21+ Best NFT Discord Communities to Join in 2024 (July)

21+ Best NFT Discord Communities to Join in 2024 (July)

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Are you a newbie to the world of NFT or perhaps an artist, collector, or enthusiast? Then you should be a part of an NFT Discord community.

But how to know which Discord community to join? Which Discord community is worth being part of?

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Since NFTs blew up the internet in the early 2020s, the number of discord servers/communities has been multiplying exponentially with a new discord group popping up on the NFT server every day.

As of today, there are thousands of NFT discord communities available. This makes it very hard to find the right one.

In this article, we will be giving you more reasons why you should associate with an NFT discord community and recommending 20+ of the best discord communities you should join.

The communities discussed in this article are not centric on NFT projects but also on investors, collectors, artists, and developers.


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Best NFT Discords in 2024 Overview

    1. Why should you Join an NFT Discord Community?
    2. New NFT Community for Artists, Designers & Creators
    3. Best NFT Discord Community
      1. R/NFT Community
      2. NFTs World 1 #1 NFT Community
      3. OpenSea
      4. Vee Friends
      5. Decentraland
      6. Enter
      7. Rarible
      8. Larva Labs
      9. CrypToadz
      10. Mekaverse
      11. Crypto Dads
      12. Web3 Tribe
      13. Hangout Cafe
      14. Aspen Labs
      15. Hollow
      16. Foxxies
      17. Museum
      18. Galaxy Gang
      19. Art Stars Club NFT
      20. Friends With Benefit
      21. BFF

Let’s look at some of the reasons why joining an NFT discord community is important for your success in the NFT industry.


Why Should You Join an NFT Discord Community?

Why Should You Join an NFT Discord Community?

NFT communities are great places to get information about the next potential NFT projects and gain exposure to early news about the NFT world faster than any other social media platform. Here are some of the reasons why you should join an NFT discord community.

  • NFT Collectors: Every NFT collector should join a discord community for timely updates on big NFT projects with the highest potential. It’s worth investing time in various NFT discord communities if you’re looking for the next biggest NFT projects.
  • NFT Investor: Joining an active NFT project discord server would help investors determine the potential for success of the NFT projects. The more active the community is, the higher the likelihood of the project blowing up in the future. This would help you make wise investment decisions.
  • NFT Artist: There are some NFT artist discord communities specifically for NFT artists. This platform is a great way for you to get to meet other NFT artists and be inspired by them. The feeling of the community would also ensure you don’t feel left alone in the chaotic world of NFT.
  • NFT Beginner/Newbie: As a learner/beginner just testing the waters on NFT, the first thing you should do is find the right NFT Discord community to join. This would help you gain knowledge about the NFT world from people who’ve already been there longer than you have.
  • Get Connected with Other Enthusiasts: By joining the NFT Discord community, you will also get a chance to interact with other NFT enthusiasts. There is a high possibility for you to learn from them, including NFT, share tips, and other subjects.
  • Get Help and Learn More: Not just beginners but even experts can learn something new or discuss new projects from community members. Some communities will have separate channels to raise your troubles with an NFT project.


Components of the NFT Discord Server

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General Chat: General Chat is a room where all the team members are free to interact with each other.

Announcements: This is a channel used by the team to communicate important announcements and news. These will typically be pinned messages that the project participants closely monitor.

Public Chat: Public Chat is a room where channel members can get the information they need, or simply chat with one another.

Roadmap: The objectives of NFT projects are outlined in a roadmap. The project can submit quarterly deliverables, or at the very least link to an external document using this channel.


How To Join an NFT Discord?

If you haven’t already, you should start by creating an account on Discord, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Discord account by visiting Discord.com, and get the app for your device. To sign up quickly, try using your own phone, so that it can be easy to use the QR code to sign in to the Windows or Mac app.

Step 2: When you register for NFT whitelists, many projects ask for your ID and wallet address. Therefore, be sure to keep track of your account ID.

Step 3: Once done with the registration process you are now eligible to join a server. The NFT project’s official website and social media accounts also have links to its Discord server.


Best NFT Discord Communities in 2024

Best NFT Discord Communities

Finding the right NFT Discord Community can be a difficult or even daunting experience, the sheer volume of NFT communities available is scary enough. However, all the heavy lifting has been done for you in this article.

We’ve conducted in-depth research on popular NFT discord servers and curated a list of the best based on size, value, and engagement of the community.

