Photos From Thailand Trip

Photos From Thailand Trip

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Over the past three weeks you may have seen a bit less of me online and this is because I have been on a break travelling around Thailand with a friend of mine.

If you have read my about page you will know that I love travelling and as usual, with any of my major trips I share the photos with you and my Thailand trip is no exception.

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These 80 odd pictures (from the 1800+ we took) don’t really sum up the trip in full but it does give you a small taste of what Thailand’s like. We visited Phuket, Bangkok, Phangan & Samui.


Sunset at the Koh Samui Pier on the way to the Full Moon party.

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Me and my friend at a lookout south of Phuket near Rawai Beach.

A Monk cleaning at the Tiger Temple.

Another temple in Bangkok. Apparently you ring the bells for good luck.

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Same sunset again at Koh Samui Pier.

Haad Rin Beach: Flaming stick that you had to (could) jump over. I actually jumped over this and survived, except for a few burnt nostril hairs.

One of the fresh seafood dinners we had at a beach restaurant. Only $40 and so yummy!

Annoying local trying to sell us stuff whilst relaxing on the beach. Notice the Australian hat?

The view from the plane whilst flying into Phuket.

The first day on the beach in Pa Tong.

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An Australian bar on the main street in Patong.

At the end of one of the main streets in Patong.

The oh-so-famous Tuk Tuk (taxi).

Me chilling underwater with my sunnies on.

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A funny sign we found in Patong… twas a bit more true later on in the night.

Our first meal in Thailand. My Pad Thai was awesome!

Para sailing. The Thai guy on the back has no harnesses on, he just jumped on the back.

Relaxing on Patong Beach.

Ox cart riding in the north of Thailand.

Ox cart riding and rice fields.

The first elephant we saw & it was working on the side of the road!

At the top of the mountain just before we went white water rafting.

Us in the rafts before rafting.

Jungle walk to the waterfalls.

Me jumping off the cliff into the waterfall area. I got a huge clap from the tour group which was a bit embarrassing.

ATV riding in the north of Thailand.

A tied up monkey (was for the monkey show). Cruel but it was a cool monkey show!

Elephant show! They did heaps of tricks, even played a harmonica!

More elephant tricks.

I was the “lucky” one who got a massage and “sucky sucky” from the elephant named Lady Boy. No joke.

Elephant riding in the north of Thailand.

The jungle path.

My friend trying to be a frog with the “frog lady”. They were everywhere.

Friends with the lady boys. The two Thai women you see there are actually men.

And also here too.

On Kata Beach soaking up the sun.

Backpacking in Kata.

Some cute bunnies at the markets. You could get everything there!

Even turtles!

At Wat Chalong (Temple).

Elephant crossing sign. Was cool at the time.

Being a fool in a temple.

Some goats that were sacrificed. Pretty gross.

Down near the aquarium at the very south of Phuket.

Inside the aquarium.

At a lookout at the top of a mountain. Had lunch up here, was real nice!

At the bottom of a massive pier somewhere in Phuket.

Another look out and yet another lovely sunset.

Fake meditating…

Even more great sunsets.

In the Tiger Club, Patong.

Enjoying a coconut smoothie on the beach.

Seriously the best banana pancakes in the world… Go Thailand!

Arriving at Phi Phi (I think).

Me at my best… snorkelling!

I believe the film ‘The Beach’ was filmed somewhere around here.

Snorkelling again.

A magic show in Phi Phi.

Two Danish blokes we met while partying in Phi Phi. See those red buckets? That is how they sell alcohol over there… in buckets!

Posing at the beach… somehow I managed to get some abs in this pic.

Yet another lovely sunset.

This was at FantaSea, a Vegas style production. The show had over 30 elephants on stage at once, and the the buffet room held 4000 people! Was pretty nice!

Me driving a fake Tuk Tuk.

The tallest tower in Bangkok. This is a wall showing the building.

A view from the tallest tower in Bangkok.

The backpacker area in Bangkok, Koahsan Rd.

One of the boats from the floating markets.

A monkey chained to a tree. Saw this on the way to the floating markets.

The floating markets, man was it boring and it was so touristy!

An Iguana at a WWII Museum.

The “Death Railway”. Many Prisoners of War died here, including many Australians.

Pretty sad but we had to see the tigers, this was taken at Tiger Temple.

A tiger cub sleeping.

Me posing with a not so small tiger.

