Killer Templates & Documents for your Freelance Business

Killer Templates & Documents for your Freelance Business

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Hooray! Your life as a designer just got easier.

I introduce you Project Prescription, a killer set of templates & documents for your client projects, that allow you to stand out, get paid and stay on track throughout the process.

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Project Prescription

These documents are rarely spoken about online, let alone available for a download in a huge bundle like this, so I have to give credit to Paul Jarvis and Shauna Haider for nailing this niche. And they’re 25+ years of combined experience really shows here.

They have put together super comprehensive set of documents that covers all your bases as a freelance designer.

What’s Inside This Killer Template Package

Just a small sample of what’s inside: a media kit to sell your work, a client getting-started guide, a bookkeeping template, client questionnaires, estimates & deliverables, onboarding/process docs,  project checklists, project proposal templates, invoices, client evaluation forms, feedback forms, presentation templates, post-launch questionnaires and schedules for staying in touch.

Having these documents in your arsenal really saves you time, money and helps you get more of the right type of clients for yourself.

See everything inside »

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How Project Prescription Works

Once you’ve downloaded the package (you get them immediately), you’ll see that files are delivered as editable InDesign files, with Google Doc versions, as well as example PDFs and spreadsheets. From here you customize the templates with your brand’s logo, colours and typeface, which is easy to do with their included instructions.

Project Prescription Files

Exclusive Just Creative Discount – $20 Off

This set of digital documents are tried and tested in the trenches, and now you too can have the same gorgeous documents, checklists and processes.

The regular price of this unique bundle is $108 but you can get $20 off with code ‘JUST20OFF’ at checkout making this unique resource just $88.

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So go check out Project Prescription and up your game as a freelancer.

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