How to Make Passive Income Using Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Passive Income Using Affiliate Marketing

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Learn how to make money online using affiliate marketing!

I share all my “secrets” on how I create over US$10,000 of affiliate revenue every month.

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It is EASY to get started and I show you exactly how to do it, with affiliate programs such as Amazon, Udemy and Skillshare – my highest converting programs.

There is no catch, I’m just sharing what I’ve learned so you can have a piece of the pie too!

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Transcript of Video:

Hey this is Jacob Cass. I’m a design blogger. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years.

I just wanted to talk to you today about passive income. In particular affiliate marketing. I’m going to go behind the scenes of how I do it through my blog, on my social channels and so forth. I’m going to share my screen, give you some insider background knowledge of how I do it and how you can do it. It’s very easy to setup. Especially when it comes to Amazon and some of the higher converting programs, such as Skillshare and Udemy.

Stay tuned. I’m out of breath already. Let’s get into it.

Here we are at my Amazon dashboard. This is … The stats are from the past month of me referring people to Amazon. As you can see the earnings are about seven grand from the past 30 days. I’ve referred about over 200 grand of revenue to Amazon. The reason I’m showing you this is to show you the value of affiliate marketing. This will get you through any of your lull periods in your career. Between clients or whatever you’re doing. Having passive income really helps support and supplement your main source of income.

This is just one affiliate program. I’d recommend … It’s the easiest one to get started with. You simply go to Amazon or Google. Google’s easier. Amazon Affiliate Program. Click this and click join. You’ll enter your information.

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Then to get started you just got to Amazon. Once you’re signed in you’ll have this bar up at the top. You get the link. This is your tracking link. You share that link everywhere on Facebook, social media, your email lists, your website, wherever you want to refer product to.

I will show you how I do it and what makes … How I’ve got seven grand a month. How I’ve established that. The reason being is you think you’re just referring this one product but that’s not how it works. If the user comes to the page, yes you referred that product but they may and add all these other things to their cart. You’re going to make a commission on everything in their cart. If they buy a diamond ring you’re going to make a huge chunk of money because of that.

That’s why Amazon’s Affiliate Program has been so successful. Why I recommend joining straightaway.

There’s many others out there. As I mentioned earlier, Skillshare, Udemy. There’s course providers. They also highly convert in. This is Skillshare. As you can see I’ve got probably … I don’t know. Oh these are clicks but yeah about 10 bucks a pop every time you refer someone. It adds up over time. I’ll show you how I do this and where I refer it, just so you can know how to get started, but to sign up to these affiliate programs you simply just go to the page.

Udemy. Usually in the footer there’s a link that says affiliate. You click on that link. You click join now. Then you’ll get your own link. Same goes with Skillshare or any other program. Join for free. You can start earning 10 bucks for every person you refer. Yeah Skillshare and Udemy. I’m just showing you those three. I also recommend Adobe products too. Converts well.

Where do I share these links? On my website is my highest converting place because it’s ranked well on search engines but it’s also important to consider what people are searching for. I have articles, for example, best Chrome books for designers. I’ve written these other articles or hired writers, tech writers, to research the best resources for designers. Best laptops, computers, monitors and so forth. But for you, if you’re doing it, you could do something like best gear for designers or my favorite gear. You list it in a blog post, or on Instagram, or Facebook and you make a small cut.

As you can see this is a post that’s for all sorts of designers. These are all affiliate links to Amazon. That’s just one way you can do it or you could recommend books. You can use a comparison table. This is a WordPress plugin that you can use to make this pretty table or you could just list it out like I’ve done here as well. I do a bit of both.

That’s the best way that converts is having your own website that’s ranked organically. I know not everyone has that to begin with so you can do it on your socials.

I’m going to give an example of somewhere else, Roberto Blake, he does it extremely well. He’s a successful design YouTuber. He has affiliate links in all of his videos. You can see all down here these are linked to starter kits, tools, membership programs, music. The gear he uses for his photography and recordings. Very useful stuff. That’s just one way.

Another way is on Instagram. This is how I did it for the strategy books I just showed you earlier. I also did a post on Instagram that’s like top strategy book. You can see I’ve included this link here on each of the slides. If someone buys it then yeah I make a cut as well.

You could also do it on Facebook. This is an example where I got wind of a new logo design book. I just shared the link about it and people can go pre-order it or order it.

Just think creatively about where you share your links.

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Another highly converting way for me is sharing a link in my welcome email. The very first email people get when they subscribe to my mailing list. I have a small section in the footer that says, “You can subscribe to Skillshare by clicking here.” 10 bucks a pop every time someone signs up.

You can do that on Instagram stories or highlights as well. That converts well for a lot of people too.

That’s an insight to how I use affiliate marketing. Just a few of the programs but you can really get creative about how and where you share those links.

Another one that I should have shown you was like best courses. A compilation of courses and sharing that. Lots of options out there for you.

I hope this has inspired you to get started. If you do anything or just one thing get an Amazon affiliate account because that’s super simple to get started. Then just go from there and see how it goes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed that. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys.

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