Photos From My 4300km (2670 Miles) Road Trip Around Australia

Photos From My 4300km (2670 Miles) Road Trip Around Australia

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Over the past 2 weeks I have been traveling around Australia on a 4300km (2670 Miles) road trip in the Australian outback and as usual after I return from any major holiday, I share some of the photos with my readers.

Those who came on the road trip consisted of myself and five Norwegian University friends (3 designers, 1 architect and 1 nurse) and we started our journey in Newcastle where we caught the train down to Sydney (3 hours) where we picked up the rental camper vans… from there, our road trip began.

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Rather than going through the whole trip I will outline some of the highlights by showing some photos with a small caption underneath each photo. We had 1600 photos all together but here are just a few in no particular order. Enjoy.

Highlighted in red, you can see the route we took when traveling to the Outback (click for larger view). We started in Newcastle, detoured to Adelaide and then drove to Coober Pedy, Kings Canon, Uluru and then Alice Springs where we took a plane back home.

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The six of us who traveled around Australia. I am on the left. We are standing on a dried up Lake and the white ground is all salt.

Shadows on the dried salt lake.

Mates walking down to the dried salt lake.

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Snow or salt?

Sunset while camping in the middle of no where.

Looking up at Kings Canyon.

Looking down on Kings Canyon with an annoying fly on my face.

The road to nowhere.

Getting a bit artsy with my Canon 350D.

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Uluru in the afternoon, taken from the moving campervan.

At the base of Uluru. I’m in the pretty pink.

Sunrise at Uluru.

In the Olgas (a mass of 36 red rocks) on the Valley of the Winds walk.

Also on the Valley Of The Winds Walk.

A nice shot looking up at the massive Olgas and cool sky.

One massive tree in Adelaide. The Norwegians found it fascinating.

Australian Flora: The Bottle Brush of which the Norwegians also loved.

A nice shadow effect on the ground from this tree.

Mounds of dirt from underground Opal mining.

Petrol station in the middle of nowhere. Petrol in the outback costs 50% more than on the East coast of Australia!

Non Sniffable Fuel (Aboriginals tend to sniff it to get high).

Artsy shot of my mate driving.

This is a new shirt of mine with the camper van in the back. I got it from TurnNocturnal if you want one… you can also get it in Black. You may also like these other 18 awesome designer tshirts.

Botanical Gardens in Adelaide. A pretty cool building.

An underground church in Coober Pedy. People also live underground here because it is so hot and there is a chance of finding valuable Opals while digging. Coober Pedy means ‘White Man’s Burrow’ in Aboriginal.

Sitting in a little cave in the underground motel we stayed at.

An old stockyard we found on a walk in the outback.

Another artsy shot in the middle of nowhere.

Dead bugs on the front of the car after just two days of driving.

A photo from the back of our camper van. The lines are from the glass on the back of the van, you know the ones that heat up the glass.

Another shot of my sweet t-shirt this time me holding my mates old school analogue camera.

Another artsy shot from inside the car while driving.

More nothingness.

The two camper vans we were in most of the time along with a strangely placed graffiti rock.

So much nothingness.

Sitting on the railway tracks just outside the dried up salt lake.

There were so many, many annoying flies in the outback.

A shot taken out of the window while driving in the desert.

A smallish outback town.

Another road to nowhere.

Red red sand.

Artsy shot of the red sand and our camper vans.

Unfortunately we couldn’t climb Uluru because of high winds… here is proof. The rock is over 300m high to climb.

Me sitting at the base of Uluru.

Classic scaling illusion of Uluru. Reminds me of my one with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Me being a douche bag in front of the rock.

The team sharing a champagne on a hill in front of the rock.

Me being abducted by Aliens aka me jumping off a log while it decides to break on me.

Uluru again but taken from inside the car this time.

The sun casting a long shadow of myself outside of Uluru.

No trespassing in the outback!

You may also like to view some photos from my trip around Europe in June or my trip to Fiji in January or my trip on a cruise ship around the Pacific in December 2007.

Where is my next trip going to be? I have plans to go to Canada in 2010 for 4 months which should be good as the Winter Olympics will be on and hopefully to Thailand either in December this year or June next year. Oh, how I love travelling!

Have you been to the outback? Do you have any travel stories to tell?

48 thoughts on “Photos From My 4300km (2670 Miles) Road Trip Around Australia”

  1. We have a saying in Australia:
    “There’s no flies on my back, you can only see where they’ve been”.

    Which means that you’re active and alert!

    Glad you had a good time. You would never guess that there is still snow up on our alps!

  2. Tom,
    Yeah it was pretty awesome, I had never been to the real outback before so it was an eye opening expereience.

    Yeah I definitly recommend it, what else is on your list?

    Yeah they resort to sniffing gas because in most places they can’t afford or arn’t allowed to buy alcohol.

    A big difference from 35-40 degree heat to snow on the alps.

    DJ Paine,
    I have already done the east coast trip before from Sydney to Cairns. I also go up to Brisbane at least once each year as I was born up there and have family up there too.

