35+ Best Photoshop Text Effects to Download (Free & Premium)

35+ Best Photoshop Text Effects to Download (Free & Premium)

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It doesn’t matter what project you’re working on, the best Photoshop text effects will help improve your designs.

They will help capture your market’s attention, all while communicating the message you want to send.

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As our embrace of the digital space expands by the day, the demands of our audience continue to evolve too.

As such, brand creatives, graphic designers, and social media marketers now have a larger opportunity to serve their segments in the best way they can.

All that said, here are the most fantastic Photoshop text effects you can download today!

10+ Best Photoshop Text Effects to Download

  1. 100 Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle – Text Effect
  2. Futuristic Text Effect 
  3. Broken Text Photoshop Effect
  4. EPIC – Cinematic Text Effects
  5. Holochrome Text Effects 
  6. Underwater Text Logo Effect
  7. Cyberpunk Text Effects
  8. Christmas Text Effects Vol.1
  9. Vintage Text Effects Vol.1
  10. Stainless Steel Text Effect

For the complete list, scroll on!

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35+ Best Photoshop Text Effects for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

1. 100 Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle – Text Effect

100 Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle

What better way to start this list than with the 100 Photoshop Layer Styles Bundle?

Instead of manually creating complex text effects from scratch, the bundle collection of pre-designed layer styles is applied to your text layers.

These layer styles are a combination of different effects. You can use it for gradients, shadows, bevels, textures, and more. You can apply this effect to the text layer with a single click.

Packed with 9 Photoshop text effect items, this pick affords you access to some of the most creative visual solutions for this Adobe platform.

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It is perfect for adding depth and dimension to your logo designs. You can experiment with its effects, like embossing or drop shadow, to give your logo a professional and polished look.

From Shiny Metal Layer Styles and Colourful 3D Styles to Chrome, Fire Effects, and Wood Text Effects, this Envato product has a lot in store!


2. Futuristic Text Effect

Futuristic Text Effect

If you’re looking for a more future-driven item, try Futuristic Text Effect. Reminiscent of Star Trek, this item effortlessly exudes galactic, universe-inspired, and hero-fighting themes.

By combining advanced layer styles, gradients, and blending modes, we think this text effect is perfect for creating a sleek and high-tech appearance for text.

Often paired with current design trends, especially in tech-related industries, you can create modern designs that align with contemporary aesthetics.

The visuals can help your text command attention. It can draw viewers’ eyes and make them more likely to engage with your design or message.

This effect can be an excellent choice if you want to make a statement or create an impact.

This pick is a crowd favorite for movie posters or creative marketing materials!


3. Broken Text Photoshop Effect

Broken Text Photoshop Effect

The Broken Text Photoshop Effect is a popular choice for many creatives because of its effectiveness as a communication tool.

We suggest this effect if you want your aesthetic to give out a broken or distressed feel.

Involving various effects to create illusions, you can use its layer masks, distortion filters, and brush strokes.

The fragments’ irregular shape, jagged edges, or gaps make the typography appear disjointed or scattered across the design.

Perfect for adding a little drama, the scratches, cracks, and rough textures make your text appear worn or damaged.

From design marketing efforts to cinematic posters for maximum visual impact, this pick is a staple Photoshop solution because of its versatility and inherent striking aesthetic.

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4. EPIC – Cinematic Text Effects

EPIC - Cinematic Text Effects

Epic feels straight out of a Marvel superhero movie. So if this is the vibe you’re going for, this pick would be perfect.

Being a collection of visually stunning text effects for Photoshop, this is undoubtedly good for adding a cinematic and dramatic touch to your designs.

Using this typography can bypass spending hours experimenting with various layer styles, blending options, and effects.

It offers pre-designed templates that you can easily apply to your text with just a few clicks. It will save you valuable time and effort.

This font can also be used in your videos. You can create bold and impactful titles, animated text sequences, and stunning visual effects to make any text stand out.

Whether you’re looking for a fiery explosion, a glowing neon effect, or a sleek metallic look, this effect provides different ways to enhance your text.

As if your design’s words are coming to life, this Envato finds quickly transforms boring headlines into catchy visuals.

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5. Holochrome Text Effects

Holochrome Text Effects

The Holochrome Text Effect is the perfect Photoshop pick for designs that warrant a shiny and holographic aesthetic. Loaded with 10 spectacular templates, this contender seamlessly adds character and life to your project’s titles and words.

If you’re working for your business or personal brand, our team thinks that using these effects consistently can establish a recognizable and cohesive style. You can strengthen your brand’s visual presence.

Providing a distinctive and captivating look, the holographic and chrome-like appearance adds depth, shine, and a futuristic touch to the design.

The animated or dynamic elements allow the text to move, shift, or change its appearance over time.

