30+ Best Old English Fonts for Jolly Good Designs

30+ Best Old English Fonts for Jolly Good Designs

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Old English fonts are characterized by their endearing look and evoke a sense of history and majesty

Also, they can infuse an environment of authority and tradition in your designs. The distinguished look and historical feeling of these fonts make them extremely popular in a wide range of designing projects. Moreover, these fonts are surprisingly flexible, meaning that they are perfect for getting the quick attention of the readers.

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Furthermore, finding the right Old English font for your designing needs is a time-consuming task. Do not worry, as we have worked it for you. We bring a list of the greatest Old English fonts. Read on to know more.

Top 10+ Best Old English Fonts for Jolly Good Designs

  1. The Bjorke – Handmade Blackletter Font
  2. Lordish Blackletter
  3. Cloister Black font family
  4. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts
  5. Caslon Pro OTF
  6. Bogus Jack – Vintage Font
  7. Candlebright Blackletter Font
  8. 1695 Captain Flint RU
  9. Victorian Fonts Collection
  10. Controwell Victorian Typeface

Scroll on for the full list. 

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Best Old English Fonts

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30+ Best Old England Fonts

1. The Bjorke – Handmade Blackletter Fonts

The Bjorke Handmade Fonts
The Bjorke Handmade Fonts. Image Credit: Envato Elements

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The Bjorke – Handmade font is one of the most stylish hand-written fonts. It is perfect for logos, titles, headers, prints, among other creative projects. This handmade font belongs to the serif family of typefaces and comes with monospace spacing. It is an easy-to-install font that comes with two styles- regular and alternative. Using this font, you can create extraordinary typography and lettering results.


2. Lordish Blackletter

Lordish Blackletter. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Say hello to a unique black letter font that is perfect for a wide range of creative projects. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, and also international characters. The Lordish Blackletter font is best suited for display font, tattoo font, or other black gothic medieval-style projects.


3. Cloister Black font family

Cloister Black
Cloister Black font family. Image Credit: My Fonts

Designed by Joseph W. Phinney and Morris Fuller Benton in 1904, Cloister Black is a great Old English font that you can use in a wide range of creative projects. One of the most exciting features of this font is that it supports up to 53 languages, making it perfect for use in calligraphy designs, invitations, formal invitations, and wedding cards, among others.


4. Rumble Brave Vintage Victorian Fonts

Old English Font - Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts
Rumble Brave Vintage Victorian Fonts. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Do you need a perfect old English font for branding, logos, badges, wedding invitations, and more? Then, the Rumble Brave Typeface is exactly what you are looking for. It comes with three variations- serif, script, and dingbat; and the combinations of these fonts encompass the Victorian classic design concept. This easy-to-use font also gives you luxury, elegance, and style all in one, making it perfect for use in a wide range of design projects.


5. Caslon Pro OTF

Caslon Pro OTF
Caslon Pro OTF. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Caslon Pro OTF is mainly inspired by a Caslon typeface created by the English font designer William Caslon, who was with John Baskerville, the progenitor of English Transitional typeface classification in the mid-18th century. It covers all Western, Eastern, and Central European languages (including Celtic diacritics) and the Turkish alphabet, with complete small caps set in each of the two styles.


6. Bogus Jack – Vintage Font

Bogus Jack – Vintage Font
Bogus Jack – Vintage Font. Image Credit: Bogus Jack

Old English fonts need to strike a careful balance between classic vibe and legibility. The Bogus Jack Vintage font nails this perfectly. It is a unique black letter font with a strong and classic vibe. You can use this font for tattoo designs, posters, logos, book covers, albums, and much more.


7. Candlebright Blackletter Font

Candlebright Blackletter Font
Candlebright Blackletter Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Candlebright Blackletter Font is a gothic calligraphy font that comes with a huge collection of 345 glyphs, with swashes, ligatures, and a set of matching ornaments. It includes alphabets in upper and lowercase, numerals, accents, punctuations, symbols, and much more. One of the exciting features of this font is that the smooth lines and the round corners make it warmer than the average black letter font. Thus, Candlebright is perfect for use in both vintage-inspired and modern designs. 