Well there we have it, some pictures from my trip to Thailand. You may also be interested to see pictures from my trip to Europe (14 countries), or my cruise / Fiji trip or my 4300km trip around Australia.

65 thoughts on “Photos From Thailand Trip”

  1. I went to Thailand last year, and it’s cool to see all these places that I recognize in your photos! (I remember seeing that Drunk People Crossing sign and taking a photo of it as well, haha.)

    I stayed at the Katathani Beach Resort when there, it was incredible. Did you stay for one of the awesome Kata beach sunsets?

    There was still visible tsunami damage in places when I went. Did you take a wander down Kata beach and find the restaurant menu stand next to some overgrown foundations? (I can’t for the life of me remember where I put that photograph…)

    I think I saw the same show that you did with the elephants and monkeys – was there a cooking demo as well? Might’ve been a different show, but same premise. The elephant riding was fun though. – this monkey tried to grab my camera after I took the photo.

    I also went on that same island tour and snorkeling! The tropical blue of the water there was simply stunning.

    Glad you had a good time… and took advantage of the cheap food!

  2. Awesome picture story! I once had a monkey on my head, but he didnt look anywhere near as docile as your gibbon and he pulled my hair ..LOL! Looks like you had loads of fun … makes me want to traipse all over Thailand now, my 2 day Bangkok trip was definitely not enough 🙂 Thnx for posting your experience!

  3. Mike, Aaron, Renee, Andrew, Karol,
    Glad to share and you’re welcome.

    I guess you are referring to the fresh seafood? It was fantastic… fresh as and cooked perfect! And the red snapper was the best fish I’ve ever eaten!

    All of these shots are taken with my Olympus 720SW.

    Gotta have a break some time heh?

    It is always great to come home heh and yes home is always home, I don’t think I could live anywhere else except Australia (well not for huge length of time). A few years I could live with but not a decade.

    Yeah it is great to see other peoples pics when you have been there yourself, you can relate to it more. I saw many sunsets and got quite a few pics from Kata and not sure about the restaurant you were talking about, there were thousands!

    There were plenty of places to see those shows but it seems a lot of them end up there… in the tour we went on we didn’t get to see the cooking show however I did see the area in which they did it. I love Thai food!

    Ibiza is on my list on places to go… a bit expensive at the moment due to our poor dollar but I can see myself there in a few years. We did however go to Ibiza Bar in Phi Phi 😉 Got a picture of it! And yeah the beach place was near Phi Phi.

    Yeah we did do as much as we could while we were there, hence the 1800+ photos! I actually did see a manual for how to blend into Thailand at the airport but these days there are so many tourists it doesn’t matter so much (in the touristy places). Maybe if you were to go a bit more off the track it would be more relevant. The cricket hat, flower shirt and camera reminds me of the stereotypical American tourist.

    It isn’t that luxurious… pictures thankfully don’t produce smells otherwise you wouldn’t be saying that 😛

    The gibbon in those pics actually chewed on my ear, was pretty funny at the time, that’s why I was laughing in the polaroid picture! Bangkok was OK for a few days but I recommend Phi Phi over all!

  4. Wow I have been wanting to head to Thailand for some time, my boos always talks about it, as well as Singapore.

    Thanks for sharing these

    ~ Aaron I

  5. This post makes me wanna go back home now. Thailand is next to Malaysia and I’m away since Sept 2007. I miss my family, friends and food.

    Living here (UK) is something that I dream of, but home is home. I’m going back this summer (finally).

    Thanks for sharing your photos. It’s always summer in South East Asia and I hope you like it there.

  6. I was going to travel asia with a mate last summer. Looks absolutley amazing, i had the choice to either go to asia or Ibiza and unfortunatley i chose Ibiza. Although Ibiza was AMAZING, i go there every year.

    good photies Jacob, would love to go to the island where The Beach was shot. near Ko Phi Phi i believe?

  7. wow man!!
    Awesome pictures, what a gorgeous tripe !!
    you made me dream to visit Thailand someday..

    what’s the next tripe ? 😉

  8. Great post and nice photos, looks like you explored as much as you could in the time you spent there. There’s so many sites and wonders to explore there I’d love to go myself.

    On another note I’d like to see someone create a manual for how to blend in when visiting any country in the world, something like a small hand book which outlines what clothes to wear and what suits and what doesn’t. I see it all the time tourists in photos wearing totally the opposite to what everyone else is wearing 🙂 I think a classic is a cricket hat and a flower shirt and a giant camera hanging down in the front.

