Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide for Creators in 2024

Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide for Creators in 2024

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) sell for millions of dollars and have piqued the interest of investors, game players, tech enthusiasts, and art collectors globally. Everyone wants to own an NFT these days. That’s why we have put together this ultimate NFT marketing guide for creators in 2024.

However, not all NFTs are valuable. The price of your non-fungible token is determined by your NFT marketing strategy, developed by NFT experts who generate a digital community of users, reap countless influencers, leverage digital marketing, and utilize social media to encourage more bids.

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High demand for a unique NFT collection automatically increases the price because people value rarity and uniqueness, and they can pay any amount for them. Wonder why people pay thousands to millions of dollars for JPEGs that you see as “just images”? Their uniqueness is what drives their price.

NFTs are digital assets, but unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, DOT, and others, they cannot be swapped because they are unique.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of building your brand, marketing your NFT to attract the attention of high-quality art enthusiasts and NFT buyers, and marketing platforms that drive sales.

Also, see our feature on how to make and sell NFTs and how to buy NFTs.

Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide for Creators in 2024

Below is an overview of what’s inside this NFT marketing guide for designers, artists and creators.

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Branding and Marketing for NFTs 

NFT is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world; that is if I own an NFT, no one else can have it, and this is what non-fungibility is. Achieving high sales of your NFTs requires you to build your brand around its rarity. Take, for instance, the reason a Monalisa painting sells better than Leona Da Vinci is not that the latter does not have a brand, it is simply because the former has the unique feature of rarity.

Unique items are more valuable than non-unique items, which is where the concept of demand and supply comes into play. The rise of NFTs makes it a necessity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Standing out from the group means that it is essential for users to market their NFT to the audience. NFT marketing and promotion help a business enhance its reputation by building stronger relationships with its audience.


Strategies For Brand Marketing and Selling NFT

1. Create an NFT Roadmap of Future Growth

NFT Roadmap
NFT Roadmap.

This is the first thing you should do. A roadmap is defined as “a plan or strategy for achieving a specific goal.” The NFT roadmap serves as an indication of your commitment to transparency and outlines your NFT’s upcoming goals. You can look at the road map of a major NFT brand and learn a thing or two from it.

2. Host AMA Sessions on your NFTs 

Host AMA Sessions on your NFTs
Host AMA Sessions on your NFTs.

Regular AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything) are an effective way to spread the word about your project and target prospective users with reasons why they should use your NFT project. Allow the AMA organizers to ask you the most trending and pressing questions, which you will thoroughly answer.

3. NFT Listing in the Right Marketplaces

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This is one of the first and simplest strategies for selling your NFTs- listing them in the right marketplace. If you want people to buy your NFT, list it on the right marketplace. For instance,  Taco Bell has a well-known NFT project. They made a series of NFT artworks based on their brand. They were gone in less than 30 minutes.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing your NFTs.

As an artist or content creator, you can use this email marketing strategy to send insightful emails to buyers or members of your community. Many marketing agencies use MailChimp to send automated emails to their target audience.

Interested parties receive messages tailored to their choices and preferences. You can choose unique designs, templates, and content to share with your target audience and create a large user base that stays up-to-date with your brand activities.

5. Invest in Online Forum Promotion

Participate in NFT discussions on various crypto forums and use this to raise positive awareness about your content in places like Reddit, Bitcointalk, Telegram, CryptoTalk, Discord, and Twitter. This NFT project marketing strategy gives you free word-of-mouth advertising. It may also cause investors to become interested in your work and begin purchasing your content or product.

6. Setup NFT Strategic Partnerships

Setup NFT Strategic Partnerships
Setup Strategic NFT Partnerships.

Partnering up with like-minded and similar NFT projects allows for cross-promotion, and both sides benefit from doing so. Partnerships may not be limited to cryptocurrency and NFT, but you can test the waters outside of them.