Composing this list are Artist NFT discord servers, Marketplace NFT discord servers, and NFT communities discord servers. Let’s get started.


1. R/NFT Community

R/NFT Community

This is the official discord server of the largest NFT subreddit community, which now has 64,000+ members who debate a variety of topics ranging from cryptos to NFTs.

This NFT community is quite helpful in general, and it’s a fantastic place to get guidance from a group of like-minded individuals or simply share NFT ideas.

Reason to join: R/NFT Community is a beginner-friendly environment because the entire community is quite systematic, and individuals are available to help and answer questions 24/7.


2. NFTs World 1 #1 NFT Community

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NFTs World 1 #1 NFT Community

The NFTs World 1 #1 NFT Community is one of the largest NFT-based discord servers, with information on a wide range of cryptocurrency and NFT-related issues.

Anyone who is a member of this fantastic community can take part in a variety of NFT-related topics and learn about new NFT projects that are coming to market.

Reason to join: It’s currently one of the greatest discord servers for NFT beginners and enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs and get updates on what is happening in the crypto world around them.


3. OpenSea NFT Community

OpenSea NFT Community

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in terms of size, with over 170k members in their Discord channel.

OpenSea, like Rarible, has an abundance of materials for people new to NFTs or developers wishing to incorporate OpenSea technology into their websites.

The #News channel on the OpenSea Discord is very active, and it receives all updates from OpenSea’s Twitter account.

Reason to Join: Aside from the News channel, OpenSea features a #Community-Help channel where members can help with general and occasionally complicated questions.

The #self-promotion channel, which anyone may join and discuss their idea, is, in my opinion, the most popular and best.

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4. Vee Friends NFT Community

Vee Friends NFT Community

Gary Vee, the founder of Vee Friends, is a well-known figure. He is famous for anticipating the rise of the internet and social media, as well as how everything would evolve to the point where it would be critical to our lives. He sees the same thing today with NFTs, which is why he chose to start his project.

Reason to join: The Vee Friends Discord is one of the most comprehensive so far, with a focus on people who wish to learn about or enter the world of NFTs but don’t know how.


5. Decentraland NFT Community

Decentraland NFT Community

Decentraland is a virtual world (metaverse) with its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives virtual space users control over the digital world.

The universe of Decentraland is powered by its virtual in-game assets marketplace, which includes wearables (for your characters), land, and more. Learn about these Best NFT games.

Reason to Join: There are hundreds of events happening every day in this metaverse, and to ensure that you don’t miss any of the most significant ones, they built the #events area, where they publicize as many as they can!


6. Enter.art NFT Community

Enter.art NFT Community

Enter.art is a deflationary utility token-driven NFTART-based NFT marketplace. What sets Enter.art apart is its emphasis on education, which is mostly accomplished through its website.

While their Discord concentrates on artists that list on their platform, their website provides a wealth of useful material to help you get up to speed on everything NFT.

Their platform is based on cutting-edge technology that has been developed over several years and includes a fully integrated smart contract that creates a sustainable ecosystem for creators, investors, and collectors.

Reason to Join: You can enter the Discord server, where you may collaborate with a bright community of artists to build a next-generation creative trade platform with cheap transaction fees and straightforward solutions.


7. Rarible NFT Community

Rarible NFT Community

Rarible is the second most popular NFT marketplace, with one of the biggest Discord communities, and it hosts some of the most important projects. Creature World, Cryptoadz, Bored Ape Yacht Club, MekaVerse, and Crypto Baristas are all projects that have appeared on the Raible market.

Rarible has good educational content, and its Discord channel is ideal for anyone interested in NFTs (developers, investors, and artists).

Reason to Join: Rarible is one of the biggest and most popular NFT Communities. It hosts open talks in its “Stages” channel about Rarible advancements, new features, and art, and they frequently invite special guests to their discord community.

Even if you don’t intend to launch your NFT project on Rarible, it’s worthwhile joining their Discord community.


8. Larva Labs NFT Community

Larva Labs NFT Community

Larva Labs is arguably most recognized for its successful NFT projects, such as Autoglyphs and CryptoPunk.

Reason to Join: Larva Labs’ crew has previously worked for Microsoft and Google, and they are now one of the Web3 industry’s leaders. Besides, you get the opportunity to have timely news updates and interact with experts in the field.

If you want to be a part of the famed NFT community, you should –


9. CrypToadz Discord Community

CrypToadz Discord Community.

