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Innovation consultancy, Berkeley Innovation Group (BIG), hired JUST Creative to help redefine their brand including their brand’s positioning, offerings, strategy, identity, website, and marketing material.


Berkeley Innovation Group and it’s co-founder, Jeff Eyet, realized his consultancy and personal brand had a branding problem and engaged our agency JUST Creative to help.

The core problem was that Jeff’s company and his own personal brand’s identity did not reflect the calibre of their innovation consulting services and they were having trouble connecting with their dream clients, while drowning in a sea of sameness.

They had no clarity on their brand’s positioning, story or messaging and a dull identity that lacked any distinctive personality.

JUST Creative conducted a brand audit, then an in-depth brand workshop that helped put together a plan to reposition BIG & Jeff as thought-leaders in the space.


After some inner work into BIG’s approach, conducting market research into their customers, studying the competition, and understanding what truly made BIG’s approach different we created a brand new identity for them.

To differentiate from other innovation consultancies, we went B.I.G. (Big & Bold, Inspiring & Gravitational) which aligned with their relentless, agile, big-thinking approach.

The insight was that BIG helps Unlock Innovation™.

We now had a position, a clear message and an engaging personality that truly reflects their human-centred approach to design thinking and innovation.

JUST Creative then redefined their offerings, designed their identity, including a sparkling new logo, color palette, typography system, website, keynote, marketing material and more.

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Project Deliverables:

  • Brand Strategy (Brand Substance, Positioning, Messaging, Storytelling, Brand Offerings)
  • Brand Redesign
  • Logo Design
  • Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media


Unlock Innovation™

For mid-sized organizations with single or dual decision-makers who are looking to scale their organisation through disruptive innovation, we use BIG Design Thinking™ to build a culture of curiosity and learning that drives sustainable innovation.

Unlike the larger but slower competition who cater to the high-end market, we are a lower-cost, high-impact agile solution that drives innovation through education, collaboration and a relentless focus on unlocking the new.

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