You can partner with popular brands on Opensea like Coca-Cola, Givenchy, Adidas, and CryptoPunks Opensea. Your NFT-based protocol may get traction from existing NFT users and enthusiasts of the brand.

7. Target Paid Crypto Advertising Networks

OpenSea User Interface.
OpenSea User Interface. Image credit: OpenSea

The two best strategies for NFT Paid Promotion in the NFT Advertising Platform are Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

Though Google has restrictions on using its advertisement services for crypto-based projects, one of the oldest tricks in the book is reaching out to your specific cryptocurrency target base. A targeted marketing promotion on famous coin tracking sites for your NFT project frequently results in a significant and moderate ROI with massive impressions.

Some Top NFT Crypto Advertising Networks include CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Bitmedia, Lunarcrush, and Coinzilla. They can also use Google Ads and Bing Ads to boost their NFT sales.

8. Press Releases

Digital artists and graphic designers can raise their credibility by regularly posting press releases on various media channels and websites. They can use this platform to share the benefits and values of purchasing their NFT. This method is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book, and there is a reason why people keep coming back to it.

9. Search Engine Optimization

SEO services for NFT Marketing assist you in promoting your NFT art and ranking high in search engines such as Google and Bing. You will They will receive free traffic from their intended audience. Employing an NFT marketing company can help with both on-page and off-page optimization.

10. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencer Marketing
Social Media Influencer Marketing.

There are over one million NFTs available on the market, and that number is growing by the day. News and Press releases about NFTs are frequently trending on platforms such as Cointelegraph, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To increase your online traction, you can pay NFT Marketing experts to release news about your brand.NFTs. They also create customized pages and accounts just to grow sales for you. Influencers’ words carry a lot of weight. Many people base their purchasing decisions on the opinion of an NFT influencer about a product. Social media audiences usually find their influencers relatable, and if their influencer endorses a product, their audience is assured of its quality. Getting the right NFT influencer will determine how much people buy your NFT.

11. Giveaways/Airdrops/NFT Bounties

NFT Giveaways, Airdrops and Bounties
NFT Giveaways, Airdrops and Bounties.

You may distribute both NFT collectibles and tangible pieces of your work. Artists frequently hold giveaways in this manner: anyone interested in participating must conditionally follow the artist on Instagram/Twitter, tag a friend in the comments, share the post on Instagram Stories retweet, and so on. It generates additional interest in your NFT Collection, allowing you to please your followers while also being discovered by more people.


What NFTs Sell Best

The very foundation of NFT platform marketing is ensuring that your brand is not marketed as homogeneous compared to your competitors. With so many NFT-based protocols available, it is critical to have strong fundamentals and ensure your product is different. A good way is to discuss the features of your NFT-based project and what makes it unique.

What NFT Sells Best
What NFTs Sell Best

By optimizing your NFT and making it visually appealing, you can achieve brand differentiation. Allow your NFT brand to be memorable, evoking imagination, and screaming value.

For example, Cryptopunks is a popular NFT collection because of its limited quantity, meets the requirements of age (the platform is nearly 4 years old), and no two sets of NFTs are similar because each NFT is unique. Today, even the cheapest Cryptopunk NFT can cost up to $30,000, and an unknown Ethereum whale is rumored to have purchased a set of 16 Cryptopunks for a mind-boggling $6 million!

Choosing The Right NFT MarketPlace

Best NFT Marketplaces
Best NFT Marketplaces.

All efficient NFT  marketing must begin with a thorough examination of the project and the venues available for promotion. First, you must investigate what is available on leading NFT market platforms.

Market volume and liquidity, which indicate whether the marketplace is popular, are two key metrics to consider. The next factor to consider is transaction fees, which currently range from 2.5 percent to as much as 15 percent. Looking at the percentages, examine your profits. Following that, evaluate the platform’s overall experience. An ideal marketplace provides an appealing set of functions and features with varying benefits for both artists and users.