This font is apt for use in logotypes or as a display font in editorial designs and websites. Moreover, the set of matching ornaments that come with this pack is great for adding a touch of elegance to any design and can be used for creating eye-catching social media and promotional images.


8. 1695 Captain Flint RU

1695 Captain Flint RU
1695 Captain Flint RU. Image Credit: Design Cuts

The inspiration to create 1695 Captain Flint RU comes from a lot of various European documents dating from the end of the 1600s. This font comes with Western (including Celtic) and Northern European, Eastern, Central European, Icelandic, Baltic, and Turkish diacritics. It also includes a few old English-specific abbreviations, numerous alternatives, and ligatures, making the font look like handwritten lettering.

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9. Victorian Fonts Collection

Victorian Fonts Collection
Victorian Fonts Collection. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Do you want to make a layered Victorian logo fast? Are you looking to make your project design or website with Victorian classical vibes? Then, this Victorian Font Collection which comes with a huge collection of over 1800 glyphs and OpenType features is your ideal choice.

It includes various font styles like inline, inline Italic, shadow, and swash, among others. Additionally, you get a bonus set of Victorian graphics, ornaments, borders, and badges, with this amazing pack.


10. Controwell Victorian Typeface

Controwell Victorian Typeface
Controwell Victorian Typeface. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Say hello to the Victorian Typeface! It is perfect for your logotype designs, packaging, vodka, whiskey label, poster design, Victorian book cover, and more designs. Controwell Victorian Typeface is an amazing font that comes with regular and italic versions.

Besides that, you can combine the charming Controwell script included in this pack with Controwell serif regular to make elegant and unique impressions look very hard. Furthermore, the script also has many alternative character choices and 600 more glyphs, making it an ideal pack to have in your toolkit.


11. The Far Kingdoms Vintage Font

The Far Kingdoms Vintage Font
The Far Kingdoms Vintage Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Here’s another of those classic vintage old English fonts that you should not miss out on. The Far Kingdoms vintage font comes with numerous bonus graphics, including a castle illustration in vector, decorative frame, and vector graphic style for illustrator.

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The Far Kingdoms Vintage Font also has OpenType features such as stylistic alternatives. However, to use the stylistic alternatives in this pack, you will require professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape.


12. NS Blackbooks Victorian Font

NS Blackbooks Victorian Font
NS Blackbooks Victorian Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Born with a dark and robust personality, the letters in this font were crafted by reminiscing the old era of historical books of the 19th century. It connects the dots from the past with research for every flow, ornament, looks, and feel for precisely aiming for that perfect shape. With this font, you get the feel of a European historical mood right away, even by just typing it with your keyboard. 

The NS Blackbooks Victorian font is an easy-to-use font that consists of 355 glyphs, a stylistic set of 01 to 07, and ligatures. It makes this font a perfect choice for vintage headlines, signs, posters, old book cover concepts, playing cards deck designs, vintage labels, apparel, beer labels, bar decoration, merchandising, and so much more.


13. Mythshire, Vintage Handscript Font

Mythshire, Vintage Handscript Font
Mythshire. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Are you looking for a hand-script font inspired by the handwriting styles of the past? Mythshire is one of the most majestic old English fonts that was created from inspiration derived from the cursive and personality-rich handwriting styles of the past.

It comes with a full set of alternate characters (both upper and lowercase), plus more than 40 ligatures, high-resolution paper textures, and more, for creating authentic and dynamic work.

You can use this elegant, rich, medieval font for a wide range of projects including, wedding invitations, vintage-inspired branding and logos, stationery, book jackets and covers, journals, product packaging, scrapbooking, and archival-themed designs.


14. Historia

Historia. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Historia is another classic old English font that gives a personal feeling of memories to always remember. It comes with 2 font sets (Historia and Historia vintage) in 3 versions – regular, alternate, and italic, combining a vintage script with a modern, streamlined feel.