  3. Nice photos! That underground church looks fantastics. I really want to visit Coober Pedy, but haven’t made it there yet. Really like the Road to Nowhere photo too! I stayed in Australia for a year back in 2006/7, and I’ve really been missing it recently… so thanks for the reminder about the bloody outback flies!

  4. How wonderful! Looks like an amazing trip. In our choir, we’re singing a song by Stephen Leek in which Uluru is mentioned. I actually had no idea it was a place until I saw it on your blog. Sad you didn’t get to climb it, though.

    Especially love all the artsy mirror shots. Nice. 🙂

  5. nice pictures, like the one of ur mates on the railway track & ur mate driving with the natural lens flare

    So Jacob… did you watch wolf creek before going?

    @ Marcus
    unfortunatly he isnt joking sniffing petrol is apparently a big problem in some communities out in alice springs :S

  6. Dan,
    I am saving for Canada now! My plan is to work over there on the slopes. I was actually over there in 2006 for a white Christmas in Whistler and Big White but I want to go back.

    Coober Pedy was pretty cool for one day… wouldn’t want to stay there any longer. The Lonely Planet Guide actually describes it something along the lines of a bomb hitting it.

    No worries, it is always good to share pics – it was hard to choose just a few from the 1500. Look forward to your pics 😛

    We saw a few Wicked Camper vans out in the outback… some of them I would never like to be seen in!

    I have been to Las Vegas and it was actually hotter there than in the Australian outback but I suppose it is not even Summer yet! And yeah like James said, the petrol sniffing wasn’t a joke, it is quite a problem out there as they can’t afford alcohol (or are banned from buying it).

    Sometimes you have to travel to nowhere!

    Yeah Uluru used to be called Ayer’s Rock but there was a bit kerfuffle about that with the Aborigines.

    Didn’t watch it before going but I have seen it! We actually were wanting to hire it but we couldn’t find a video store that was open whenever we wanted it.

  7. so awesome!

    i can’t wait to go on a roadtrip across australia.. it’s on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days so hopefully i’ll strike it off the list soon 🙂



  8. That looks like such a fun time – despite the flies. And I love learning something new: some Aboriginals sniff gas. Who knew?

  9. nice pictures, i’ve been there 10 month ago and had a awesome time. It’s so funny, I think everybody has nearly the same pics of that area, at least mine are kind of similar 😉
    It’s nice to get some of these memories back in mind while winter starts here in Germany. thanks for that…
    cheers fipsy

  10. Dude, those were the coolest pics. Thanks for putting them up and showing me what your corner of the world looks like. Seriously. I enjoyed that.

    Come January, I’ll go run around outside with my camera and take snow shots for you – we’ll replace your outback nothingness with outback whiteness.

  11. oh those pictures make me miss my road trip across nz a lot. with a wicked camper van, which totally rocked.

    looks like you guys had heaps of fun.
    xx fanny

  12. Whoaw!

    Jacob that’s an awesome trip you’ve had there. Sadly I have never been to a desert, at least i see the way You enjoyed it 😉 Pretty.

    “Non Sniffable Fuel (Aboriginals tend to sniff it to get high).” Dunno if this was a joke or not, but it made me laugh 😀 😀

    Best, Marcuss.

  13. Australia is so beautiful. But it’s a little bit in the middle of nowhere for me =)

    Greetings from France

  14. Great photos, thanks for sharing, you are pretty good with the old camera aren’t you.

    Especially nice sunset shots and the shots from the car mirror.

    The landscape is amazing, nothing like anything I’ve ever visited. I went to Vegas, but ashamed to say I didn’t ‘get round’ to going out to the actual desert …. ahem….next time I visit I’ll make the trip.

  15. I got to clim Ayres Rock (Uluru) about 2 years ago, one of the hardest things iv eva had to do. Soooo Unfit, hehe. Pitty it also costs to go in and see the Rock.

    Aaron Hayward (aka

  16. Wow! That seems like one hell of a trip. I would love to get out there and do that for a few weeks. It really looks like you have so much to see and it is great sometimes being in the middle of nowhere! Thanks for sharing.

  17. very nice photos, i like the dried lake one, kinda reminds me of the dead sea area in Israel. The red sand is amazing and i liked the “douche bag and the rock” lol

  18. I had the list online on my blog for a while but then removed it while the blog is sort of going through a redesign… I’ll share it again soon and let you know 😉

  19. Reminds me of a combination of our Death Valley and Joshua Tree here in California. Death Valley, despite it’s name is pretty cool (well, no, it’s quite hot in the summer, hence the name!). It has a really diverse landscape, though. Devil’s Golf Course is like that dried salt lake you visited and there’s also these fine sand dunes that are fun to go sliding down. There are old quartz mines and gorgeous painted rocks, too. Joshua Tree is fun for boulder hopping and there are old rusted cars and trucks and foundations of homes out there.

    I think if I visit Australia I’ll head straight for the east coast and the Great Barrier Reef for some diving 😀

    Hehe, I love that last picture – no trespassing in the outback. LOL. I had a shot from Joshua Tree (a desert, mind you) that said “No Swimming.” It was actually from a dried up reservoir, but still you couldn’t readily tell that and it was hilarious. I wish I could find it:

    Oh, and welcome back!