The Best NFT Marketplaces

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There are several specialized marketplaces where artists place their artwork for sale. You can browse NFTs and buy an item of your liking after placing a bid (although some listings allow you to buy outright instead of placing a bid).

These top NFT marketplace platforms are the perfect choice to buy and sell NFTs:

1. OpenSea

OpenSea User Interface.
OpenSea User Interface.

OpenSea, offers an extensive array of captivating categories such as digital art, virtual worlds, and collectibles.

For us, it is our best pick among the best NFT Marketplaces because it offers the freedom to mint, purchase, and vend NFTs at your leisure, with a seamless interface that makes the entire experience a joy.

One of the remarkable features that we notice is it’s trending and remarkably alluring NFTs ready for exploration, ensuring you’re always on the pulse of what’s popular.

It also gives us the convenience of multiple wallet support, accompanied by the platform’s availability in numerous languages, which ensures a global reach.

We also find it a very user-friendly tool for creating and minting NFTs, designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced users. Furthermore, the capacity to customize your profile with video Display Pictures (DPs) brings a distinctive flair to your online presence.

Drawing from personal experience, the platform proved its potential as we ventured into the NFTs using Adobe Illustrator.

Minting our creations on OpenSea will surely lead to an exciting sale, especially for beginners. For those embarking on their NFT journey, we also recommend the platform’s mobile application.

While OpenSea stands as an expansive marketplace for NFTs, it’s important to acknowledge that certain alternative platforms offer higher royalty rates. It’s worth noting that OpenSea requires transactions to be conducted using cryptocurrency, specifically Ethereum, necessitating the possession of an Ethereum wallet.


2. Crypto.com

Crypto.com user interface
Crypto.com user interface. Image credit: Crypto.com

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Within these dynamic options, we find a powerful platform to not only showcase art but also feature items endorsed by celebrities (think Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop Dogge Coins”), as well as games and sports-related NFTs.

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Crypto.com. We were delighted by its feature of keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

When you subscribe, you gain exclusive access to timely notifications about drops, marking significant events when NFTs are listed for sale. This ensures that you stay well-informed and never miss out on exciting opportunities.

Moreover, this platform boasts an extensive array of crypto assets, allowing you to curate a diverse collection that resonates with your individual preferences and goals.

In terms of fees, we pride ourselves on offering a cost-effective experience, particularly when you fund your account through cash transfers. This strategic choice helps to keep expenses in check, enabling you to maximize your potential earnings and overall value within the NFT ecosystem.

On the downside, it’s crucial to note that certain services are not currently available within the U.S. While our aim is to offer a diverse and encompassing NFT experience, we must acknowledge that certain offerings may be subject to geographical limitations.


3. Rarible

Rarible User Interface
Rarible User Interface. Image credit: Rarible

Providing a comprehensive overview of the “Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide,” we’re thrilled to share our impressions of the Rarible platform.

As part of our review, we’ve found that Rarible offers a captivating experience that allows you to delve into both the creation of “single” and “multiple” collectibles, contributing to the vibrant NFT ecosystem.

What we find mesmerizing is the platform’s capability to facilitate the generation of NFT Limited Exclusive Collections, a strategic move to allure potential users and collectors to your offerings.

Seamlessly navigating the platform, you can initiate searches by entering the creator’s name, the specific collectible, or even the entire collection, ensuring you can effortlessly discover and engage with NFT projects that resonate with your interests.

One standout aspect of Rarible is its beautifully designed user interface, which provides an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive environment that enhances your NFT journey. Furthermore, the platform fosters a lively and engaged community, offering a space where fellow members actively participate in discussions, share insights, and contribute to the collective NFT dialogue.

As part of the open-source and non-custodial marketplace, Rarible ensures a decentralized and secure environment, aligned with the ethos of the NFT space.

The presence of community-run DAO governance underscores the collaborative nature of the platform, giving users a voice in shaping its evolution.

