Top 15 Procreate Lettering Toolkits & Composition Grids

Top 15 Procreate Lettering Toolkits & Composition Grids

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Wonder how your favorite artists create jaw-dropping designs?

Today, we are bringing you the best lettering toolkits and composition grids for Procreate, created by design experts that will help you take your designs to the next level.

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This article contains our top picks, from brushes to letter builders, to help you become more efficient with your creative lettering process.

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Top 15 Best Procreate Lettering Toolkits & Composition Grids

Procreate Lettering Composition Design Kit (Editor’s Choice)

Procreate Lettering Composition Design Kit

This is an all-in-one lettering composition toolkit with over 450 hand-crafted stamps and much more. So, whether you want to create a design from scratch or add that extra edge to your creation, this toolkit is for you. It has a diverse collection of stamps and brushes such as botanical stamps, With its Procreate Step-by-step Tutorials, you can start designing right away!

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Inclusions: 149 Botanical Stamps, 135 Frame Stamps, 45 Word Container Stamps, 33 Banner Stamps, 58 Inlay Stamps, 43 Design Element Stamps, 14 Cute Creature Stamps, 36 Texture & Pattern Brushes, 13 Lettering Brushes, 10 Color Palettes


The Ultimate Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Kit

Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Kit

This Procreate kit is a complete mixed media lettering toolkit crafted beautifully with 150+ lettering brushes such as pens, brushes, textures, etc. From watercolor designs to fancy lettering designs, this toolkit will come in super handy. Also, if you are an ink-on-paper artist who wants to try their hands on digital, this toolkit is perfect for it. Along with the amazing brushes, it comes with 10 practice files and guide practice sheets to help you become a pro in lettering.

Inclusions: Over 200 brushes, Pointed Calligraphy Pens, Lettering Markers, Watercolor Pens, Chalk Writers, Flat Tip Pens, Letter Inkers, Monoline Pens, 3D Pens, Novelty Pens, Pencils & Erasers, Textures, Backgrounds, Letter Guides, Shape Frame Stamps, 3 Pointed Pen Calligraphy Practice Files, 2 Marker Brush Lettering Practice Files, 2 Monoline Script Practice Files, 1 Letter Inkers Quick Guide & Practice File, 1 Watercolor Pens Quick Guide, 1 Background Texture Preview Guide

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The Slayout Lettering Masterclass

Slayout Lettering MasterclassSlayout Lettering Masterclass

This masterclass will make you the layout master, learn the ins and outs of lettering compositions. Letterings grids and creating layouts can be tricky and hence, understand the basics of lettering and dive deeper into what makes a great lettering composition + bonus brushes and stamps. Slay with your 3D lettering and media compositions!

Inclusions: Procreate Workbook with over 120 pages, 26 Lettering Brushes, 30 Composition Line Stamps, 45 Ornamental Brush Stamps, 4 Grid Brush Stamps, 10 Color Palettes, An Easy-to-Follow PDF Installation Guide


Grid Builder – Layout Composer

Grid Builder – Layout Composer


Are you spend too much figuring out where to lay out your letters? Think no more, the grid builder is a unique solution with a collection of 35 grid shapes to make the lettering work easy peasy. Create your lettering design to look seamless with the grid builder, it acts like guides when creating a layout of your letters.

Inclusions: 35 Procreate Brushes, 35 Adobe Photoshop Brushes / Custom Shapes, 35 Adobe Illustrator Symbols, 35 Adobe Sketch Brushes, 35 Affinity Designer Brushes / Assets, 35 Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Brushes (PC & Mac desktop only), 35 Sketch App Symbols, Composition Guide


The Procreate Hand Lettering Toolkit

Hand Lettering Toolkit

This toolkit contains 26 brushes such as inkers, monoliners, and sketchers along with a guide to help you. The brushes are perfect for the initial scribble phase as well as for the final designs. They also make amazing texture brushes and script lettering brushes.

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Inclusions: 8 sketching brushes, 12 inkers, 6 monoline brushes, Hand Lettering Guide


Letter Builder

Letter Builder for Procreate. Affinity and Photoshop

The letter builder will provide the consistency you are looking for when designing letters as a lettering artist, type designer, or calligrapher. You can create Sans Sarif and Serif fonts in just a few minutes and make your creative process easy and more fun.

Inclusions: 8 grid brushes, 8 Adobe Illustrator scatter grid brushes, 8 Adobe Illustrator grid symbols, How to draw each style Guide


Calligraphy Composition Maker for Procreate

Calligraphy Composition Maker for Procreate

A calligrapher must have! Experiment with 65 stamp and pattern brushes and craft stunning calligraphy designs such as modern calligraphy, Copperplate calligraphy, and experimental hand lettering, too. Thi kit also comes with practice sheets and a video tutorial to bring your A-game to the table!

