation.

Modelling Design Partners

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Logo design for Modelling Design Partners, a start up consulting company that designs financial mathematical software models for life insurance actuaries and financial directors. Based in the UK.

Typeface: Forza by H&FJ.


Logo & identity design for the New York Digital District, located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Collaborative effort between Chris Petescia, Chris Fohlin, Brian Lemond & myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, creating over 30 different refined concepts over a period of 3 months. I really love the outcome and it’s great to be able to leave my mark on a whole district of NYC.

Typefaces: Custom made ‘NYDD’ and Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No 20.


Logo design for an apparatus that attaches to vehicles / homes & repels deers by transmitting sound waves. Australian owned and recently trademarked.

Typeface: ITC Franklin Gothic Std Demi Compressed.

6th Republic Clothing Company

6th Republic Clothing Company is a new fashion lifestyle brand. Based in USA.

Typefaces: Arno Pro & News Gothic.

Nothing But Internet


To raise awareness of a basketball game between two agencies, a micro-site was set up allowing players from each team to taunt each other, as well as allowing the general public to taunt the team members. Take note of the middle column where the taunts appear, made possible via the use of Twitter hash tags.

Unfortunately this site never saw the light of day, but the concept & design could be adapted to any other versus type match. A clever stunt using social media.

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Typefaces: League Gothic and Helvetica

Comments & questions always appreciated! Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “News, Link Love & Recent Work”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been following a bit your visa experience and, I am wondering if you opted for the most suitable visa based on your professional record. There are so many visas for the U.S., but it really depends on your needs. One of the most flexible visa is B1. Another interesting and well-known option is H1-B. Perhaps you may tell me a bit more about your case and I’ll be happy to suggest you some solutions as I work in an international law firm!

    • Hi William,
      I’ve been to a few attorneys and the J1 was my best bet for returning without a job lined up. I got the J1 Visa approved a few weeks back and am now in the States. H1s and B1s were harder to get for my needs. Thanks for the help and offer William.

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