It includes text rotation, scaling, pulsation, or other visual transformations to create engaging elements for your projects.

Whether you’re working on personal or professional projects, these effects can add a touch of creativity and modernity to your typography.


6. Underwater Text Logo Effect

Underwater Text Logo Effect

Envato’s Underwater Text Logo Effect is an awesome choice for those who want to display the—you guessed it—underwater effect.

Do you have projects that feature sea creatures or beach vacations at resorts and beautiful islands? If you do, you’re going to like this.


7. Cyberpunk Text Effects

Cyberpunk Text Effects

Another fantastic bundle that’ll help any creative add depth and character to their designs is Cyberpunk Text Effects.

Featuring 9 different styles, these finds give your projects a futuristic aesthetic, making them perfect for movie posters, marketing materials, and even branding initiatives.


8. Christmas Text Effects Vol.1

Christmas Text Effects Vol.1

Whether or not you’re a massive fan of the holidays, the Christmas Text Effects Vol. 1 will effortlessly help you with all of your Christmas-themed projects.

10 Santa-reminding styles, this pick is a brilliant choice for marketers and creative agencies.


9. Vintage Text Effects Vol.1

Vintage Text Effects Vol.1Vintage Text Effects Vol.1

There’s a special kind of nostalgia and feeling only retro visuals can trigger. If this energy is something you’d want your projects to have, then Vintage Text Effects is a terrific choice for you.

Also bundled with 10 styles, this contender is one of the more worth-it choices on the list.


10. Stainless Steel Text Effect

Stainless Steel Text Effect

As the product name implies, Stainless Steel Text Effect is a wonderful option for designers looking to display, sharp, shiny, and captivating headlines.

Perfect primarily for marketing efforts, this piece feels equally flexible, professional, and a delight to look at.


11. Ghost Text Effect

Ghost Text Effect

What’s great about horror-themed designs is that you don’t have to wait for Halloween to be able to use them.

If your projects call for paranormal design elements, then you’re going to enjoy making the most of Ghost.


12. Luminous Neon Text Effect

Luminous Neon Text Effect

Do you have a thing for neon designs? If the answer is yes, then we’re willing to bet you’re going to love Luminous Neon Text Effect.

A Photoshop tool that quickly brightens and adds life to any word and headline, this item is one of the most sought-after favorites in all of Envato.


13. 70s Retro Text Effects

70s Retro Text Effects

Another terrific bundle that’ll easily help you walk down memory lane is 70s Retro Text Effects.

Featuring 10 nostalgic styles, there are a lot of projects designers can play with and complete with a set as striking as this.


14. PSD Text Effect Editable

Psd Text Effect Editable

PSD Text Effect Editable feels straight out of a denim commercial or a fashion designer print advertorial.

Perfect for a whole lot of design projects, those looking to make the most of cloth-themed creative assignments and campaigns will enjoy this contender.


15. Simple 3D text and logo effects

Simple 3d text and logo effects

Simple 3D text and logo effects sport professional and elegant Photoshop text effects that will shine regardless of any season.

Minimalistic, sharp, and trendy, this 10-item Envato pack is worth every penny!


16. Retro Text Effects V.01

Retro Text Effects V.01

There truly is no shortage of vintage Photoshop tools, and Retro Text Effects is proof of that.

Equipped with 12 nostalgic Photoshop text effects, this find is comprehensive, captivating, and a delight to use for all-around creatives and graphic designers.


17. 3D Cartoon Text Effects

3D Cartoon Text Effects

Cartoons are a huge part of our culture, so if you’re crafting a project that merits animation-inspired graphics, try Cartoon Text Effects.

Also loaded with 10 styles, this piece easily allows you to supplement your campaigns by adding depth and character to all of your designs.


18. Sliced Letters Text Effects

Sliced Letters Text Effect

Whether a horror film or a kitchen product ad, Sliced Letters Text Effects is a brilliant communication tool for marketing.

Professional, legible, and every bit creative, what’s not to love here?


19. Concrete Wall Text Effect

Concrete Wall Text Effect

As the product name suggests, Concrete Wall Text gives the illusion of words popping out from the wall.

Both captivating and professional, this creative route easily draws attention to viewers, making it a fantastic Photoshop tool for those wanting to stand out.


20. Golden Text Effect Editable

Golden Text Effect Editable

Gold is often associated with premium and the finer things of life, so if this is the kind of vibe you want your designs to possess, then you’re going to enjoy every bit of the Golden Text Effect.

It’s sharp, legible, and boxy, making it great for marketing posters and social media cards.


21. Acid Glitch Text Effect

Acid Glitch Text Effect

Acid Glitch Text Effect is one of the trippier visual solutions you’ll find on the list. As if turning your words into vibrating text, this pick is edgy, creative, and personality-driven.