Backed by a robust investor foundation and featuring the RARI governance token, Rarible demonstrates a commitment to sustainable growth and community empowerment.

The user-friendly experience extends to cross-chain compatibility, allowing seamless interactions across different blockchain networks.

One aspect that requires consideration when exploring the Rarible platform is the presence of limited customer support.

Although Rarible provides a variety of attractive features and a vibrant community, it’s important to be aware that the availability of comprehensive customer support could be somewhat limited.


4. SuperRare

SuperRare Interface
SuperRare Interface. Image credit: SuperRare

We can’t help but rave about SuperRare as a vibrant NFT community dedicated to unveiling the captivating realm of tokenized digital art.

We found that every transaction is seamlessly facilitated through Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network.

One of the standout strengths that we’d be remiss not to highlight is the emphasis on maintaining a high standard of quality and uniqueness.

SuperRare takes pride in curating a collection of top-tier, exceptional art pieces that resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike. This commitment to excellence ensures that your interactions within the platform are always enriched with visually stunning and thought-provoking creations.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain further enhances SuperRare’s appeal. The decentralized nature of this blockchain ensures transparency, security, and immutability, contributing to a trustworthy and reliable NFT marketplace environment. Through this technological foundation, you can confidently explore, trade, and connect with tokenized digital artworks.

An additional point of merit is SuperRare’s collaboration with the traditional art world. This intersection between the digital and traditional realms creates a bridge, allowing artists and collectors to experience the best of both worlds.

This forward-thinking partnership amplifies the platform’s reach and impact, presenting a unique fusion of modern innovation and established artistic traditions.

It’s important to acknowledge that SuperRare may present challenges for those who are new to the NFT landscape.


5. Enjin

Enjin User Interface
Enjin User Interface. Image credit: Enjin

We personally found that the Enjin platform presents a remarkable avenue for creators and developers to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their applications, games, and websites.

Positioned at the forefront of innovation, Enjin offers a dedicated native wallet equipped with dual encryption capabilities, enabling users to navigate both cryptocurrency and NFT trading securely.

An integral component of the Enjin ecosystem is its thriving marketplace, which has facilitated the trading of over a million items to date. This bustling hub serves as an exceptional space for users to unearth, acquire, and vend rare and unique NFTs.

The platform’s commitment to fostering a vibrant marketplace ecosystem contributes to the dynamic and engaging environment in which users can immerse themselves.

As part of the Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide, we enthusiastically recommend exploring the Enjin platform.

One of the major concerns to consider is that ENJ lacks physical backing in terms of assets, profit, or commodities.


6. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway
Nifty Gateway. Image Credits: Nifty Gateway

From our firsthand experience as part of the Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide, we are excited to introduce the Nifty Gateway, an immersive online auction platform that intertwines digital art and non-fungible token (NFT) masterpieces.

Nifty Gateway showcases the most renowned digital artworks, including creations by celebrated artists like Beeple, the multifaceted Grimes, Pak, and the visionary Refik Anadol. The platform’s extensive artist network underscores its role as a creative haven and destination for aficionados of digital art.

Founded by the visionary duo Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster, this art curation platform has evolved under the dynamic wing of the Gemini crypto exchange, spearheaded by the pioneering Winklevoss twins.

It’s worth noting that NFTs, or Nifties, find their foundation on the Ethereum blockchain, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology.

A notable feature that we found particularly intriguing is Nifty Gateway’s role as a host for the NFTs you acquire. This means that your treasured NFTs are securely stored within the confines of Nifty Gateway and Gemini, adding an extra layer of convenience to your ownership experience.

Furthermore, the platform presents the innovative opportunity to transact NFTs in fiat currencies like USD before delving into cryptocurrency purchases, offering a versatile and user-friendly approach to the NFT market.

On the downside, it’s important to note that the platform can be expensive. Catering to a high-end user demographic can have its benefits, but it also presents a potential drawback.