Inclusions: 65 brushes for Procreate, Calligraphy and flourish practice sheets, File showcasing samples of all 65 brushes, Guide, Video Tutorial


The Comic Lettering Masterclass For Procreate

Comic Lettering Masterclass

Comic Lettering Masterclass is a crash course with the perfect blend of creativity and learning! Learn to create comic-inspired lettering, logo, sound effects design, word balloon design, and compositions! A complication of over 250 amazing brushes and a 100-page educational Course Guide to help you become a comic lettering pro.

Inclusions: 100 pages Procreate Course Guide with Exercises, 12 Lettering Brushes, 100 Balloon Solid Stamp Brushes, 100 Balloon Outline Stamp Brushes, 37 Balloon Tail Solid Stamp Brushes, 37 Balloon Tail Outline Stamp Brushes, 60 Caption Solid Stamp Brushes, 60 Caption Outline Stamp Brushes, 10 Logo and Title Guide Stamp Brushes, 25 Sound Effect Guide Stamp Brushes, 5 Digital Lettering Guides (based on the actual Ames Lettering Guide settings), 2 original comic script fonts, Instruction Guide, Creating Outlines Guide


GenX- Gradient Compositions Toolkit

Gradient Composition Toolkit

Gradient Composition toolkit for your digital and print needs! It brings gradient brushes, shapes, gradient lettering, and 142 elements packaged in one for you. Level up your next project with this toolkit.

Inclusions: 142 elements, Semi-transparent gradient shapes, Gradient spheres, circles, blurs, topography. squares, Holographic gradients, Cubes, Pyramids, Polygonal shapes, Gradient brush strokes, Fluid shapes, Patterns, 6 premade compositions


Plasticine Typography Creator

Plasticine Typography Toolkit

Curious to do something new for your next project? Try out some realistic Plasticine, clay, or Play-Doh style lettering & graphic elements with an added twist of 3D lettering. This toolkit brings a cool edge to lettering, patterns, and other projects such as logos, flyers, etc.

Inclusions: 4 plasticine + 4 extra, 7 color fonts, 7 regular fonts – hand-drawn & grunge, Plasticine graphic elements, and others, 6 plasticine seamless patterns, Tutorial to create your own plasticine shapes with patterns, Background & overlay textures, 8 premade scenes.


The KickOff Lettering Toolbox

Kickoff Lettering Toolbox

If you want to level up your lettering and become a better artist, The KickOff Lettering Toolbox is the answer! Create new styles using unique brushes and ornaments and step up your game. Along the way learn the theory behind lettering with a 130-page lettering workbook, practice sheets, and super fun exercises.

Inclusions: 22 Lettering Brushes (3 Pencils, 7 Brush Pens, 5 Inkers, 3 Chalky Pastels, and 4 Shaders), 55 Ornamental Brushes (Inlays and Florals), Over 130 pages Procreate Lettering Workbook, 12 Colour Palettes, Installation Guide


3D Letters Toolkit for Procreate

3D Lettering Toolkit

If you are struggling to make 3D letters pop, the 3D Letters Toolkit will help you create beautiful designs and add stunning textured effects and highlights that bring out the best in a piece.

Included in this set: 10 brushes, 6 Textures, 4 Colour palettes, 3 Alphabets for reference


Baroque Lettering Creator Kit

Baroque Lettering Creator Kit

The Baroque Lettering Creator Kit is a handmade gem that brings grandeur, florals, and elegance together. Unlimited possibility with this luxurious set of brushes; whether you want to decorate architecture or add details to fabric or create prints with a unique set of shapes and texture, this is it!

Inclusions: 26 graphic hand-drawn elements, 28 drawing & strokes with a variety of tools for drawing: patterns, textures, strokes, and calligraphy, 26 letters based on the typography of that period, 5 vintage-inspired gold textures to finish your artwork by perfect background, 5 stamp brushes


Procreate Lettering Toolkit

Lettering Toolkit

A toolkit to keep handy with 290 brushes. A range of brushes in the collection such as calligraphy brushes, decorator brushes, shader brushes, and many more to experiment with different styles of lettering.

Inclusions: 16 Calligraphy Nib Brushes, 10 Assorted Brushes, 18 Flat Pen Brushes, 42 Clean Flat Pens Brushes, 42 Distressed Flat Pen Brushes, 33 Marker Brushes, 18 Brush Pen Brushes, 11 Graffiti Brushes, 4 Color Builder Brushes, 11 Pen Brushes, 31 Decorator Brushes, 7 Pencil Brushes, 53 Shader Brushes, Bonus Lettering Guides & Paper Textures


Shapes And Guides For Procreate

Shapes And Guides For Procreate

If you need to help in creating geometric shapes, the geometric lab is for you. Craft calligraphy and illustrations using it.

Inclusions: 20 shape brushes, 10 guides for text


More Top Procreate Brushes


Top 15 Procreate Lettering Toolkits & Composition Grids

Leveling up your lettering skills isn’t hard if you have the right tools with you. Pick your favorite from our top picks for lettering toolkits and composition grids and start designing.

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