NFT Workshops for Beginners (Learn Web3 Online)

NFT Workshops for Beginners (Learn Web3 Online)

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Curious about Web 3.0 & NFTs?

Educate yourself with our Web3 & NFT workshops made specifically for creators.

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These workshops have been put together by myself, Jacob Cass, and my Web3 enthusiast friend, Kostas K, co-founder of The Forest.

NFT Workshops & Training for Beginners

Here are the workshops we have held so far:

  1. Web3 & NFTs for Newbies (Free)
  2. How to Make & Sell NFTs Workshop 
  3. Marketing NFTs: How to Build a Powerful NFT Project
  4. Grow Web3 Wise Course by The Forest (Closed)

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Web3 & NFTs for Newbies

NFT Workshops for Beginners - Web3 & NFTs for Newbies

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Length: 2 hours | By: Jacob Cass & Kostas K.

Curious about Web 3.0 & NFTs?

Educate your self with this Web3 & NFT training made specifically for beginners.

We answer all these questions and more.

  • What is Web 3.0?
  • What is an NFT?
  • What types of NFTs are there & what are the differences?
  • What is the Blockchain? What is a wallet?
  • Why have NFTs started with Art?
  • What specifically are the opportunities for Designers, Artists & Creators?
  • How difficult is it to be a NFT creator?
  • What is the current state of design world?
  • How can I make money from this?
  • What is the environmental impact of mining & NFTs
  • What is a smart contract?
  • What is the value behind NFTs and their communities?
  • Your Q&A

You do not need any technical knowledge to watch this workshop.

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It has been specially designed for creators, to help you get more comfortable with Web3 and how it can fit in with your life & business.


How to Make & Sell NFTs Workshop

How to Make & Sell NFTS Workshop

Length: 2 hours | By: Jacob Cass & Kostas K.

In this 2 hour deep-dive NFT workshop for beginners, you will learn how to make and sell NFTs as a creative and discover how others are making money from them.

All in layman’s terms and from creatives you can trust!

NFT 101

  • Introduction to NFTs
  • What Are NFTs
  • Why Artists Need NFTs & Use Cases


  • Creating An NFT
  • Wallets, Gas Fees & The Blockchain
  • How to Mint an NFT
  • White Papers


  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Creating a Community Project

[BONUS eBOOK]  NFT Project Launch Checklist PDF

Price: $49


Marketing NFTs Workshop: How to Build a Powerful NFT Project

Marketing NFTs Workshop

Length: 2 hours | By: Jacob Cass & Kostas K.

NFTs are here to stay.

And the opportunities available for creatives are endless.

Hell, even The Vatican are getting into NFTs!

And Instagram & Adobe have already integrated them into their products.

We want you to have a part of the action!

Due to popular demand, we are back with another NFT workshop.

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This time on Marketing NFTs – a vastly overlooked area in the NFT arena.

In this unique NFT marketing workshop, we will show you what it takes you to build a sustainable NFT project through the power of storytelling & ‘Whitepapers’.

We will start with the basics, the vast opportunities available for creatives, then dive into storytelling and why Whitepapers are so important for NFT projects.

Then we will share exactly how to do this for your own projects – with a worksheet for you to complete – for an active learning experience!

You will come out understanding the opportunities available to you and the framework to follow for creating a sustainable NFT project!

Here’s an overview: 

  • What is NFT?
  • The opportunities for creatives
  • What is a white paper?
  • How to build a story for your projects
  • Storyteller tactics
  • How to build a vision
  • How to build a mission
  • How to write a roadmap
  • Worksheet
  • Q&A

Price: $49


The Forest’s Grow Web3 Wise Course (Closed)

Grow Web3 Wise Course

The Forest has launched an extensive NFT & Web3 course for creators to enter Web3, aptly named Grow Web3 Wise.

  1. PLANNING: How to Put Together a Master Plan for Your Web3 Project
  2. STRATEGY: How to Use Strategy, Brand & Design for Enduring Success
  3. CREATING: How to Create NFTs: Art, Tech & Smart Contracts
  4. BUILDING: How to Build Web3 Technologies Into Your Project
  5. MARKETING: How to Reach, Engage & Grow Your Audience
  6. LAUNCHING: How to Effectively Launch & Grow Your Web3 Project PLUS Business in the Metaverse

Not only do you get all this, but you will get exclusive access to The Forest which includes:

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10+ Bonus Recorded Workshops

  • Creating Web3 Whitepapers + Roadmaps
  • Brand Strategy & Brand Identity
  • Project Management
  • Community Building & Discord Set Up
  • Creating NFT Artwork
  • Defining Your Cause
  • Competitive Analysis & Web3 Case Studies
  • Building a Web3 Website
  • Audio Branding
  • Video Production


  • Access to complete course content: worksheets, slide decks, videos and more!
  • Pre-made file templates and downloadable assets
  • Access to private Forest Discord channels
  • Plus many more perks outlined here.

The cost is 0.5 ETH (approx. US$650 as of today) which includes access for life and all the perks as outlined.

Dare to soar into Web3.


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