15+ Best Animation Brushes for Procreate in 2024

15+ Best Animation Brushes for Procreate in 2024

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If you’re looking for the best animation brushes for Procreate, look no further! We’ve got you covered!

Almost every serious digital artist uses Procreate. It’s easy to use, has a plethora of brush sets online, and is immaculately efficient. This is exactly why more animators are exploring the iOS-exclusive art app.

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Because the iPad-only graphics editor supports frame-by-frame animation, more artists are having a blast actualizing their ideas and putting them in motion (pun intended).

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring digital sketcher, there are quite a handful of fantastic animation brushes for Procreate you can make most of.

Let’s go over these top animation brushes for Procreate including the best Procreate cartoon brushes.

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15+ Best Procreate Animation Brushes in 2024: Overview

  1. Blink: Procreate Brush Set for Comic and Cartoon Styles
  2. Georg’s Procreate Big Pack
  4. Hand Drawn Brushes for Procreate
  5. Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes 
  6. Illustration Brushes: Procreate Brushes
  7. Procreate Patterns: Brushes Set
  8. Lighter Brushes
  9. The Monster: Procreate Brushes
  10. Neon Procreate Brushes
  11. Stipple Studio for Procreate
  12. Frankentoon Presents: Crayon
  13. Frankentoon Presents: Nautika 
  14. Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime
  15. Endless story – Procreate brushes
  16. Storybook studio v.2 Procreate

15+ Best Procreate Cartoon Brushes Perfect for Animation


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Nothing brings to life your designs the way Blink: Procreate Brush Set for Comic and Cartoon Styles can.

Loaded with 25 brushes, each pick here is diverse, allowing your animations to look modern, up-to-date, trendy, and full of impressive colors.

It doesn’t matter what theme your project calls for. This one is sure to deliver!


2. Georg’s Procreate Big Pack

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It’s hard to go wrong when you have over 600 Procreate brushes to choose from. And with templates and palettes as freebies, a set like this sounds like an even better dream.

If you have no problems breezing through oceans of categories of brush packs, then Georg’s Procreate Big Pack is the most ideal pick for you. From watercolor brush sets to comic book-inspired assets, this Procreate package is a champion in more ways than you can imagine!


3. Hand Drawn Brushes for Procreate

Hand Drawn Brushes for Procreate

If traditional pencil-like artworks are what inspires you, give Hand Drawn Brushes for Procreate a try. Packed with 20 awesome brushes, this set is straightforward, easy to use, and delivers as promised! Anyone who isn’t a fan of gigantic bundles is going to love this one.


4. Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes

Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes

Unlike the first two Procreate brush sets on the list, Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes only comes with 11 brushes. Still, we argue that it’s definitely one of the most premium bets any artist can splurge on.

Complete with over 300 swatches, this option works wonders for anime, manga, and comic book projects. As a result, animators looking to create with the Apple-only app will find this set to be a breath of fresh air!


5. Illustration Brushes: Procreate Brushes

Illustration Brushes- Procreate Brushes

Here’s a Procreate pack that every illustrator is sure to enjoy! The Illustration Brushes: Procreate Brushes comes with 21 textured brushes designed to mimic realistic drawings with depth. Whatever it is you’re fond of drawing, this set is going to easily help you bring your illustrations to life.


6. Procreate Patterns: Brushes Set

Procreate Patterns- Brushes Set

Patterns add a lot of personality and funk to any drawing, so if you’re an artist and animator, consider Procreate Patterns: Brushes Set for your iPad creations.

Packing 45 brushes, the illusion of swift movement should be easy to create with this set. From clothing designs to backgrounds, this digital set promises to deliver trippy and festinating outcomes.


7. Lighter Brushes

Lighter Brushes - Procreate Brush

If you’ve got a knack for making animated backgrounds, logos, or even illustrations, the Lighter Brushes pack is everything you could ever need and is easier to use than you might think.

Packed with 20 lighter brushes, simply place your brush strokes in your designs and then select the brush that works best for your needs.

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8. The Monster: Procreate Brushes

The Monster- Procreate Brushes

The Monster: Procreate Brushes is a playful Procreate brush set that lets any sketchers and designers create incredible monster characters. Loaded with 20 brushes, this set is perfect for animators, children’s book artists, and more!