    Thanks again.

  9. great pictures of thailand especially with the tigers, i love having one of those (not until i knew its impossible when i was a kid) you have a cute friend too, can i get her name? just kidding mr. cass =)

  10. wow. so much for practicing responsible travel.

    and that is why Thailand is turning into a place not worth visiting.

  11. Amazing trip Jacob. Thanks for sharing the photos. Made me feel a little warmer. At the moment I am looking at lot’s of snow and feeling the chilly -8C in Toronto.

    But regarding your friend. You guys look really cute together. I can definitely see you guys as a couple. 😉

  12. Omg jacob those bunnies are so cute….im glad you said they were cute and called them “bunnies” not rabbits. Im getting sick of everyone saying rabbits are just pests 🙁 I have an indoor pet bunny and she is just lovely and gentle!

    Looks like you had an awesome trip! I LOVE Pad Thai..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Hi Just, fantastic!
    So exotic how much the Thailand is Amazon, Brazil. I am to designer, Brazilian, I live in Manaus. I recommend that it comes to know this wonderful place. Who knows in the next vacations. Hehehehe. Any thing already has tourist guide. It is the invitation here.

  14. People are allowed to walk by the tigers like that? Is there a form of supervisioN? What if a tiger pounces?! Oh my… I would be scared!

    Great photo journalism. =)

  15. Nice photographs and very clear..Hope you feel better. We’ll be here when everything is right to blog on a regular basis!

  16. Thanks everyone for your comments and glad to share…

    Next trip is to New Zealand in August, or hopefully somewhere during my mid break in a few months. Looking around for where to go, that will be cheap and fun!

  17. Cool! But I think that if you visit Thai you should visit Cambodia because Cambodia have a lots of Places to visit they are fresh natural

  18. How was the full moon party?

    I am going to Thailand to meet my girlfriend who’s already there in 2 weeks and the full moon party was something we definitely plan on attending. Was it as exciting as it appears? 😉

    • David,
      The full moon party was seriously one of the wildest parties I’ve ever been too, and I am quite well travelled (30+ odd countries). I would definitely recommend going there at least a few days early as there are pre moon parties all that week. Have fun mate!

  19. Wow man. Awesome trip Thailand looks great. I will definitely have to go there sometime. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  20. Nice pics!!

    After your New Zealand trip, why not plan a visit in Mauritius island?! 😉

    Wonderful beaches,beautiful landscapes,nice people,hot climate, tasty food, cheap and fun…!! 😉

    KaRyN & Well from Mauritius

    • Unfortunately no I haven’t but after a quick Google, it did seem like a great place! Thanks for your kind words too!

      Off to Vietnam and Cambodia in July and then back to New Zealand for a ski trip in August so prob won’t get a chance to see elsewhere…

      – Jacob

  21. Hello! I really liked your pics. I’ve been in Thailand for many times. But I have always wanted to do a trip like this, over whole the country, or even over whole south-east Asia.

    Greetings from Sweden

  22. Hi, Jacob! nice pics, beautiful country, I love the elephants and the iguana, have you ever been in Centroamerica? Nicaragua? Costa Rica? hmmm nice. Cheers.

  23. I went to Thailand in 2001, it’s been too long! I remember going on the elephant rides through the jungle. Those animals are so intelligent! The funniest thing I remembered was when they walked through the river all of them were pooping at the same time.

  24. i just got back from thailand last month.. man that was such a beautiful country with great food 🙂

    i love the beaches too

  25. Hay, i love thailand and whenever i get the chance to get away, go there, my favourite holiday destination. Seeing your photos bring back soooo many memories,in Phuket and Bangkok. I have a photo of the drunked people crossing sign just like you ! hahaha and those ladys with the frogs really made me laugh.. Im going back soon, cannot wait to spend my new years there, its crazy !!

  26. amazing pics, i went to phuket about a year ago and did most of the things you did, guess you enjoyed the phuket fanta- seeee lol

  27. Lovely pictures, loved your comments too. Planning a trip this weekend, after seeing this pics i know where i need to go.

    Thanks for sharing them.

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    I found your website while I’m surfing internet about creative stuff. Glad to see you visited Thailand too. Hope you enjoyed here. Your work and your presentation is really awesome. There is a lot of creative firm website when surfing but somehow your site can make me stop and read many things. I’m in design business too and I just would like to say your website is really interesting!

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