22. Purple Typography Logo and Text Effect

Purple Typography Logo and Text Effect

One of the more apt visual solutions for branding initiatives is Purple Typography Logo and Text Effect.

While it packs no bells and whistles, this no-drama find is great for clean and professional campaigns and design projects.


23. Unity Editable Text Effect

Unity Editable Text Effect

If you’re looking for a rough, wooden-inspired, and stereotypically masculine aesthetic, perhaps the Unity Editable Text Effect is for you.

One of the louder statements among the bunch, this pick will help you effortlessly send your message across.


24. Miami – 80s Retro Text Effect

Miami - 80s Retro Text Effect

Miami is a stunning pick for anyone wanting to mesh retro and future-inspired designs.

Perfect for social media marketing materials, this item is both catchy and trendy, making it one of the most familiar aesthetics we see online today.


25. Red Typography Logo and Text Effect

Red Typography Logo and Text Effect

Sharp, legible, and professional-looking, Red Typography Logo and Text Effect is a striking pick for any designer wanting to capitalize on the fire and passion the color represents.

Suitable for a wide range of projects, there are a lot of creatives that can achieve this find.


26. Fabric – Text Effect Editable (PSD)

Fabric - Text Effect Editable (PSD)

Do you have an upcoming fashion show or clothing line campaign? If the answer is yes, you may want to check out Fabric.

Sporting real-looking fabric aesthetics, this Envato product is a terrific communication tool and visual solution for those wanting to accurately convey a message.


27. Luminous Blue PSD Text Effect

Luminous Blue PSD Text Effect

Shiny, thick, and sporting rounded edges, Luminous Blue is a fantastic Photoshop tool for creatives wanting to supplement their design projects with an aqua-blue aesthetic.

Suitable for a lot of designs, this one feels like it shines the most in water-themed campaigns.


28. Sliced Pop Art – Text Effects

Sliced Pop Art - Text Effects

Reminiscent of comic books and trendy social media designs, Envato’s Sliced Pop Art is composed of 8 super easy editable PSD templates.

Perfect for children’s designs, apparel projects, mall posters, and more, this set is one of the more versatile visual solutions on the list.


29. Soap Bubbles Text and Logo Effect

Soap Bubbles Text and Logo Effect

Are you looking for a soapy visual solution? if you are, try Envato’s Soap Bubbles Text and Logo Effect. Playful, fun, and creative, this pick is designed to improve and add life to your design projects!


30. Ink Paint Text Effect & Logo Mockup

Ink Paint Text Effect & Logo Mockup

Ink Paint Text Effect & Logo Mockup reminds you of a seemingly faded version of a Rorschach test.

Composed of watercolor splashes, this contender is bound to make your designs light, transparent, and clean.


31. Photoshop Glitch Text Effects Vol.2

Photoshop Glitch Text Effects Vol.2

If you’re looking to create your own glitch art, then Design Cuts’ Photoshop Glitch Text Effects Vol.2 is what you’re looking for.

Featuring 12 different glitch text effects provided as .PSD files, this pick is quick, effective, and perfect for a ton of projects!


32. Glitter Photoshop Text Effect

Glitter Photoshop Text Effect

Who isn’t a fan of all things shining, shimmering, and splendid? If you’re easily blown away by these transitions as much as we are, perhaps the Glitter Photoshop Text Effect may be of help to you.

Thanks to this pick’s detailed textures and applied effects, your text can render incredibly realistic with sparkles!


33. Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.8

Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.8

Are your projects more driven toward gaming or science fiction? Try Creative Market’s Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.8.

Featuring 8 fully editable PSD files with textures and realistic effects, this pick will make your work look incredibly impressive.


34. 150 3D Text Effects for Photoshop

150 3D Text Effects for Photoshop

Here’s a bundle for you! Packed with 15 text effect sets, this find comes with retro and sci-fi-themed offerings!

Perfect for agency owners and professional creatives, there’s surely a lot you can complete with a pack as diverse as this one. 


35. Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.1

Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.1

Another awesome bundle made to make movie-like visuals is Cinematic 3D Text Effects Vol.1.

Featuring 10 fully editable PSD files, this pick packs more than your fair share of Marvel-inspired transitions and effects. 


Best Photoshop Text Effects Summary

Overall, the top Photoshop text effects are all brilliant finds, designed to improve and add life to your campaigns and projects. From clean and professional to fresh and edgy, these tools are guaranteed to make your visual offerings stand out and tell a story.

As the evolving world of design continues to expand, it’s critical that we stay equipped with all the best solutions available on the web today to remain thriving.

That said, we hope our list of all the best Photoshop text effects helped streamline your search!

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