If that isn’t inviting enough it also comes with 5 great color palettes you can mix and experiment with to get the distinct feel your drawings call for!


9. Neon Procreate Brushes

Neon Procreate Brushes

What’s animation without a little glow? Neon Procreate Brushes is the perfect set that will instantly give your designs that much-needed radiance. Whether it’s the actual theme of your project or simply an add-on you want to complement your design, this set is sure to deliver.

Coming in with 30 brushes, this is pack is quite the deal.


10. Stipple Studio for Procreate

Stipple Studio for Procreate

Stipples easily add character and personality to any design. So if this is the route you want to take, Stipple Studio for Procreate is a brilliant option for animation projects on Procreate.

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Packed with an impressive 69 premium brushes, your sketches are sure to stand out with attitude. Naturally, dots and shades also make it easier to create the illusion of movement. On that note, this set should help you do wonders.


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11. Frankentoon Presents: Crayon

Crayon - Procreate Brush Pack

The crayon aesthetic is never a bad sight to behold. that said, both animators and illustrators who are looking to mimic the beautiful waxy design only crayons can give will adore Frankentoon Presents: Crayon.

Loaded with 15 crayon brushes and 20 swatches, this extensive list is pretty and family-friendly. If what your projects call for are amicable and family-friendly designs, this is what you need.


12. Frankentoon Presents: Nautika

Arguably one of the prettiest picks from the bunch is Frankentoon Presents: Nautika. Packed with inks, water brushes, and art markers, this package is the complete set!

Whether you’re working on quick sketches or imaginative animations, there’s a lot you can pull off when you have 35 liquid brushes at your creative disposal!




The DEVBRUSH FOR PROCREATE BUNDLE is another perfect example of what a jam-packed Procreate brush set looks like. Complete with over 150 brushes to choose from, both animators and digital drawing enthusiasts will have a blast going through this entire gem. No matter what your genre and art styles are, you’re sure to have fun with this one.


14. Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime

Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime

Another awesome offering the internet has to offer is Manga Procreate Brushes & Anime. Specifically made for—you guessed it—Manga illustrators, this pick comes with 8 custom brushes and 4 anime palettes. Are you working on comic book projects and Manga-inspired Procreate animations? If you are, this is what’s perfect for you!


15. Endless story – Procreate brushes

Endless story - Procreate brushes
Endless story – Procreate brushes. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Are you an animation designer who loves textures? If so, then the Endless story – Procreate brushes set is the perfect choice for you. These brushes will help you with sketching, filling, adding texture to the background, and fun patterns.

If you are going to tell a story, then this set of 40 brushes includes the following helps you in wonders: 

  • Six sketch brushes
  • 16 fill brushes (crayon, charcoal, watercolor, pastel)
  • Five texture brushes
  • Six background brushes
  • Five pattern brushes


16. Storybook studio v.2 Procreate

Storybook studio v.2 Procreate
Storybook studio v.2 Procreate. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you want to create some fun mixed stories and animations, then here is an ideal set of brushes for you in the Storybook studio v.2 Procreate. It comes with the brushes that helps in fun mixing textures between pastel, grain and gouache.

The set of brushes includes the following, which are also customizable: 

  • Ten cake brushes
  • Ten gouache brushes
  • Ten grain and detail brushes
  • Five stamps with texture to use on backgrounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best animation brushes for Procreate?

Georg’s Procreate Big Pack is the best animation brush set for Procreate that comes with various categories. It includes everything that you need from watercolor brush sets to comic book-inspired assets.

Which is the premium set of animation brushes for Procreate?

Lichtenstein’s Procreate Brushes is the premium set of animation brushes for Procreate which comes with 11 brushes. It also includes over 300 swatches, making it an ideal choice for anime, manga, and comic book projects.

Which are the best character animation brushes to Procreate?

Stipples is the best animation brush to Procreate which helps in adding character and personality to any design. It comes with 69 premium brushes that help you create sketches that stand out with attitude.


Best Animation Brushes for Procreate Summary

Overall, the best animation brushes for Procreate are stellar choices, each designed to help you bring your ideas to life. Whatever story, timeline, and theme you have in mind, all of the packs here are sure to help you become your most creative and inventive self! What’s your favorite Procreate brush set on the list?

Let us know in the comment section!

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