  20. Aaron,
    Yeah it was a disappointing not to climb the rock, maybe next time.

    Haha, yeah there are some classic pictures that just have to be taken out there, just like when you go to Europe… Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Leaning Tower Of Pisa, etc.

    I was in Vegas when I was a kid with my family and I still think the place is so awesome. As my father is a magician we went around and saw all the big shows out there and till this day, I still never seen anything like it. Would love to go back once I am 21, not long now.

    Yeah being out in the middle of nowhere is always great… especially when you are just with your friends and no one else is around.

    When you first said Joshua Tree I thought of the classic Joshua Tree design story. But anyway Death Valley and Joshua Tree sound great to visit and just California in general… and I am coming of legal age in the US too so that is a bonus.

    If you do come to Aus, the east coast would be the place to start for sure. Start in Cairns and work your way down to Melbourne.

    Thanks for the welcome back.

  21. I always regret not to go traveling while i was studying in Sydney. (dohh..) I just went to Newcastle, Phillip Island, and a beach.. I forgot what’s the name of it.
    Anw,looks like you got a great vacation. I envy you…

  22. Visit the outback and you leave a piece of yourself there that forever calls you back.

    It changed me forever. I used to live in Sydney but now on about 32 acres in country NSW. I work from home and my desk is beside the full length windows/doors and I can see tall gums, and our main dam – now full with several ducks floating around. It is spring and after good rains in our area the new grasses are growing green and lush. Does it get any better than that?

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for all the good stuff on your site. I have found much to help me here.

  23. Lenoie,
    Well I actually did leave a piece of me out there, I somehow managed to lose my watch but I know that’s not what you mean! Your setting sounds quite livable 🙂

    Yeah it was worth doing… there are many beaches in Australia but the most popular is Bondi so I guess you may have went there?

    Set a goal and go for it!

    Ah did you come during the Olympics? Yeah the flies are pretty bad but you do get used to them eventually. Anyway, come back soon!

    Yeah it is always good to get out of the rat race, your trip looked great too, really got into the nature!

    Thanks Dainis… just a reminder that these were only about 50 photos from 1500!

  24. Terrific! I spent a year in Oz in 2000 and did a good bit of travelling around including some of the places you went. Slept in a swag at Uluru, nearly killed by flies in Alice Springs. Australia is such a great country, your pics bring back happy memories.

  25. Seriously sweet road trip mate. I can’t wait to get home and start tackling some trips like that myself.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some epic journeys over here myself, but I can’t wait to start seeing more of the country back home. 😉

  26. Nice to see your pics. We travelled right across australia about 4 years ago in a Britz camper van (just like yours). We spent a month in WA in Perth and down to Albany, Busselton etc. Then flew to Alice Springs and did Uluru (and I got to climb it – very hard and very scary – took me over an hour and a half to reach the top!). We then picked the camper van up in Adelaide and drove following the coast down to Mount Gambier, the Grampians, the Great Ocean Road (lots of flies there too), Melbourne, Wilsons Prom, Canberra, Sydney (for New Year which was amazing) bypassed Newcastle (Sorry), Byron Bay, Surfers, Brisbane, Fraser Island (which is very cool – have you been?) Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays’, and finally to Cairns and the Reef. The best time I have ever had and wish I could do it all again.

    We drove a total of 7500 k’s in 3 months but loved it so much we ended up buying a VW Camper Van as soon as we were back in the UK! (See this blog article for pictures –

    Thanks for posting the pics – brough back some great memories of the endless roads and bright red sand!

  27. Wow Steve, that was one hell of a trip! I probably have been to maybe half the places you mentioned… haven’t had any real urge to go to WA. I haven’t been to Fraser Island (I go to Bribie Island instead when I go up that way). Glad you got to see Cairns and the reef, it’s really nice up that way! Anyway, you really did get to the big well known places in Australia, couldn’t recommend a better trip myself!

    Have you added any artwork to your van since?

  28. Hi Jacob,

    The van is still plain at the moment – most of the comments we had said the leave it as it is – what do you think?

    The trip was amazing – we finished off our 3 months in australia with 2 months in the US (Hawaii, LA, Vegas, San Fransisco, Miami, Olando then home!)

    Wish we could do it again really!

  29. Hey Steve,

    Yeah white is fine as is, artwork usually makes cars look a bit more tacky.

    Wow, you really did get around! I was in LA, Vegas and San Fran back in 1999 but I was pretty young then so I would love to go back!

    I am planning a trip to Thailand in January and back to Canada in 2010 hopefully. Was in London in 2006 and June which was good fun. Really love London, especially the nightlife and people… not so much the weather and price of things.

    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Good job! every pictures has a concept!
    Love the colours, love the meaning…great, hope to see more picture of your jobs!
    Have a nice day, from Italy,

  31. stumbled across your page – cannot believe the travels you have done. How do you do it all?
    was the contiki worth while?

    so amazed

  32. Have you been in Tukey before? You should come to Istanbul. I’m sure you’ll like this city. Very inspirarational indeed… If you decide it, just tell me. i want to meet you 🙂

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