How to List an NFT on a NFT Marketplace

Step 1: Create an Ethereum Wallet that supports ERC-21.

Step 2: Add Money to Your Wallet

Enter your ETH address and enter the amount of ETH you wish to purchase.

Now you can create an account on any of the NFT marketplaces, as listed earlier in this article. OpenSea and Mintable are highly trusted and popular platforms.

Step 4: Create Your NFT

Create Your NFT
Create Your NFT.

Every NFT marketplace has an option to create an NFT. For example, OpenSea has a “Create” button that you can click to submit NFTs: you will see a drop-down menu. Click on “My Collections” and then on “Create New Collection“:

Now you can upload an image for your collection and describe it.

You can click on “Add New Item” and upload your NFT item, which can be an audio, image, or 3D model:

Make sure the NFT you create is worthy of mass attention! You should have a website, good documentation, and all the necessary technical implementation.


How Utilizing NFT Marketing Strategies can help your NFT Brand

1. Create Unique Brand Experience

Create Unique Brand Experience
Create Unique Brand Experience.

People nowadays choose a brand based on its brand experience rather than its competitors. By collaborating with artists and content creators, NFTs can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

In marketplaces, they promote your brand by providing an engaging experience. NFTs create a unique way for your brand to interact with you. You’ll be more noticeable, memorable, and interesting. As a growing market, NFT marketing is an excellent opportunity to build. Even a simple marketing project on these platforms will increase your brand visibility.

2. Expand Audience Reach

Expand Audience Reach
Expand Audience Reach.

To begin with, by participating in the NFT marketplaces, you can reach new audiences. Communities exist, ranging from digital creators and art collectors to young and experienced entrepreneurs. Individuals are eager to participate as it becomes more widely known and its real-world value grows.

People will notice you more if you create more NFTs. And as they become acquainted with you, your customer base will grow as a result of your interactions in the NFT marketplaces. Reaching out to more potential buyers increases the likelihood of sales.

3. Build Active and Strong Community

Build Active and Strong Community
Build Active and Strong Community.

Customers like brands that talk to them. Twitter is the most popular platform for people who own NFTs. Most of them have a Twitter account so they can build a community or show off their NFT collections, but not everyone does. To build dialogues and NFT strong communities for your brand, you should talk to your audience on a platform they like. In addition, building real relationships with customers keeps them as loyal customers, which is how brands stay in business in big and competitive markets.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a digital asset created with the help of a cryptocurrency. This is to maintain ownership and ensure that it’s irreplaceable. NFTs are created with unique tracking and smart contract numbers to ensure their authenticity in the marketplace.

What is NFT marketing?

NFT marketing refers to as the process related to the promotion and selling of NFTs through digital media and platforms. NFT marketing can play a vital role in determining the overall value of the NFT.

The most popular cryptocurrency for NFTs is Etherium. This cryptocurrency has a majority of the NFT market with NFT minted valued at up to $11.5 million.

What is the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency for NFTs?

While there are quite a few eco-friendly cryptocurrencies, Solana and Tezos are by far the most popular. Although comparatively new, Solana and Tezos have a loyal following and a large market share when it comes to NFTs

OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare are some of the more popular NFT platforms when it comes to buying, selling and distributing NFTs.


Ultimate NFT Marketing Guide in 2024

There must be a lot of variety and engagement in a marketing strategy to keep people interested not only until the product is released and sold. As part of the new gold rush, NFTs are becoming more popular. Even though they have a good use case, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on NFT Marketing trends.

While most NFT-based platforms are getting to know each other in the new industry, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look into NFT Marketing hacks or techniques that can help your business grow fast and see what works best for your project.

Always check out PR mentions and whether or not your NFT-based protocol is trending on sites like Lunarcrush. AI and Machine Learning are used by the website to look at data from a wide range of sources and make sense of it.

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