"PR Advanced: Brand Yourself" PRSSA 2010 Conference Wrap-Up

"PR Advanced: Brand Yourself" PRSSA 2010 Conference Wrap-Up

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Snow Heart

This post was written for the Carrot Creative blog and has been edited for display on Just Creative Design.

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The New York Snowpocalypse couldn’t stop me getting to Boston to talk at the PRSSA “PR Advanced: Brand Yourself” conference at Boston University this weekend… a canceled bus just meant I had to get the train, a minor inconvenience for what was to turn out to be a great event.

Speakers at the PR Advanced event included representatives from JetBlue, Boston Red Sox, Dunkin’ Brands, Wholefoods and then myself representing Carrot Creative and Just Creative Design.

PR Brand Yourself Conference Speakers Boston University

The talk I did was titled “The Art of Online Self Promotion: Branding, Blogging & Social Media” and it gave insight on how to create a strong personal brand identity, how to set up a blog & run it as a self promotional tool and how to build relationships across social media platforms… and then some.

It all turned out to be a huge success, considering the fact that all the Carrot Creative business cards & stickers had evaporated by the end of the talk, as well as my own. Student and teacher feedback was also another great indicator, as well as a few more offers to talk elsewhere, including an offer for regular weekly lectures.

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A few attendees of the conference wrote up about what they learned from me and the conference as a whole. A select few are linked below:

  • Branding Yourself ‘PR Advanced’ Wrap Up by Ginny Rose
  • ‘PR Advanced’ Conference Wrap Up by Emily Forrest
  • Branding Myself by Ellie Botelho
  • Takeaways from PR Advanced 2010 by Emilie Toole
  • The organiser of the PR Advanced Conference shares her experiences – Rachel Sprung

There are a few pictures up of the PR Advanced event here and 200 odd more here.

Jacob Cass Lecture at Boston University

Audience at Boston University

The #PRAdvanced hashtag turned into a trending topic on Twitter, which was made possible by the Q&A that was set up via Tweetdeck (such a great idea). There are a lot of great tips to pick up from that stream, so be sure to check it out.

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Overall it was an extremely pleasurable experience, supported by awesome event co-ordination (Great job Chelsea and friends!), a plethora of talented speakers and most importantly, the extremely passionate students & teachers that gave a Saturday up to attend. Carrot Creative and myself thank you all for the support.

Also, thanks once again for my shiny thank you certificate. Similarly, thank you to those who provided public speaking tips on my last article, always appreciated.

Snow heart photo by kimberleyfaye.

10 thoughts on “"PR Advanced: Brand Yourself" PRSSA 2010 Conference Wrap-Up”

  1. Thanks for giving us an insight Jacob!

    In future it would be great if you could share an audio or video version of your talk (and others) so we can see you in action.

    Also, great photos of the event! Cheers mate 🙂

  2. Hello Jacob,
    Even though I missed your presentation i have learned so much about the social media game and self branding from your blog. Beyond the very thorough and informative posts that you make on the subject, I have taken cues from the way you conduct yourself on your site as well as your twitter.
    I have learned it is important to directly respond to any and all visitors who take the time to contact you. I have learned that quality trumps quantity when it comes to blog posts. Furthermore, the point of your posts and engaging with your followers should be to add value to their lives.

    Thanks for all of the help you have given me, and my blog oodleofudo.com would not be the same without you.

  3. Udoka,
    Some good points you’ve outlined there, all most to the point I’ve forgotten about doing them, it seems second nature now (commenting, replying, etc.)

    Would love to get down to Chicago… if you go to a college, you could ask your teacher / professor about getting a lecturer in. Worst they could say is no.

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