If you want to be a part of one of the most powerful yet funniest communities on the market, you should join CrypToadz Discord.

Gremplin created the meme project — CrypToadz — which is now a big success. The discord group is incredibly active, as well as quite inviting. It’s a community for newbies to learn directly from NFT collectors themselves.

Reason to Join: It is a very robust information dissemination platform for its community members. You already know where to go if you want to get involved in a worthwhile project and learn more about NFTs.


10. Mekaverse Discord NFT Community

Mekaverse Discord NFT Community

The MekaVerse is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by Japan’s Mecha worlds. Each piece of artwork is original, with its color palette and design, making each Meka one-of-a-kind.

Reason to join: MekaVerse is one of the most popular NFTs in 2021, with a 250k+ member Discord community, and has been featured in Forbes in this NFT Project article. If you are a member of the community, you will have immediate access to what is going on in the Mekaverse universe.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy a “Meka,” this is a terrific group and project to follow for inspiration and to see how the space is being pushed.


11. Crypto Dads NFT Discord Community

Crypto Dads NFT Discord Community

The #1 Discord community for all things NFT and crypto are Crypto Dads. Crypto Dads are jam-packed with so much content, including multiple cryptos and NFT trade callers.

Channels for the most recent NFT projects and drops, as well as information on how to profit from purchasing and selling NFTs.

Reason to join:  Crypto Dads’ group is likely one of the most active on the internet. It’s a small, tight-knit community with no spam or background noise. It’s laser-focused, and everyone is working together to profit from NFTs and crypto trading!


12. Web3 Tribe NFT Discord Community

Web3 Tribe NFT Discord Community

Web3 Tribe NFT Discord community is the highest-quality Discord community for those interested in the future of the web (Web 3.0), with NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other decentralized apps at the forefront of discussion.

Web3 Tribe began as a restricted group chat room for anyone looking for a premium community of Web3 fans. It is now open to the general public; however, a fast application process is required to verify that the community is free of spam and noise.

Reason to join: If you want a close-knit group where your voice will be heard and your opinion will matter, this is definitely the group for you.


13. Hangout Café NFT community

Hangout Café NFT community

Hangout Café NFT Community has over 110k members, with over 20k members being online 24 hours. It is also one of the largest discord servers in terms of membership.

Reason to Join: The nicest reason to join this Discord is that it has practically every type of user who will talk about anything and anything, whether it’s music, anime, crypto, NFT, or basic gaming. You share what you know and you learn from others.

Surprisingly, learning about such hard topics as NFTs becomes a lot easier because the learning process is so enjoyable. As a result, anyone interested in learning more about NFTs should look into this community.


14. Aspen Labs NFT Discord Community

Aspen Labs NFT Discord Community

Aspen Labs is a decentralized app development company dedicated to providing maximum utility to its users via NFTs, De-Fi, and other Social Lending platforms.

Reason to Join: Its discord group currently consists of 24,116 like-minded individuals that discuss various topics like NFTs, Crypto, Ethereum, Blockchain, De-fi, and so on, making it an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about NFTs.


15. Hollow NFT Discord Community

Hollow NFT Discord Community

Hollow is another large NFT discord community, with over 24,000 members at the time of writing.

This incredible community was founded by a group of like-minded NFT collectors, artists, and professionals who wanted to raise awareness about mental health issues and, as a result, bring something unique and wonderful to this community.

The Hollow community is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated unique characters that exist as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Reason to Join: This is a group of experts in the field of crypto and NFT. Hence, you are guaranteed enough information and updates to help you navigate the world of Newbies even if you


16. Foxxies NFT Discord Community

Foxxies NFT Discord Community

Foxxies Discord community, like the majority of the other discords on this list, is another large community dedicated to NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

It currently has around 19,500 members and is one of the most active NFT discord communities available. It is a collection of 4500 NFTs in which each Foxxie holder has equal access to Elite Club and ownership of the DAO Curated Art Platform.

Reason to Join: All NFT holders looking for an active community that gives them unfettered access to Elite Club membership, support, updates, and information. Anyone interested in learning more about this topic is welcome to join this fascinating platform.


17. Museum NFT Community

Museum NFT Community

The museum is a generative NFT project that highlights the historic, artistic, and cultural relevance of NFT art, with over 13,850 like-minded NFT aficionados debating NFTs at the moment.