Moreover, this old English font comes with a bonus vector set, adding more versatility to this pack. Historia is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Illustrator Version CS3 or higher versions. Also, you will require professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape to use the stylistic alternatives in this pack.


15. Carllosta – Victorian Vintage Layered Font

Carllosta – Layered Font
Carllosta. Image Credit: Design cuts

Carllosta is a Victorian-style font that is inspired by vintage lettering signs and art. This layered typeface contains beautiful decorative ready-to-use ornaments that are useful for creating vintage lettering in minutes.

Moreover, Carllosta comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuations, symbols & numerals, stylistic set alternate, ligatures, and much more. Although this font has a Victorian touch, it still looks bold and solid, making it suitable for a wide range of projects including, headlines, logotypes, invitations, branding, packaging, apparel, advertising, etc.


16. Soft Notes SVG Blackletter Font

Soft Notes SVG Blackletter Font
Soft Notes SVG Blackletter Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Soft Notes is another interesting old English font that comes with three versions- textured.SVG font, the textured solid font, and a solid smooth font. The .OTF/.TTF fonts in this pack include uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, accents symbols, and punctuations.

On the other hand, the.SVG font includes a more limited character set without multilingual support. Additionally, this pack comes with a small set of swashes and splatters, making it a perfect choice to decorate your designs. With so many features, this pack is perfect for designs such as logotypes, postcards and notes, social media posts, branding and packaging, and much more.


17. Helmswald Post

Helmswald Post
Helmswald Post. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Created with the idea of a medieval script with a more modern feel, Helmswald Post is a handsome blackletter font belonging to the Serif family of typefaces. This font comes with a large mix of flamboyant caps, wispy terminals, and negative space to create contrast. This normal spacing font includes elements from many different letters and periods. It offers punctuations, ligatures, diacritics, alternates, European accents, and much more.


18. WT Kingsbury Font Family & Design Bundle

Old English Fonts: WT Kingsbury Font Family & Design Bundle
WT Kingsbury Font Family & Design Bundle. Image Credit: Kingsbury

Inspired by the Old English era that evolved in Western Europe from the middle of the twelfth century, WT Kingsbury is an exclusive font and design bundle of the royal family. This font is formed by its dramatic thin and thick strokes, plus numerous character alternates that are decorated with swirls of Victorian style. 

This pack also includes a variety of unique typefaces that you can mix and match with pairs like gothic, fancy, stroke, serif, or black. Moreover, this font is also equipped with beautiful design packs; including, illustrations, floral ornaments, vintage badges, victorian frames, and pre-made badges. With so many features, WT Kingsbury Font is perfect for creating beautiful designs, headlines, badges, posters, logos, t-shirts, and more.


19. The Wallington Pro

Old English Font - The Wallington Pro
The Wallington Pro. Image Credit: Design Cuts

The Wallington Pro is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves with a functional structure. It has adopted the style from old English cultures with their lineage around the mid-12th century and Art Nouveau in the 19th century.

This font comes with a huge collection of 721 glyphs. It includes 268 unique ligatures, over 30 catchwords, and ten stylistic sets inspired by natural forms and structures, and curved lines.

Additionally, all the glyphs included in this pack are divided into several OpenType features such as ligatures, old-style numerals, special characters, and much more, allowing you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design needs. The Wallington Pro is best suited for digital lettering, packaging, prints, logos, posters, and T-shirts, among other designs.


20. Monotype Old English Text

Monotype Old English Text
Monotype Old English Text. Image Credit: MyFonts

Monotype is a Blackletter Old English font that is perfect for use in certificates, diplomas, or any other application which requires displaying stateliness and authority. The font comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuations, ligatures, and more. The sturdy look of this font makes it great for use in newspaper banners, wedding announcements, and much more.


21. Cambridge — A Bold and Dramatic Old English Font

Cambridge. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a decorative gothic Old English font, Cambridge is a great one to opt for. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a party, a medieval event, or need a good font for niche branding, Cambridge is a great one to design with.

Besides this, when working with medieval fonts, it’s normal to find yourself drifting towards the more bold and more theatrical aesthetic, in which case, Cambridge is a classy and dramatic Old English font to use.

22. Rozex — A Modern take on an Old English Font

Rozex. Image credit: Envato Elements
Rozex. Image Credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to an Old English font with a modern layering effect, Rozex is the perfect font for your design. Rozex works great on books, logos, invitations, events, and numerous other gothic design requirements. Also, this font is available in OTF, TTF, .WOFF, .EOT, .SVG file formats make it versatile to use in whatever presentation your creative work takes you.

Additionally, the excellent 3D and drop-shadow effect of this font makes it a dynamic and modern choice for Old English typeface when you want to speak boldly.

23. Semifloyd Vintage Display Font

Semifloyd Vintage Display Font
Semifloyd Vintage Display Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Semifloyd Vintage Display Font is a victorian vintage classic style font. This decorative font contains a pack of three styles: serif, script, and dingbat. It is customized and handwritten. You can use this ornamental font on labels, branding, packaging, and logos.


24. Stamp & Co

Satmp & Co.
Stamp & Co. Image Credit: Design Cuts

The Stamp & Co. resembles a vintage-style look of the 1950s. If you look at the font closely, it looks like the stamp did not get enough ink.  If you want to apply fonts for textured graphics, then it fits in perfectly.

Included in the set is .OTF fonts with numbers and punctuation.


25. Queen Victoria Font

Queen Victoria - SVG
Queen Victoria – SVG. Image Credit: Design Cuts

If you want to introduce elegance in your font types then you can use the modern signature Queen Victoria font, which is a hand-lettered font with a semi-transparent effect. 

This English font comes in SVG and vector .OTF versions. The SVG font preserves the high-definition details of the handwritten letters. The OpenType-SVG technology used in the font helps it to appear gorgeous. However, this font set supports the English language only. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Old English font?

An Old style or Old English Font is a font inspired from old style English cultural work like literature and even typography from the middle ages. Popularly associated with Blackletter fonts, these fonts are often used for their medieval or Shakespearean aesthetic

What is the best Old English font overall?

The best Old English font would be The Bjorke, why? This handmade Blackletter font is surprisingly minimalist and perfect for most branding requirements. Other than this, it also stays true to all things medieval, earning it the top spot on our list.

What makes for a great Old English tattoo font?

Rumble Brave and The Victorian Fonts Collection make great tattoo fonts to use to design tattoos or even be used for any creative requirement. We’d recommend these two as they have curvy lines and a more rustic aesthetic, making them the perfect choice for most tattoo requirements.

What is the difference between Vintage and Old English fonts?

While both terms are often used interchangeably, Vintage fonts refer to those used prior to the 1960s while Old English fonts are more specifically used for fonts inspired by more gothic and medieval themes.

What is the best realistic Handscript Old English typeface?

Soft Notes SVG Blackletter Font is one of the most realistic hand script fonts on this list. This calligraphic old style font comes with a set of swashes and spatters that lend realism and definitely help out when designing.

What is a good, whimsical Old English font?

When it comes to whimsical, The Wallington Pro would be our go-to choice; although elegant, with it’s more fun and flamboyant curves, this font would be a good pick for any design requirement that’s a bit more playful

What are some great dramatic and theatrical old style fonts?

Helmswald Post and Cambridge are two of the most dramatic and theatrical fonts on our list. With their bold, stark lines and unique stylistic quirks, these two would be perfect for anything that requires a more dramatic touch.


30+ Best Old English Fonts Summary

Here are our personal top 12 best Old English font picks! For more options, keep scrolling!

We hope that you must have enjoyed reading our list of the fifteen greatest Old English fonts today. With this list, we have made it easier for you to choose old English font, which can otherwise be a complicated task considering the scores of options available on the web.

Choose one or multiple old English fonts from the list above to instill a sense of grandiose and old-world charm in your design projects. 

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