The most notable feature of these NFTs is that each of these one-of-a-kind pieces continuously morphs into an identity that corresponds to the calendar day of celebration, i.e., they change according to the milestone days celebrated in the crypto world, much like we humans do on Christmas Eve when we dress up in our Sunday best.

Reason to Join: For the love of art, history, culture, and antiques, and willingness to make money from this passion.


18. Galaxy Gang Global NFT Community

Galaxy Gang Global NFT Community

Galaxy Gang is a global community of like-minded individuals who discuss a variety of topics including NFTs, DEFI, crypto, Ethereum, and investing. It is a vibrant community with interesting and knowledgeable members, as well as weekly nitro prizes.

Reason to join: The community hosts several daily events and provides a plethora of emotes and stickers to make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging.


19. Art Stars Club NFT Discord Community

Art Stars Club NFT Discord Community

Art Stars Club NFT is a bizarre NFT art project with a discord community of over 9,000 members. The Art Stars Club is a blockchain-based collection of digital artworks that emphasizes the slogan “steal like an artist, paint like a thief,” providing its members a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create their works of art.

Reason to Join: The community is extremely active, with the sale of 54 Art Stars Club Official NFTs being recorded in the last 30 days. You should not be left out.


20. Friends With Benefits NFT Discord Community

Friends With Benefits NFT Discord Community

Friends with Benefits NFT Discord Community is a kind of crypto-backed social club and a decentralized autonomous group (DAO). There were just a few people in a small group chat a year ago, but now the group has grown to about 2,000 people and eight full-time staffers.

It’s still a group chat, but its scope is much bigger: FWB is a platform that helps people find new music, an online magazine, a startup incubator, and a kind of Bloomberg terminal for people who invest in crypto.

Yves Tumor and Erykah Badu are some of the artists who have played at its parties. Andreessen Horowitz, one of the most powerful venture capital firms in the world, gave it $10 million in funding, making it one of the most powerful online crypto communities today.

Reason to Join:  the group’s sprawling, multifarious Discord server, with dedicated chat rooms for everything from memes and new music to the intricacies of crypto trading. Also, it will cost you between $5,000 and $10,000 to join.


21. BFF NFT Discord Community

BFF NFT Discord Community

The NFT Community has more than 50 founding members and 15,000 people have already signed up for it with notable investors like Katie Stanton, Sarah Guo, and Rebecca Kaden,

BFF is made up of VCs looking for investment opportunities, not just a group of people including renowned artists and fashion designers.

In BFF and its Discord channel, people can let their guard down and ask questions as they do with their BFFs. They can also get help from others. The point of the group is not to promote any project. In other words, this isn’t another celebrity-backed “pump-and-dump” scheme that works.

Reason to join: To ensure people, especially women and investors who don’t fit into one of the other categories get a share of the wealth that comes from the crypto world.


Pros and Cons of the NFT Discord Server


  • The members of the server are very supportive and help you make good trades.
  • You can gain abundant NFT knowledge as NFT discord servers are a great way to explore new knowledge. You can also gain knowledge from the members of the server.
  • NFT Discord servers act as a great way to source information.
  • You also get a chance if you join specific NFT discord servers to get whitelisted.


  • If you are a new member, this server is slightly confusing with a complex interface.
  • One of the big disadvantages of the NFT Discord servers is scams.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT Discord community?

An NFT Discord is a gathering place used by NFT brands and projects. Here, those belonging to this community will gather and can find announcements, updates, and support surrounding their NFT projects. These servers are popular as they are free to join.

What is a good NFT community?

Cryptopunks, Cool Cats, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and VeeFriends are some of the best-known and exclusive NFT communities.

What is NFT Discord whitelist?

NFT Discord whitelist is a list that refers to those people who get early and guaranteed access to the mint at a specific date and window of time.

Which is the largest NFT discord group?

The largest NFT discord group is VeeFriends because it holds over 365,000 members. It offers its members various benefits, including access to exclusive content, new products, and services. You will also get a chance to meet other VeeFriends holders.

More NFT Discord Communities


Best NFT Discords Conclusion

All of the discord communities described above are quite active, with various NFT collectors and dealers discussing and sharing profitable NFT projects and new NFT changes in the market.

Starting from getting regular up-to-date information, getting help and support from other members, and early access to new projects, NFT discord communities play an uncompromisable role in the NFT sector.

If you’re interested in learning more about NFTs directly from NFT collectors, these communities are a must-join for you.

Check out how to make and sell NFTs here as well as our latest NFT resources.

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